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The subtitle of this site

In these times of pandemic it is easy to forget the basic premise of this site: Christianity, and the set of values that Christianity generated, are the cause of ethnosuicide by whites throughout the West. Even at the origins of the pandemic in Italy, it can be seen how the axiological system that spawned Christianity is responsible for all the ills that afflict us. We can already imagine the ancient Romans embracing the Chinese on the streets with loving hugs, as was done in Italy right at the start of the pandemic.

Love of neighbour, or rather: universal love for all humans imposed by the state and civil society, is the cause of white suicide. Now it comes to my mind the words of Octavio Paz who mocked the neo-Christians who, during the French Revolution, tried to decree mandatory fraternity as if that were possible by law. The Jacobins never gave up the whole of Christianity, only the dogmatic part of it.

Something that I have observed in virtually all intellectuals and commenters of the dissident right, including the racialists, is that they don’t try to reinvent the history of the white race as the Nazis tried and, as far as English speakers are concerned, as Pierce and Kemp tried. They do the opposite: They rely on Christian authors or neo-Christian secularists, the heirs to the ideals of the French Revolution. They don’t seem to realise that, to understand what is happening, it is necessary to make a tabula rasa of everything that is taught in the universities about the humanities, and to start rewriting history from the beginning. That is why I chose the symbol of the three-eyed crow’s weirwood tree as the subtitle of this site. Such an odd symbol reflects that what we should focus on is the historical past of the white race—the true past I mean (cf. The Fair Race), not what is said even in slightly racialised forums for the dissident right.

The difference between my point of view and that of the racialists is that we start from completely different ways of seeing history. Except for the Third Reich, all the nations that emerged after Constantine are not to be taken seriously. George Orwell said: ‘All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force’. The entire Christendom has been ruled through fraud and force, but only until recently has the veil been lifted over the nonexistence of Jesus and the super-barbaric way in which the Christians eliminated the Aryan culture from the ancient world. To the extent that Christianity is being exposed, they are relying exclusively on force. The Jews are secondary from this point of view, as it is Christian and neo-Christian whites who have been empowering them. Even the Russian revolution that empowered the genocidal Jews would have been impossible without the help of the Russians themselves.

Unlike the Middle Ages and pre-revolutionary times, modern Western society allows the white man to disbelieve the dogmatic part of Judeo-Christianity, the ‘fraud’ to use Orwell’s quote. But under no circumstances does it allow the white man to abandon the axiological part of the religion of our parents. Hitler attempted complete apostasy, including axiological apostasy, and we see how they genocided their people and blamed the Germans for the holocausts that the Allies themselves had committed. We must never forget that both the American and the Soviet experiments of the last century were branches of the same trunk that emerged from the egalitarian ideals of the French Revolution. Real dissent had not occurred since Julian the Apostate tried to transvalue the values that Constantine, Constantius and their powerful bishops had inverted.

It has to be said once again: as long as white nationalists don’t want to see Christian ideals at the core of their disgrace, their movement will remain in the cradle. Fortunately, the looming monetary apocalypse, the bubble that covid-19 just burst, has the potential to awaken, at least, the children of those nationalists who refuse to finally wake up.


Note of September 2020: I posted this entry when the subtitle said: ‘The site of a man fused to a weirwood tree’.

10 replies on “The subtitle of this site”

“Rewriting history” is too strong a word. I have seen the fruits of those going against academia. We get 1) Christian Identity calling Anglo-Saxons Jews and subscribing to the Khazar theory; 2) neo-Nazis denying the Holocaust (and thus the legacy of Himmler); 3) Turks calling all pre-Hunnic Iranians of the Kazakh steppe Turks.

Academic history is mostly fine. What is needed is a mere shift of focus. I.e., talking not of “humanity” but of Aryandom.

Nope, sorry: it is not fine.

Take for example the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. About 200 theories have been advanced by Xtian and neo-Xtian authors but only the Nazis, Pierce and Kemp said the obvious: miscegenation debilitated Republican Rome and, during Xtian takeover, it was already an empire for the mudbloods.

Take the real history of Portugal. Which academic treatise says that their hegemony fell after they mixed their blood with negroes (as their IQs fell precipitously)?

The same with the history of India conquered by the Aryans, etcetera, etcetera.

The whole of history must be rewritten.

Let us see. Rome miscegenated – when and why? Back in the Republican days, after their only real enemy – Carthage – was overthrown. Then followed a century of dictators and civil strife, after which, a gradual period of decline. Academic history is in agreement on this, i.e., the Marian reforms detached a soldier from the land. Race is just an added focus, a missing link. You don’t need to rewrite anything major. And the question of why Republican Romans chose gold over blood remains open.

Modern population genetics speaks clearly that the population of Portugal has 3-12% Negro admixture.

The Indian case is a curious one. A nation of Dravidians that preserved the foreign Aryan religion while all Aryans to the last man betrayed their gods. How does that speak of the Aryans?

> ‘Academic history is in agreement on this…’

No. What the Nazis, Pierce, Kemp and the Spaniard Evropa Soberana said is that precisely because of miscegenation the Aryan spirit was broken, and together with the resulting damaged IQ that caused the decline and fall of Rome. And the Nazi pundits (e.g., Günther) and the aforementioned guys say the same of how other empires fell. You can leaf through entire libraries of the process of the decline in the Western Roman Empire in which the Empire failed to enforce its rule—libraries authored by normies and academics—, and none of them will openly blame miscegenation for the catastrophe.

They cannot see the obvious: their Christian and neo-Christian lenses compel them to see humans as souls, even those who do not believe in the afterlife. Recently, they can use genetic testing for the Portuguese, but no academic scholar will dare to sound the alarm that nigger genes are to be blamed for the lower IQ in Portugal compared to the more Aryan nations.

As the CCP virus destroys small and medium businesses everywhere, it will become obvious that most jobs, services and people living in society today are useless.

This economic Ice Age will awaken Millenials and Gen-Z. It will become obvious that the advertised boomer lifestyle is impossible, and they will be forced to make priority adjustments and uncomfortable sacrifices. Hate will shoot to the moon. It’s a golden opportunity for racialists to spread the 14 Words.

Although learning true White History will be harder in the totalitarian decade ahead, the system’s fraudulent narrative is crumbling. But can the system manipulate the hate of the masses to remove their enemies, like Justinian Rome did?

Re-writing history with a racialist pen will primarily awaken the moral superiors among Whites. Even among these Overmen, there will be division. The very thought of having nigger genes is unacceptable to many Meds.

Just visualize that scene in ‘True Romance’ when Dennis Hopper reveals to mafioso Christopher Walken that his Sicilian ancestors have “black blood pumping through their hearts”. It causes a Joker-esque reaction that leads most Meds into denial. In the case of the Portuguese, there’s also kike and street-shitter blood in their veins. How will they cope with that pill?

Watch this scene at 4:00 where a spaniard asserts to his portuguese comrade that “all portuguese are half-jews”, see how he reacts.


They know they became half-meds with the Romans, then half-germanic with the Visigoths, then sand-niggers with the Berbers, then half-jews with the Almoravid Dhimmis, then quarter-niggers with the African slaves. By remembering that they come from Celtic, blue-eyed Lusitanians, a new racial hope arises.

A 14-Words priest would reveal these truths to his young Med protegés with an heavy Xtian flair to it:

“Your ancestors have sinned against the Blood, and it is your task to remove these sins from your descendants. Your path to Purity is harder, for you carry the evils of the Black and the Jew in you. Remember this as you struggle, and do not stray.”

That heroic duty becomes less of an option and more of a reality with each passing year.

How terribly inclusive of you. We may as well inform every mulatto and quadroon of that same drivel.

I know, I’m not level 10 yet.
I would spare the brown-eyed Whites, the 90 percenters (decaroons?) because I’m one of them.

But a Med that wants to kill mulattos has more right to live than an Aryan that wants to fuck them.

Of course: an absolute beauty like Liza Taylor with her black hair and blue eyes must me spared too. (Incidentally, look how the older films paid homage also to handsome males like Robert Taylor, something almost absent in today’s ethno-suicidal culture.)

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