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Comment from a decade ago

I am pleased to report that our friend Albus has translated two more texts into German, which I consider precious, and which can be read in English on this site: ‘America’s Unpardonable Crime’ and ‘Why Europeans Must Reject Christianity’ by Ferdinand Bardamu (the latter is included in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour—see sidebar). The recent German translations can be read here and here.

Some may wonder where I got the phrase that I just added at the top of the sidebar. It was Junghans’ comment ten years ago in a Counter-Currents article (Michael O’Meara’s ‘Summer 1942, Winter 2010: An Exchange’):

Very incisive and poignant, Michael. You have locked onto many of the fatal flaws in the Anglo psyche, and thus shown the herculean task in trying to ‘save’ an intellectually crippled people from themselves. Intellectually and spiritually toxified, the aberrant, self-negating Anglo-American population engaged in one of the most genetically destructive and ideologically warped ‘crusades’ that they, and their Jewish ‘friends’ could possibly have engaged in. In committing the matricide of Europe, they in effect, heaped-up their own funeral pyre. Those Anglo/Whites alive today are wallowing in the contaminated debris of that cataclysm, still believing in, what is in effect, a collective genetic and cultural death wish.

This comment was published on September 26, 2011. When you see what the Biden administration is doing to whites, it seems obvious to me that the fire has already begun to reach the flesh of the descendants of those who, from 1945 to 1947, committed the Hellstorm Holocaust.

Regarding the other article translated into German, remember also that, according to the Croatian author Tomislav (Tom) Sunić, the belief of the Americans in the Bible was directly linked to that Holocaust perpetrated against the Germans (cf. his book Homo Americanus).

2 replies on “Comment from a decade ago”

Liberalism crippled Christian ontology which was never strong anyway. Christianity gained adherents in lands (Africa, Latin America, Pagan Europe) that lacked metaphysical regimentation and discipline.

Now that Christianity has been banished from the public sphere, can Nordic/Slavic/Germanic paganism(s) take its place and challenge the Satanic liberal order?

Apparently you are unaware of the POV of this site. Have you read The Fair Race (see sidebar)?

(Incidentally, if you believe in the existence of the Abrahamic god, this site is not for you.)

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