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Fog of war

We live amid a generation of Westerners unable to understand the difference between Hollywood movies and real life. Degenerate whites really believe that female warriors can ‘kick asses’ like in Game of Thrones!

The reality is infinitely more brutal…

Although I don’t quite understand the language of one of the mercenaries who went to fight in Ukraine, on a Tweeter clip yesterday I heard the confession of a Brazilian fighter: that the whole foreign legion was wiped out by the bombing of the military base in Lviv, near the Polish border.

The clip I did understand perfectly well was the TV report on a Spanish channel. The surviving ‘legionnaire’, a guy from Barcelona, said that probably ‘200 angels’—other legionnaires—who were in one of the barracks that was attacked are now in heaven. He literally said that (in Spanish)…

Imagine flying halfway around the world to a region you don’t understand—a conflict you don’t want to understand—, to kill people you’ve been propagandised to hate. And then getting a brutal reality check: the Russian military are not like the Taliban, Al Qaeda or ISIS!

It’s amazing how much of the West and even Ukraine are denying what happened yesterday (Andrew Anglin does report it on The Daily Stormer). Is it true that, except for the testimony of a survivor that I heard on a TV channel from Spain (or a more PC clip on the subject by Al Jazeera), for Fox and CNN the elimination of these idiots didn’t happen at all? I have no way of corroborating this because, with the exception of Tucker Carlson, I no longer watch cable TV.

And what about Jared Taylor’s forum? A commenter on Occidental Dissent said something yesterday that I haven’t bothered to corroborate: ‘I think the wave of censorship has even reached AmRen which is censoring pro-Russian comments’.

5 Replies on “Fog of war

  1. Speechless about all these people who travel thousand of kilometers to simply get killed while trying to kill Russians for no reason at all. Whites have become dumber than the monkeys they’ve imported from Africa. It’s really heart-wrenching.

  2. Perhaps this is for the best. A great way to get rid of all these idiots and preventing from procreating for good.

    Still, this conflict is a dam mess. Many blonde Ukrainian women and children are having their lives destroyed for pretty much nothing.

    I hope this is the beginning of the end for NATO and all that it represents.

  3. This is what Arthur Kemp says-…………..Someone asked me what I thought of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.
    My answer:
    “Idiot whites killing one another again over drivel. One can’t help think that with such behaviour, Europeans somehow want to be wiped out.”………………..

    As to what is in the mind of the Ukie-Nazi’s, fighting for a jewish oligarchy, over a few tiny provinces in Ukie east is unfathomable.

    1. A Ukrainian on another site said that these people are not really National Socialists, which I can believe. No real NS would be working for Jewish Oligarchs. It probably is an in-joke for the Jewish Oligarchs to have “Nazis” working for them.