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Thoughtpolice again!

Update of 3: 40 pm. Stefan Molyneux, David Duke and Jared Taylor have also been banned from YouTube, with all of their videos nuked!

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Yesterday I linked to another very interesting take by Richard Spencer explaining how Negrolatry is ultimately Christian morality but, alas, he just twitted: ‘The Radix YouTube channel has been permanently disabled’.

Those who have not saved in their hard-disks or in a DVD The Fair Race should do it now. One never knows…!


9 replies on “Thoughtpolice again!”

Well, it looks like we’re basically going back to the way things were before the Internet. They’re going to scrub everything they can under their new religious fervor.The good thing is a lot of information which was previously hard to find is now squirreled away in countless places. I doubt they’ll be able to find it all.

Even the Trump supporting subreddit R/Donald was shut down today too. I think it was pretty massive. USA today and NBC
are already reporting on it. Wikipedia is already reporting it as “was a subreddit”, meaning it no longer exists


All happening the same day as Stefan Molyneux, David Duke and Jared Taylor getting banned? Looks like a coordinated effort to purge more “right wing” (as leftists see it) information.

Holy Smokes! President Trump was suspended from Twitch (owned
by Amazon-dot-com) for “Hateful Conduct.” This also happened today


Could it be that they are using no good nigger George Floyd’s dirtnapping as an excuse for all this censorship?

JFG is right about Stefan Moly (see what JF just said: here). Moly didn’t even mention The Daily Stormer when it was censored: times when even Tucker Carlson mentioned the deplatforming of DS in Fox News! Now Moly is crying but he’s hypocritical.

He doesn’t care about us. He’s in trouble now, so suddenly it’s a “we” issue. His type only appeals to us when they need us, but as soon as they don’t, they throw us back under the bus. They don’t even bother to throw us a bone.

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