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A Christianoid view of the world

I recently came across this quote by Robert Morgan: ‘This is why ass clowns like Gregory Hood and Jared Taylor utterly fail’. I replied to him in The Unz Review and he replied:

C.T.: ‘Hood and Taylor subscribe to Christian ethics’.

I think it’s more than ethics. The entire culture of the West has a Christianoid view of the world, and it infects all discourse. Though neither Hood nor Taylor are ostentatious about their Christianity (if they’re professed Christian at all), they absorb it from the culture at large. It’s present in everything they write.

Take Hood’s endorsement of the ‘solution’ of repatriation of negroes back to Africa, for example. The most remarkable thing about this ‘solution’ is that when it was tried it didn’t work! And one wonders, how could so many distinguished and seemingly intelligent men in the nineteenth century have thought it would work? And why do Taylor and Hood both even today continue to try to push this absurd narrative that it was a great idea, especially in light of its pathetic record of failure? These are real mysteries only partly explained by ‘Christian ethics’.

To expect that all these monkeys suddenly will voluntarily decide to depart for Africa is ridiculous, and should have always been denounced by any sane men as obviously crazy. It’s on the same order of craziness as a beautiful blond woman deciding to take a nude stroll through a negro ghetto at midnight and not expecting to be raped. In the latter case, we’d accurately say she’s just a whore who secretly wants to be raped. Applying this logic to the former, what does it say about the white race? That is, for some unfathomable reason, wants the negroes to stay?

C.T.: ‘And Kevin MacDonald has done it again: another apologetic article claiming that Christianity is compatible with racism has been published today in The Occidental Observer!’

In a vein similar to the above, what does the maniacal insistence on retaining Christianity say about whites, given its abysmal record in preserving the white race so far? To me, it seems obviously crazy; quite as crazy as the nymphomaniac blond. Either the white race is too stupid to perceive the problem, or it is, as I have speculated, following an unrecognized ‘group evolutionary strategy’.

The [TOO] article itself was gibberish, but some of the comments were interesting. In some ways it’s good to see so many coming out against Christianity in that webzine. It’s usually overrun with Christianity’s defenders, so maybe the tide is beginning to turn. Unfortunately though, history has shown that to oppose Christian lunacy for the wrong reasons can often be as bad or worse than not opposing it at all.

‘I think it’s more than ethics’, said the American Morgan. I would say that it is the massive blindspot that most American racialists suffer from. Morgan has been criticising Hood’s Christianoid view of the world in the comments section of The Unz Review. But anyone who hasn’t read last month’s critique of Taylor should do so now.

1 Reply on “A Christianoid view of the world

  1. These “intellectuals” are not really looking for a solution to the problems of the race, but rather, they have found a living out of pretending to find one and serving as a…” pressure valve”.

    It’s a dead end with them.