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Racial right

Why American racialists ignore Hitler

by commenter

The Anglo-Saxons are an envious people of the German Accomplishments, especially with the founding of the National Socialist Movement because they beat the English and Americans to such a superior system away from the Capitalist-Democratic mode of life…

The reason most white nationalists aren’t all that interested in Hitler and despise him or prefer not to invoke his name except when and where convenient (at times) is because they don’t really identify with the Pagan Spirituality of Hitler and the NSM, especially where it violates their Christian beliefs. Americans and English will always have an inferiority complex because they lack a certain sense of real culture, and they try making up for this inferiority with their Christian Religious Cults because they have no “myth” to their existence.

The Anglo-American mode of life prides ego and wealth as their way of sizing up others, rather than a mutual love and consideration for their own kin. The latter is impossible considering how mongrelized their people have now become.

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This reminds me of something that Dr. Pierce said in once of his broadcast: the economic man and the spiritual man.

Winston Churchill was the economic (judaized) man while Adolf Hitler was the Spiritual man.

These two types of men have shaped the world of today, where the former has been persecuted and killed in the name of materialistic goals over spiritual/abstract ones.

If I’m not mistaken, didn’t Tolkien write “Lord of the Rings” to create a mythos for the English People?

The Nazis liked Tolkien but he did not reciprocate.

It’s impossible to create a mythos from obvious fiction, but you can easily do it from Pierce’s book.

Tolkien did adopt racialist views in his later years. He became interested in right-wing groups like the League of Empire Loyalists and supported A. K. Chesterton (who was a second cousin of G. K. Chesterton) when he became the first chairman of the National Front. John Tyndall, the chairman of the National Front during the party’s most successful years, was a great Englishman, something of a throwback to the way Englishmen were during Victorian Britain. Predictably, the British Scum rejected him and chose to make a woman named Margaret Thatcher the first female Prime Minister after she made a few false promises to deal with immigration.

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