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Degenerate art Feminism


‘Dragonstone’ is the seventh season premiere episode of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 61st overall. Almost all episodes begin with a minute and a half opening credits in which we listen to the musical theme of the series that became so popular. Here, instead, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss kicked off the season with an ultra-feminist scene. In my previous post I said that the girl Arya had killed the principals of House Frey. But this girl is so powerful, and let’s remember that we are in the scene before the opening credits, that she manages to kill the rest of House Frey—dozens of them, all males, and in the end she walks over the corpses.

The imbecile fans loved the scene. For me, the fact that millions of fans didn’t mind that a single girl was capable of killing all the males in their own feudal castle, shows that the Aryan problem encompasses the Jewish problem. Not wanting to see that the masses are surreally brutalised is part of the blindness of white nationalists, who don’t quite understand what’s happening.

But the opening scene is only the overture of what comes next. In Winterfell, the Mormont girl returns with her practice of lecturing a feudal lord and Jon Snow allows Sansa to confront him before the lords and ladies of the north. Sansa is not the wife of Jon, the king of the north. In the real feudal world she had to be completely subordinate to the will of her stepbrother. She shouldn’t even have a voice on the war council. But we are in a series in which the same actor who played Jon said in an interview that Game of Thrones was a feminist show.

It is true what I said in my previous post: the great hits of white culture should be studied more than the subversion of the Frankfurt School. But reviewing these episodes represents a great test of patience for me. However, since there is no blogger among racialists who dedicates himself to exposing every bad message on television series, I feel compelled to do so at least with the most popular series of all, no matter what bile my body secretes by imposing this homework on me.

Returning to the initial episode of the season, it ends when Dany arrives with her armada at Dragonstone, from where she plans how to defeat the other queen, Cersei.