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Derbyshire’s blindness

‘For the future of our civilisation’, John Derbyshire wrote in an article published yesterday, ‘I would like to see a task force—a Manhattan Project—of historians, psychiatrists, neurologists, behavioural geneticists, quantitative psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists get to work explaining this strange, weird, suicidal phenomenon’ (white ethnosuicide).

Derbyshire is blind of course, inasmuch as he doesn’t want to see the elephant in the room. See what Robert Morgan answered him today: Christian ethics alone is the culprit. You don’t need a Manhattan Project of so-called ‘specialists’ to see the obvious!

2 replies on “Derbyshire’s blindness”

Estaba buscando algo sobre el aniversario de Hitler y descubrí tu blog, es muy interesante.

John Derbyshire is a general piece of shit. He has a literal gook for a wife and miscegenated not once, but twice. I have no idea why anyone seeking to preserve the White Race would give a shit about anything he says or does unless it involves corporal punishment.

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