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Forthcoming new series

Today I received the complete series of Game of Thrones in German as part of the course that I have imposed myself on the language. But I can take advantage of the course by posting entries about every bad message I see in the notorious HBO series, about which I have already written several articles, especially criticising feminism.

But before doing so I would like to say that the fans, mostly normies, didn’t see any bad message just as the common normie doesn’t see bad messages in other television series or movies.

My standard for judging the evil or goodness in the seventh art is simply the fourteen words. And from this angle even a movie that contains such beautiful moments as The Sound of Music, which I was talking about in my previous post, contains terrible messages.

The anti-Nazi message from The Sound of Music was the first bit of propaganda I received while going to the cinema, fifty-five years ago! Although it was a huge hit at the time, many of the younger generations haven’t seen the film that catapulted the career of the now-deceased Christopher Plummer. That’s why I prefer to focus on the latest hits.

True: unlike Greg Johnson (Trevor Lynch) I don’t have the stomach to watch today’s TV series or movies, although last November I made an exception for Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit.

However, I chose Game of Thrones for my German course because I have used the finale’s message of the series for this blog, and even in one of my books. And the first thing that comes to my mind is that the normies didn’t grasp George R.R. Martin’s philosophy, as we shall see in a subsequent post.