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A note to trolls

A recent comment from a European commenter who likes the American movie Fight Club makes me think: hasn’t he grasped the spirit of this site, or what a priest of the new religion is?

If I have been saying for over a decade now that Hollywood, pop music and the media are absolute excrement that is what I believe. Some people come here to comment without realising that I mean it!

Anyone who likes any manifestation of pop culture isn’t, by definition, a novice to the priesthood of the 14 words, and shouldn’t try to comment here.

There are no good messages in almost any film of the last few decades, although I have said that a couple of interpretations of Jane Austen’s novels could do the apprentice priest a lot of good. Almost everything else is utter excrement: and it’s bothering that some who comment think my stance is disingenuous: that I actually like, or tolerate, some pop culture.

Not only does it make me absolutely nauseous, but my intolerance is absolute. Recall a recent post in which Savitri said that television should be aired for only half an hour a day, and then only for the propaganda purposes of something like a Fourth Reich.

(Lot and his Daughters escaping from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, a painting by Juan de la Corte: 1585-1662.) Anyone who likes even a single degenerate film shouldn’t dare to comment here. My purism is more than extreme: it is exterminationist hatred and trying to engage with trolls only wastes my time translating the priestess’ book.

Update of November 27:

As this post continues, in a way, in the comments section, I have included this screenshot of it where they can be seen in case WP takes down this site and only the PDFs can be seen in the backup (blank spaces mean that the converter could not convert the images of YouTube clips).

25 replies on “A note to trolls”

To some the above post might seem like overkill. But today a troll with a Ukrainian IP (Adunai?) tried to post a comment with several straw men and a final insult. I’ve had enough of people like that wasting my time.

Your reaction is not excessive at all, Cesar. This site is ideologically pure, untainted, plus has an amazing content, so it’s enraging when the trolls pollute it with their crap
Dr. Morales is a vile troll, Commandor also a troll, but Adunai is a real sick psycho who glorifies those North Korean soulless humanoids and enjoys the torture of animals. The best outcome would be to him to realize that there’s only one way out of his misery and do the right thing.

The troll’s IP is apparently from Ukraine: the place where Adunai lives. I can’t be sure it’s him, but from the things he said you can tell he’s been reading this site for years.

First, the troll spoke about a purportedly profound and good message in one of the Fight Club dialogues, claiming that such a message might even be ‘exterminationist’ in the sense of the Mauricio’s scale! (I am reminded of a review of Purple Fiction in which a well-known racialist ‘found’ a profound message for the white cause.)

The troll then mentioned Joker: a bad film but which I used on this site only because Stefan Molyneaux had used it to illustrate the trauma model of mental disorders to laymen. (I did the same with Game of Thrones: terrible messages but usable to illustrate a point, as long as you condemn the TV series.) The troll didn’t even notice that I wouldn’t take a hypothetical son to see Joker, under any circumstances.

Then the troll brought up what I said about my first cousin recently, in the Goodrich article, but twisting it all around. You can tell he hasn’t read what is translated into English from my autobiographical books (books 1 and 4).

Then the troll asks me ‘It seems as if you have never truly abandoned your catholicism’ and other things that I can’t even quote (related to sex but in an ad hominem context).

The troll ends by saying: ‘you also claim that driving a child mad to the point where they hear voices is the ultimate betrayal, yet claim schizophrenia isn’t real’: one of the many strawmen in his comment, which is now deleted. You can tell he hasn’t even read carefully what I have written about psychiatry.

In short: this site attracts unbalanced people. They could benefit from what I have written precisely on the trauma model, or by writing an autobiography: but that’s something they will never do!

I don’t know about IPs. Is it possible for someone, for example from the US, to post a comment with a Ukrainian IP, used as proxy?

@ CT “Is it possible for someone, for example from the US, to post a comment with a Ukrainian IP, used as proxy?”


“I don’t know about IPs. Is it possible for someone, for example from the US, to post a comment with a Ukrainian IP, used as proxy?”


I have refrained from commenting because I do not wish to clutter your blog with more inane questions or commentary, unless I genuinely feel I have something important to add. As someone who was pretty much raised on the Internet: Yes. It possible.

When I was a dipshit teenager (who identified as a Libertarian) I engaged in trolling quite a bit and changed my IP address when I was banned on a forum. However, when I last did this was about 2013 or 2014. I cannot say if doing so has become more difficult or less since then. Most likely more.

Moreover, a troll–or at least a good one–will start saying things or asking questions that are only slightly ridiculous and then progress from there to intentionally off-the-wall batshittery, with the hope that at that point you will keep engaging. And they will typically do so in a space that provides them with the most reactions.

I despise having to use the logic of a Christian, but I have found that Occam’s Razor is a useful tool as far as human behavior is concerned. What is more likely? That the commenter in question has chosen a (regrettably) relatively unknown blog as his target, or that he is simply of the same stock of the countless neo-Christian white nationalists that you have butted heads with?

I am simply offering you my take from my own experience as a former “troll” on a relatively young internet.

Make of it what you will

Don’t worry. Occam’s razor is one of the most useful tools I use in logical thinking. There is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary: together with Popper’s criterion, it is excellent for detecting pseudo-sciences.

This troll has been following my site for years now. Otherwise he wouldn’t have in mind so many things he told me about old posts.

I think the best thing to do is ‘Don’t feed the troll’, which I will do from today onwards (I won’t even read his comments when they go directly to the SPAM folder automatically).

@Adunai your worries are totally fake, why would someone bother to “doxx” you? no one cares about who you are.

CZUR ET16Plus Scanner. $425. Enables you to scan modern German books quickly. You could scan and translate an entire book of Deschner through DeepL in a couple hours. Will not handle Fraktur, so most Reich material is out.

Hello Cesar: Regarding trolls, the best option is to ignore/block them. Changing the subject I want to share with you and the readers/followers a gem that I found in JewTube. It is a 30-minute film in glorious colour that shows the beautiful pre-war Munich.

The film is the result of editing several films made by simple German citizens between 1937 and 1939. The main feature is the superb celebrations that took place in October 1939 during the so-called “Tag der Deutschen Kunst” (German Art Day). Although it seems incredible the film has no soundtrack, I mean, no hateful comments whatsoever. The producers just add some kind of vaguely sinister “music”, therefore we were spared the typical, vile and obnoxious comments of the”experts”. I recommend everyone to download it because I cannot believe (((they))) allowed this film to survive. It is a matter of time before it disappears…


That people posing as NS, WN or whatever flavour of Dissident Right, still consume Jewish pop culture has been one of my biggest disappointments with the whole mileau. How can they not get it? How can they still consume it whilst believing they are unaffected by it.
It all works on a subconscious level and once you’ve seen it it can’t be unseen, and your subconscious mind incorporates it into it’s decision making process. Once I understood how it works, i dropped all of it. TV, Hollywood, gaming, non-instrumental music, the lot. 17 years and counting now. And I didn’t even understand the JQ at the time, just understood it was poison. The church, I left long before that at age 13.

And maybe they never will. I’ve been trying to explain to people for years just how it works and I’ve really only had minor success with one good friend. And only with TV, he still listens to cucked podcasters like Joe Rogan, even after me pointing out that he is now Jewish owned and that most of his guests are Jews or controlled opposition.

Even the great William Pierce succumbed to this by buying a rock studio for its supposedly pro-white message, even though he was never a fan of degenerate music.

Nowadays almost all racialist podcasts start with degenerate music, and it’s impossible to make them see what I’m about to post in the next Savitri entry…

Very good observation: I used to listen to a man called Mike at the now (sadly) gone American National Radio Network. He was great, he attacked Christianity, White Nationalists/Conservatives for their moral cowardice, Libertarians, etc. He was a gifted, passionate speaker; the only flaw he had was his taste for and defence of “heavy metal”. The only explanation I could find is that he is a rather young man (about 35 years old) from a very humble background who wasn’t exposed to real Aryan music (I mean classical music).

Having said that this DOES NOT invalidate his courageous stand in defence of our people, after all, we cannot expect everyone to be a Wagnerian prototype. For example, Hermann Goering couldn’t stand opera and suffered when he had to go to Bayreuth. Let’s not be narrow-minded idiots like orthodox Jews or Christians.

> ‘For example, Hermann Goering couldn’t stand opera and suffered when he had to go to Bayreuth’.

This was because at that time opera houses lacked subtitles, as can now be seen in traditional opera houses thanks to technology. If you can’t understand Wagner’s libretto you don’t understand the plot and get bored (unless you know the libretto beforehand) insofar the sung German is hard to understand even by native Germans.

See what I will quote about Max Reger in my forthcoming post today, commenting on Savitri’s book.

Speaking of film (not Hollywood), I recently watched a film that made me think of you CT. It’s called The Mysteries of Lisbon and it’s an adaptation of a 19th century Portuguese novel directed by the Chilean Raul Ruiz. The film is very long but it’s portrayal of Old Europe during the Napoleonic wars is mesmerizing. It’s a story of inter-generational family tragedy set against a backdrop of aristocracy, decadence, and the church. The contrast between the racial types of the French and Brazilian/Portuguese is very interesting and highlights the degeneration of the Southern European colonial powers. I recommend it.

Curious. In one of my autobiographical books I say that we could remember the opening scene of Luchino Visconti’s 1963 The Leopard (just after the film’s credits), in a mansion in Sicily, in which a large family dressed in black prayed a rosary, to visualise a little the prudishness of my Tort ancestors in Puebla.


The Leopard is one of my personal favorites and while there is nothing in Mysteries of Lisbon that rivals the dance at the end of the The Leopard (one of the most powerful moments in film) there are many other comparable aspects and if you appreciate the former there is a good chance the later will speak to you as well.

You may be surprised by what I’m about to say, but of the 50 films I used to like when I was younger, I can barely watch most of them now since I heard about the betrayal across the West. The reason for this lies in the penultimate sentence in this article about Yockey: “‘L’art pour l’art’ values must be transvalued to Art practiced in conformity with the cultural task” (keep in mind what I say about public art in Munich in today’s post).

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