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Yockey, Mason, Wallace

Hunter Wallace, who yesterday posted that thing about the resurrected Jew, whom American racists still adore, today posted:

National Socialists and Fascists – As the history of this blog shows, I have never had any interest in classical fascism or National Socialism. There have been people who have been trying to build a fascist or National Socialist movement in America as far back as the 1930s and they have never had any success with it for a variety reasons. The most important reason is that it is a foreign ideology and American culture has Anglo-Saxon roots. Americans are individualistic and dislike being organized. They don’t have a fascist temperament or even a strong and pervasive sense of ethnic identity. When Americans try to do fascism, they come across less as the historical National Socialists than as Americans.

Very true. But that can only mean that America is a failed culture. Let’s compare it to what James Mason wrote thirty-five years ago:

There is and always has been a Jewish Conspiracy ever since contact has existed between Jews and Europeans. I will say that no professional revolutionary can hope to be real unless he is fully familiar with each aspect of the Jewish Question. It is only part of his basic education. Again, it is but one factor among many and this is where the Movement has been failing for so long… And though the number of them directly involved in it condemns them by proportion to their total population, the Beast System is still basically manned and operated by renegade, sold-out Whites. What we are fighting has always been, and will always be, a sickness from within [italics in the original]…

This explains why the entire German nation had to be incinerated in the course of the War, why their entire government had to be murdered. It wasn’t just a man or a party, it was the whole country, or at least those elements that counted most. And so Hitler’s Movement was not the kooky, funny thing we see here in America today. It was truly representative of the will of the German people…

We’re talking about a very large body of people who have sold out, or, perhaps better put, have burnt out. With no vital signs left. Yet, to remove them would be to see the U.S. at an end. Not to remove them will be to see another Africa arise on the North American Continent. It is not so much a conspiracy as it is a head being out of touch with its body but yet striving to make certain that the body becomes as vile and perverse as the head, thus spelling doom for the entire organism… It must be death [emphasis in the original] to an entire strata of the population… and a new, fresh ruling elite established from the ranks of the natural peasantry or yeomanry, before that too has been eaten away from the inside out and nothing remains of it.

Those words appeared in Volume XV, # 3 of March 1986 of Mason’s collected newsletters. What Wallace and those who comment on Occidental Dissent ignore is that the United States must die, as an entire forest dies after a very great fire, so that the new shoots sprout from the ashes: a new forest that has nothing to do with either Christianity or the US infatuation for Mammon, as Yockey put it in his own transvaluation of American values back to old European values.

America delenda est.

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I am a German married to an American of German ancestry. 12 years I spent in the US having to endure people coming up to me – upon learning of my nationality – insisting on telling me how their grandfather single-handedly stormed Omaha Beach, destroyed ten Tiger tanks and liberated Dachau. As we say, I made „Faust in der Tasche“. Back in the Vaterland after two decades abroad I was nearly destroyed by how well the post 1945 re-education campaign has succeeded, as Germans cheered the invading hordes of Untermenschen that have flooded the Country thanks to Merkel and a gleichgeschaltete Zivilgesellschaft.

Raising two Aryan children in this hellscape is my main task, keeping them safe by opening their eyes to the chosenites and the imported death cult of Christianity, but also – painfully – to the role the American golem played in the destruction of my people. The only people who united to stop what is happening all across the white world. I am a Gen-Xer, my grandfather married in his SA-uniform, as his only grandson I became caretaker of his memory and medals. He was a National Socialist to his dying breath. His issue of „Mein Kampf“ is the one I read.

Joachim Fernau (bestselling author of popular history and former soldier in the Waffen-SS) published a very scathing book called „Hallelujah“, on the history of the United States. In the last chapter he made a prediction about the outcome of the Cold War (then still in full swing): If the Soviet Union won the ideological contest, we would endure a century of hardship, followed by a resurgence because the essence of Europe would remain intact under the Bolshevik heel. If, however, America prevailed, everything we love will die, it would be the end not just of Europe but the death of „Des Schönen, Wahren, Guten“. He saw it clearly way back in 1976. The Führer saw it. It took me much longer to understand their astonishing foresight. It all has come to pass.

Chechar, thank you for your astonishing output. I only found you recently and am grateful for all you put out for those of us dotted around the globe holding fast to the true faith. If you are ever in the Vaterland, you have a Home here.


Thanks Kurt. What you say is very reminiscent of what Yockey had said in other of his writings about his country, the US, and the Soviet Union. It also reminds me of the interview of an American with Srdja Trifkovic:


Remember that we will be adding a few German entries in the recently opened German section of this site.

„Das Ende des Schönen, Wahren, guten“

„The End of the beautiful, good and true“

Trying to pick up some German myself.

The National Socialist, Arthur Drews quotes a book by the title: Die Entstehung Des Christentums or: The Creation of Christianity. There seems to be a lot of Damning German critical scholarship as regards Christianity and the Bible.

I am glad that there are still one or two National Socialists left in Das Vaterland.

Of course, there is a lot of German criticism of the Bible. It started from Reimarus (see the entries on this site about him) during the German Enlightenment. Everyone knows the French Enlightenment but hardly anyone has heard of the German Enlightenment. After Reimarus, Germany produced D.F. Strauss. Haven’t you read The Quest of the Historical Jesus by Albert Schweitzer?

Yeah, I have read Reimarus, Strauss, Schweitzer et al. Even Luther wanted to get rid of the Books of James, Revelation and Esther.

Kurt, is there an English translation of Joachim Fernau’s “Hallelujah” available? I searched but cannot find one.
It seems that every American that has a granfather who fought in WW2 claims he personally liberated Dachau or “saw the piles of gassed jews”. One guy I know claims his grandfather witnessed German children forced to lay down in front of Sherman tanks by the SS (complete BS of course).
The vast majority of white Americans are completely brainwashed. The brainwashing is reinforced by the false historical narratives pushed by our enemies.

No translations of Fernau exist that I know of. He was a true polymath who also wrote the most profound meditation on the German soul as refracted through the Nibelungen Saga, “Disteln für Hagen” .

I lived in the Imperial Capital and CA. My in-laws are country club republicans from the Midwest. For over a decade (not counting grad school at one of the many Jewish run and dominated universities on the East Coast) only my journals and bag of books kept me from withering entirely. Working and living in DC meant constant exposure to the chosen people but the gentiles offerered no respite. As you wrote, the brainwashing is all encompassing. We walk a lonely path.

@ Kurt
As a Russian I’m terribly ashamed for what we did to the innocent German civilians in 1944-47.

Danyl Ilyin

We destroyed each other in the Jewish forever-wars. Sometimes the knowledge of history becomes an unbearable burden and I see the wisdom in Nietzsches advice to occasionally jettison that heavy cart of ‘knowing too much’. Alas, I can’t unread or unsee, nor do I want to. Being a national socialist in the heart of occupied Europe is a lonely affair. The two comrades I have with whom no secrets are kept are both Germans in South Tyrol. That’s not a lot but last year we dug up some rubble at the remaining wall of the Berghof in Berchtesgaden so the youngest of us three could integrate the heavy brick in the wall of his home. He wanted to literally build his life on it so his children would understand the meaning of a bedrock of belief in this Jewish hellscape. It was deeply moving but was it not also farcical? Three men with an artifact to cling to as we sink into modernity’s septic tank? I don’t know. Hier stehe ich und kann nicht anders. Thank you, Kameraden on this blog. Wherever you hail from. We are still here.

I am still hopeful because the American dollar will collapse. After that Central Europe cannot be occupied by enemy forces much longer…


I wasn’t there but I can’t consider that farcical. I would consider it holy.

I was at an old POW camp in America, it looked just like fields I’d seen my whole life. It was overgrown and neglected. Clearly it was meant to be ignored by tourists, I had to ask questions to even find the place. Nearby was another camp that had held Indians at some point, and it was mowed, clean, and had markers and signs. Another site where some Indians had died had flowers and letters left behind. This was for some event that happened generations earlier than WWII of course.

Looking for any reference to the camp (I was trying to figure out what some of the foundations in the field were for, and one spot that had been covered up at some point? I still don’t know), I found a book that mentioned that the Germans there could not be ‘denazified’ by jewish propagandists because they were captured early in the war, and therefore were the most ‘brainwashed.’

So in memory of men who were true, I went and took a stone from that camp, and it travels with me, sitting on a mantelpiece or a bookcase. And that was just some random-ass local rock that they used to mark a path in that silly way the army always does. I don’t know Latin, but like a memento mori, it is for me a memento fide or something like that.

I have a question, because I have almost no sources available to me besides a few books like those on the sidebar. Were there people who ever said anything about what happened to Germans after the war at the hands of the western Allied countries? I’m a little younger, and even though I got along good with old men, almost everyone I knew here outside of my own family were in the Pacific theater.


Thank you for sharing that story. Saying it was farcical was a bad choice of words on my part. Sometimes our lonely struggle, the rituals and devotional objects (I have a piece of the Berghof on my writing desk) just seem so completely anachronistic and outside the society we are forced to inhabit, it feels like being a visitor on an alien planet or a time traveller with a backpack of sacred objects and texts in a profane world.

To answer your question about the crimes of the western allies, mainstream historiography has airbrushed all of them. If you visit Dresden and take the official city tour, the number of victims has been reduced to 35k. There are few monuments left to the death camps in the Rheinwiesen, no official comemorations are held. A shrinking group of people hold their own (like the annual march in memory of Rudolf Hess) but are always harassed by the police and Antifa and all license plates recorded by the intelligence services.

Near where I live used to be a memorial to the French volunteers of the Waffen SS who were executed there in April 1945. If you don’t know the story, it is epic. General Leclerc harangued the group, shouting at the young Untersturmfuehrer “How can you sink so low to wear that foreign uniform.” To which the Untersturmführer coldly replied: “You seem comfortable in that American uniform of yours.” Leclerc had them all machine gunned. For five decades there was a moving monument at the very spot they died but the Bavarian government removed it in 2012. This is in Bad Reichenhall. Just one of thousands of reminders of what really happened that have been removed.

There is still a strong nationalist underground publishing community in Germany that prints books against the dominant zionist narrative. Books by Alfred de Zayas, the classics by James Bacque and many others but even Goodrich’s Hellstorm has yet to find a German publisher. None of this is ever covered in education or the MSM though.

Those who know won’t forget and we won’t forgive.

“Americans are individualistic and dislike being organized.”

Unless its participating in traitorous activities like BLM riots or gathering themselves like cordwood for the funeral pyre that was WW1 and 2. In which case, they all start robotically marching to the drum of international finance against truly independent states like Germany and Italy while belching the lines “Semper Fai, Hitler bad guy!”. Not to forget all those filthy fag-pride parades where having personal boundaries is to be the new apostate to ‘freedumbs over all’.

“They don’t have a fascist temperament or even a strong and pervasive sense of ethnic identity.”

For all the negative things I could say about the KKK, their existence at least shows some solidarity in the past over being a helpless atom in a sea of “individualism”. So much for not having a “strong and pervasive sense of ethnic identity”.

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