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Racialists who hate me

Regarding Krist Krusher’s most recent comment about a blogger after I opened again the comments section after two and a half months of closing it, this is my response:

This guy is an anti-Nordicist. And he just calls me names, never tries to rebut what Nordicists have said since the French Arthur Gobineau, the Briton Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the American Madison Grant, all Nazi raciologists, William Pierce and more recently Arthur Kemp (see also Evropa Soberana’s essays I’ve translated from Spanish to English). As to the Nordic stock of the original Greeks and Romans, see what American Renaissance has said: here. But he also lies.

That is of course Chechar’s [this is how one of my nephews called me long time ago] intention: harm Whites.

And also:

If by ‘Spanish imposter’ that means he’s a Mexican posing as Iberian, I agree.

I have never claimed I’m Spaniard. And this is libellous:

Of course he is hostile to White nationalism. He is anti-White… I’m sure exterminating Whites makes great sense to him.

Crazy guy. But those white nationalists who are also anti-Nordicists have always hated me.

One reply on “Racialists who hate me”

Regarding Sallis:

The main proof he uses to dismiss Nordicism is a “genetic test” from recent times (probably done by diehard egalitarians and staffed by the very same orientals he hates) that compared the results from modern-day Greeks to remains from Greek burials made thousands of years ago. Without even clarifying whether the remains belonged to true Achaeans (who would be buried together) or Pelasgians who didn’t know a word of Greek (whose burials tended to be individual) or even Phoenicians who intermarried with Hellenes! Yet he somehow possesses the audacity to rebuke others for not being “scientific”.

When I was younger, I read EGInotes mainly because it was the only really strong opponent of Mongoloid sympathies in the “Far-Right” as well as the acceptance of “Fight Club” types like Jack Donovan. Yet after being dealt a hard time in my life after what seemed to be a fruitless struggle against the odds, I as a total adult can see Sallis for the man he really is: a narrow-minded, hyper-emotional picker of low-hanging, rotting fruit like Counter-Currents! When it comes to actual historians and anthropologists he says virtually nothing. He sticks to insulting autistic morons on Johnson’s site because they are easy to dismantle as buffoons. Meanwhile, he never dismantles the writing of a serious studier of mankind like Günther or Grant because he is literally not smart enough to understand them. Any serious anthropologist could explain why Björk and Bromstad are not examples of “racial impurity in Northern Europe” simply by identifying said subjects as a gracile Alpinid and a dark-haired Nordid!

In short, Sallis (not his real name) is a bitter tech-fetishist who would prefer the world of Star Trek: Discovery to even the best of Savitri Devi and Tolkien.

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