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Mind control of NPCs

A nation dies when its youth are taught to hate their own history, heritage and culture.

This is a postscript to my post yesterday, ‘Fog of War’. Young westerners who are going to fight in Ukraine aren’t only been taught to hate their native nation, but to quixotically love their neighbours in foreign nations. The volunteers who went to Ukraine and died a couple of days ago believing in fantastic propaganda like ‘I hope I see the Ghost of Kiev’ are becoming… ghosts! (note that I’m spelling ‘Kiev’ in Oldspeak, not Newspeak).

Watch this testimony of a volunteer soldier after the bombing at the military base outside of Lviv. He says he’s nearly pushed into combat in Kiev with next-to-no equipment, and told he would be shot if he doesn’t fight the Russians.

The level of mind control generated by the MSM and social media engines never ceases to amaze me. Only catastrophes like seeing dozens of your Reddit Rambo comrades blown to bits result in a survivor coming to his senses, after a hallucinating hangover. Click on the small image to understand how profoundly non-player characters (a meme used by the racial right) have been brainwashed.

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