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Sleeping nationalists

(David Ryckaert, Old Man Sleeping, ca. 1640-1642, oil on panel.) Two days ago I wrote ‘TOO cucks Johnson’ and today I visited that discussion thread on The Occidental Observer to see if Greg Johnson was defending himself against the author’s mild criticism. But apparently Johnson is in a semi-depressive stage. He used to argue quite a bit in the discussion threads both on his site and at the Observer. Today he hasn’t even responded with an article in his Counter-Currents webzine. However, when reviewing the new responses to the Observer article I came across this gem that commenter Chelsea Zahn posted yesterday:

It isn’t that our people are committing suicide; it’s that the Jews are committing genocide on our people. Whites might be stupid and weak… but the problems originate with Jewish supremacism and the Jews’ irrational hatred and fear of white Christian people.

This commenter’s statement is a gem because it encapsulates the myths of white nationalism. In the first place, the Jews didn’t take the West through a conventional war. If an alien saw Chelsea’s words without any historical context, he would imagine that the Jews were fearsome warriors who raided the white nations and imposed a genocidal Diktat. But it was not like that. The war was fought for the soul of the white man: a war that Judea won from the times of Constantine because of those white traitors who abandoned the Aryan gods in pursuit of the god of the Semites.

Yesterday I added a new sticky post, ‘If this site…’ containing three links in the only comment so that the new visitor becomes familiar with our point of view. One of those required readings for new visitors is the mini-book on how Christianity seized the souls of the citizens of the Roman Empire as revenge for the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and Jerusalem itself, temporarily turned into Aelia Capitolina: a fully Roman city founded by Emperor Hadrian on what was left of ancient Jerusalem.

What happens throughout the West is suicide insofar as not even secular white nationalists have repudiated Christian ethics, the little gift of that old war between Judea and Rome as explained also in the books Daybreak and On Exterminationism you can download from the sidebar.

Furthermore, Chelsea slanders the Aryan race by calling it weak and stupid. They were not like that until whites started to worship the god of the Jews. No one in the ancient world would dare to call whites ‘weak’ or ‘stupid’—say in the days when Roman emperors ravaged Jerusalem and enslaved its population. They only became weak and stupid by obeying the commands of the gospel.

Notice also how Chelsea does not say ‘Aryan people’ but ‘Christian people’, which makes me think that she is a Christian, that is, an artificial Jewess insofar as she obeys the injunctions written by the Semites who wrote the New Testament for gentile consumption. (The Jews would never follow the universalistic commandments and out-group altruism that is breathed in the words of that fictional character, Jesus.)

In sum, white nationalists are so asleep in the matrix that it controls them as ever. And they will remain asleep until their race becomes extinct. Last month Tom Sunic tried to wake up Observer readers about the dangers of their stupid religion. He lectured them with these words: ‘Eventually Whites will need to make a decision about where to choose the location of their identity, in Athens or in Jerusalem’.

But his words fell on deaf ears. Most white nationalists ignore that it was Christianity that laid the groundwork for Jewish takeover. The vast majority of white nationalists, like all other whites, continue to choose Jerusalem, not Athens.

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There is a SS culture pamphlet Volume Seven page that had about the same lane as Tom Sunic mentioned.
• “The Christian doctrine, wants to break natural man.”
• Titles of some of the essays in the booklet:
• “Rather to the Devil in hell” p.24
• “One day you will have to choose between the church and Germany” p.33
• “It is Christianity’s fault that the Germans have become alien to themselves”
• “Then the testaments will fall, then the Christian era will come to an end, and new life will shape itself, the new faith, that will be eternally young but eternally seeking, because life is eternal, and because the ultimate thing eternally remains surmising and yearning to us. Whether we call the ultimate thing, GOD, LIGHT, providence, Primal Force, is all the same. Important is only that we do not say Judah… but rather, Germany.”


Amazon is currently out of stock and personally I do not know if TRB eill deliver the pamphlet or if they have stock.

There is a few other Culture SS pamphlets on the same subject, I assume. Otherwise there were a few people who tried to audiobook it but their site got taken down and I haven’t seen them try it ever since.
All the four Audiobooks got archived to this User: Here

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