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Jared is sensitive

A couple of days ago I posted a chapter from Erectus Walks Amongst Us by Richard Fuerle. Jared Taylor wrote an interesting book review but it’s marred by this passage:

Erectus Walks Amongst Us is stuffed with so much information and so many good arguments it is a pity it suffers from several flaws. First and worst, the title and cover illustration are so insulting to blacks—implying that they are primitives just down from the trees—that one can hardly carry this book around in public. The writing can also be contemptuous of blacks and of people who accept the Out of Africa theory. No book that flouts as many orthodoxies as this one does can afford to aid its critics by indulging in intemperate language.

When I read passages like this, I think of an interview with Jared in which he said he had no idea what the dark hour of the West was due to, that he was absolutely clueless. This is my answer: to the Christian ethics that Jared himself accepts as axiomatic. And this regardless of whether or not he has given up the Christianity he learnt from his parents (a topic that he’s reluctant to discuss when asked in interviews).

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The correct notion that blacks aren’t human are bad optics. To worry about how your opponents perceive you is a very effeminate trait.

However, the Bible says that we are all one blood. In both Testaments it says we must not oppress the Xenoi or foreigners or immigrants. The Bible says that there is no race in Christ Jesus. If you want to pan-handle to bible-literalist Christians, then you have to speak this way.

Alex Linder is right on this one. If you cannot see the conflict between biblical principles and White racialism, it is either because you are stupid, or because you are an e-beggar requesting donations.


I know you have very little patience for schizophrenic, crackpot theories but Jared Taylor has many “arrows” pointing to him being a CIA spook. He spent several years in Ghana in the ’70s, which was a hotbed for CIA/Mossad activity at the time. In fact, many talking heads of the racialist right have connections to the CIA, as shown in this article:


People such as you or me often find ourselves scratching our heads as to how these individuals adopt and justify such blatantly chimeric philosophies of white nationalism and Christian axiology, but it might very well be that they know exactly what they are doing.

Crackpot indeed. I myself have been called a Jew for not believing in 9/11 conspiracy theories. In fact, many of us would like to receive from the CIA handsome salaries. But most of WNs are broke.

One of my criticisms about Renegade Broadcasting. Everything is a conspiracy to them… almost even the time of day! Otherwise, I really like them. They are one of the few saner White-Nationalist sites, in my estimation.

I began to examine my epistemology, in wake of all of these internet conspiracies. We know very few things with Cartesian certainty. Cartesian certainty is the knowledge that one is aware of his own thoughts… that he exists. We know very little else with this kind of certainty.

Anthony Magnabosco PhD, who wrote A Manual for Creating Atheists (2013) which I have not yet read, calls himself a “street epistemologist.” He challenges people to justify what they believe in. Pine Creek is really influenced by this guy.

And so now I don’t focus on “absolute truth”–statements perfectly congruent with reality–but upon what it is reasonable to believe.

And so now I am a 9/11 agnostic. There are good points made on both sides of this issue. However, that video you posted debunking it was amazing. Building 7 did just seem to collapse through heat damage.

Hey Cesar, what is your opinion on Yuri Bezmenov? If you don’t know who that is, it is this guy:


Excuse me for responding, but in my view, 4chan’s preoccupation with Bezmenov is but a symptom of their ignorance. The “muh’ eebil commies” argument is even worse than the Frankfurt School meme, which in turn is worse than monocausalism, which itself is myopic to Christianity – the American Civil War and earlier Latin American miscegenation.

How hard is it not to give your women to niggers? Reality is much simpler and weirder.

By no means am I supporting Bezmenov. If anything I believe that he was a defect only in the employable sense: he started working for the CIA after he left Russia. Which is why in a later video he states that he didn’t want a “fat, Russian girl”- a very typical phrasing of CIA propaganda. As if Russians were able to get fat at all during most of Russian history!
I was wondering what C.T thought. That is all.

Probably off topic but this is recent comment by Nick Fuentes;
“When they all say
‘you’re dividing us’
‘you’re dividing the movement’…

Damn right! We are diving the pagans right out!
I will gladly divide you right out! Out!
We don’t need you. We need to fight you too!”

This is exactly the attitude Pagans should have towards christians.

Exactly, but I’d add that the word ‘pagan’ is Xtian newspeak.

As the dark hour grows darker, the time will come when all Christians in the movement will find themselves censored by their own churches, as happened to the two Matts with their Orthodox Church (before the sordid scandal that separated them).

This even happened in the 1930s with Charles Coughlin. He was forced off the air after his rhetoric became Jew-wise and fascistic. You can imagine what will happen to Fuentes now that the current pope has excommunicated priests who believe that the Holocaust is bunk.

I no longer really follow Trad-cat stuff. My focus is more on Protestantism and atheism. Two movements that I neglected for ten years but want to understand better. Why did Frankenpope re-excommunicate Bishop Williamson?

Did you talk with him? I never met him personally. However he is a cause celebre amongst Irish traditionalist Catholics.

I would like to ask him about the flood of Noah. Does he still believe in it. Scriptural innerancy. Does he still believe in it.

I don’t really mind the rites, rituals and morality of Roman Catholicism—after you sift out the semitic poison. I still call myself a Catholic. I still find Catholic ritual prayer in Latin to be good for my mental health.

However, as Aron Ra and Bart Ehrman put it: the flood and inerrancy cannot be honestly defended. I would like to do some street epistomology on Bishop Williamson—not all Street Epistomologists are atheists… but 99% are—and ask him to justify these beliefs.

You know that there are living trees older than 6,000 years old, right? You know that cramming all the species of earth into a wooden box—deceptively translated as ‘ark’—is lunacy… right? You know that the Bible doesn’t know about the water cycle, that pi=3.14…, that camels have cloven hooves… and countless other scientific mistakes… wherefore this belief in inerrancy, M’Lord Williamson? A Cambridge-educated Received-pronunciation English gent ought to know better than to believe such rot.

In my view, the likes of Saint Pius X, Leo XIII, and Pius XII—geniuses all—only pretended to believe in inerrancy and the flood. Pius XII eventually gave up on the flood, and in subst

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