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Deranged altruism Pandemics

Dr Peters update!

Chris Martenson just dropped a bomb.

But first, compared to the flu, I’d like to ask what’s the coronavirus death rate in the US? Some people are saying it’s almost fifty times higher than that of the flu. A few months ago I read it was twenty times higher.

At any event there is a possibility that covid-19, synthesised in a Chinese laboratory, will stay with Homo sapiens forever, just like the common flu. Much research and hard data are still lacking, but the possibility exists that our species will never achieve herd immunity with covid-19, just as is the case with the flu.

If this is proven I must blame Christianity and its bastard son, neochristianity (‘Let’s love the Other! Let’s awaken the Oriental Dragon that Napoleon warned us about!’) for this horseman of the Apocalypse. If Anglo-Saxon Christians had allowed Germans to have their empire, Japan would have taken over China. Since the Third Reich would now cover from the Atlantic to the Urals, and this Greater Deutschland would have nuclear weapons, the Germans would never have allowed the Orientals to develop biological weapons.

But that did not happen, courtesy of Anglo-Saxon Christians…

If the mere possibility that Martenson explains in his last video turns out to be more than a possibility, the Apocalypse that I imagined later in the 21st century (after oil ran out) has begun. And it would have begun not because covid-19 is going to kill as many humans as Dr. Peters’ virus killed in that movie, but because the radical change of our lifestyles cannot be greater.

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It seems to me that blaming Christians for our problems is much like blaming the dog that bites you instead of the owner that trained him.

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As for The Fair Race, not at this point, but…

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I was just thinking this. “The good war” established Communism in the east, as well as in half of Europe.

First, COVID-19, like all coronaviruses and influenza viruses is a natural product of Asian rice paddies. The paddies attract all sorts of wild birds, and the farmers, their chickens, and their pigs share viruses, which mix and match an mutate. The process has been well documented and known for decades.

Coronaviruses do not produce long-term immunity. The common cold is a mix of at least four coronaviruses, has been with us for hundreds of years, and produces no immunity. Attempts to produce vaccines for coronaviruses, especially for pigs, have failed.

The COVID-19 death is so far below that of the 1957/58 Asian Flu and the 1968/69 Hong Kong Flu. Corrected for the increase in population, the Asian Flu killed over 230,000 Americans, and the Hong Kong Flu killed about 170,000. So the death rate of the Asian Flu is twice that of COVID-19, and that of the Hong Kong Flu is 50% higher. That might change, but so far COVID-19 is only the third worst pandemic since WW II.

First, COVID-19, like all coronaviruses and influenza viruses is a natural product of Asian rice paddies.

Our sources tell otherwise: it escaped from Wuhan’s lab.

“The radical change of our lifestyles cannot be greater.”

The alteration in human behaviour is not organic; i.e. people aren’t naturally “social distancing” due to something observable in the environment; person limits in shops, cancellation of concerts and sporting events and so forth, all of this is imposed by the government, promoted by the media and enforced by the police.

So your point is rather nebulous. The novel bug isn’t directly altering human behaviour, therefore it’s not very consequential in and of itself, only the governments actions are.

So you are saying that all the governments in the world, even those who are at loggerheads (e.g., Iran, US, China) have conspired behind our backs and that the virus doesn’t even exist?

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