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Destruction of Germanic paganism Evil Hellstorm Holocaust

On Germans

Since I have only lived in England and Spain, about a year in each of those countries, although I’ve been in Germany twice I cannot say that I know the German people first-hand. But I can make the following observation.

When I was interacting with Alice Miller’s readers in 2007, I made an internet friendship with a Dutchman and a Swede. I lost their friendship when some years later I discovered the racialist sites.

The impression that I have of them is that they were living in the deepest dream of the Matrix that controls the white man: what we have been calling neochristianity. By the way, the original draft of Bardamu’s essay, which was recently translated into German, was originally sent to me by the author with expressions like ‘secular Christianity’. After Bardamu read some of our texts he modified that phrase to ‘neochristianity’, especially in the final chapters of his little book (more than a long essay it is a slim book).

But back to Dutch and Swede. I was shocked that they weren’t bothered by the mass migration of orcs in Sweden (the Dutchman had emigrated there). The fact that an individual like me, who is not Nordic, cares so much about the beauty of Swedish women to the point of giving his life for the cause as ‘a man against time’ to use Savitri’s expression, when those of Germanic blood give a damn about the extinction of the crown of the evolution, speaks horrors of the current Germanic man.

I recently drew attention to a commenter about these words that appear in The Fair Race that portray not only the Nordic but the Mediterranean man (in some parts of Spain I could pass for one of the latter, unless my accent betrays me):

Let us compare today’s Europeans with the Spartans. We feel panic when encountering such physical, mental and spiritual degeneration; such stultification. European man, who used to be the hardest and most courageous of Earth, has become a weakling rag and degenerated biologically as a result of comfort. His mind is weak; his spirit fragile, and on top of that he considers himself the summit of the creation. But that man, just because of the blood he carries, has enormous potential.

The rules on which Sparta was seated were eternal and natural, as valid today as yesterday, but today the dualistic mens sana in corpore sano has been forgotten: the physical form has been abandoned producing soft, puny and deformed monsters; and the mental poisoning has produced similar abominations in the realm of the spirit.

The modern European knows no pain, no honour, no blood, no war, no sacrifice, no camaraderie, no respect or combat; and thus he does not know the ancient and gentle Goddesses known as Gloria or Victoria.

Those are passages from one of Evropa Soberana’s essays in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (the book is linked in the sidebar). But I would like to say something else. The Germanic peoples had been the last to resist the advance of Judeo-Christianity (see for example this one-minute clip on YouTube, a recreation of the anti-Christian Viking), and only the genocide of Charlemagne brought them down. Uncle Adolf and Savitri were right: they were the most beautiful and noble race.

It is not a coincidence that many centuries after the genocide of the ethnotraitor Charlemagne, in their first attempt to shake off at least a part of the Semitic religion (obeying a church of Rome run by mudbloods), during the Thirty Years’ War the European powers perpetrated a veritable holocaust of Germans.

And when three hundred years later that same people refused to drink anymore the poison in the cup of Christian ethics, the international powers committed again another holocaust of Germans! (which we have baptised as the Hellstorm holocaust). After those three holocausts, that of Charlemagne, that of the Thirty Years’ War and the Hellstorm of 1945-1947, the surviving Germans finally gave in.

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Indeed, today’s Germans are largely degenerated. After the Hellstorm Holocaust there is no national pride anymore, no will, no resistance against the mass immigration of the African-Asian hordes. The idiots and criminals who call themselves “politicians” are encouraging mass immigration of Negroes and Arabs and providing them with money and homes, while millions of ordinary Germans are damned to work hard to pay their rent. All big German cities like Cologne, where I live, became shitholes thanks to the decades of the Neochristian-Leftist ethnocidal policy. (By the way, I am not ethnically German, I am Lithuanian, but I consider myself more German than the majority of contemporary Germans, even though I am not 100 percent Nordic.)

The saddest thing is that the majority of Germans are passive and indifferent to their own extinction. The parties like AfD, which are rather liberal-conservative than nationalistic, are demonized by the Jewish-ruled media as “Nazi extremists”. All in all, Germany is lost. Hitler was Germany’s and Europe’s last hope. Only a mirror, a deus ex machina can save us, but I hardly believe it will happen in our lifetime.

Besides, the Swedes and the Dutch seem to me the most mentally degenerated of all Germanic peoples, even without the experience of the Hellstorm the Germans have suffered. The Swedes also played an infamous role in the Thirty Years’ War. In alliance with the French Catholics (!) they brutally killed millions of Germans during that conflict. They also brutally annexed Scania (Skåne), which belonged to Denmark, and expelled/killed the indigenous Danes. The Swedes are a people with bad karma, I guess. The Danes, on the contrary, seem to to be one of the sanest peoples in the modern Europe, with strict immigration policy and relatively strong national identity.

And the rot persists even in today’s racialists, who have no idea of real history. For example, the pro-white historian Arthur Kemp told me that he would rate Charlemagne well up in the top five most evil characters of European history. I recommend Thomas Hodgkin’s The Life of Charlemagne to those who have swallowed the Christian version of this evil man.

Cesar, this self hatred and apathy only comes from very feminized males. The real white men remaining who are willing to fight are being slowly eradicated by the judeo christian civilization.

Not only that. I have come to the conclusion that exterminationism must not only be applied to the neanderthals of the world, but also to the masses of normies.

The white normie is a product of Judeo Christian dysgenics and the white race has no future so long as those worthless masses exist.

One of the problems with my eleven books is that only the first and part of the fourth are translated. The term “Neanderthal” that I have used in my soliloquies since the 1970s includes the common normies, even though they are white.

The Saxons betrayed The Franks first.

“They [The Saxons] entered the Rhineland and displaced the recently settled Salian Franks from Batavi, whereupon some of the Salians began to move into the Belgian territory of Toxandria, supported by Julian.”

If Charlemagne was a traitor, then The Saxons were arch-traitors.


The animosity between Franks and Saxons under the guise of religious strife, is actually a ethnic strife, Germania was never united except under Arminius.

I didn’t explain myself clearly in such a short entry.

Some Nazis commemorated the memory of the non-Christian Saxons victimised by Charlemagne: a traitor to his race. That someone forces you to worship a Semitic god is the greatest betrayal possible (what happens today, white suicide, is directly related with that sinister past).

Have you read either of the two histories of the white race, written William Pierce or Arthur Kemp? So-called white nationalists don’t read them because they are (a) Christians or (b) Judeo-Christian sympathisers.

If you don’t want to read whole books read this article, which original appears also in the German section of this site.

Basically, everyone “displaced” everyone. Tribal infighting was not “betrayal”.

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