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And now his watch is ended

‘And Now His Watch Is Ended’ is the fourth episode of the third season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 24th episode of the series. Above we see Lord Tywin in his study with his daughter during the episode. The lion is the symbol of the Lannisters, the wealthiest House in Westeros.

A recurring mistake in Game of Thrones, and I mean a cinematic mistake, is putting a cruel scene and then putting a similar one immediately afterwards. Thus begins the episode, with the continuous torment of Jaime Lannsiter with his amputated hand, and then Lord Varys shows to Tyron the witcher who, in a magic ritual, had castrated Varys as a child (Varys has the witcher locked in a wooden box apparently with his lips sewn so that he can’t speak). A good director doesn’t put the two scenes together. If you have to film them, separate them so as not to overwhelm the viewer. But in these degenerate times TV viewers have already lost their taste for good cinema.

After a few more scenes in various places in Westeros we see a third scene of cruelty. This time Ramsay Bolton, the most sadistic character in the series, returns Theon to the torture chamber to torment him again. Despite three cruel scenes in the same episode, afterwards we hear a dialogue between Jaime and Brienne, from which it is worth quoting what the latter said to him in one night, in front of a campfire, both being prisoners of the Boltons:

‘You had a taste of the real world where people have important things [Jaime’s sword hand] taken from them’.

Much very true. In real life I have come across many people who are absolutely incapable of generating the slightest empathy in the face of some human tragedies simply because, like Jaime Lannister before he lost his hand, they have had a gifted life. It is precisely for this reason that I speak so badly of the racialist bourgeoisie and of those who in the US are called conservatives (a word that means something different in Europe). In fact, after the above words, Brienne tells Jaime that because of his defeatist attitude he now looks like a woman. Similarly, unlike the Nazis the racialists’ attitude is defeatist (who speaks now of taking power, as Hitler and his own did?).

But even in this episode the scriptwriters cannot control themselves and launch their typical feminist message. The Brotherhood Without Banners kidnaps the Hound and Arya and takes them to a secret lair, a cave. In a discussion with all the members of the Brotherhood and the Hound, the leader, Lord Beric Dondarrion says that perhaps the girl Arya is the bravest among all those gathered!

But that’s nothing compared to the scene that follows, in which Dany takes over an entire army by burning the slavers of Astapor with the fire of her recovered dragon, implanting for the first time in the series her Diktat of brave social justice warrior. Then she delivers a liberation speech to her army of mulattoes: ‘Will you fight for me as free men?’ They accept of course.

The triumphant music played for Dany, the conquering SJW woman, ends the crude episode.