I will be posting only one entry a week, preferably on Friday mornings. Meanwhile, Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat has a message for you.

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This Friday I will comment on the recent affair of Richard Spencer, who in my opinion has been unfairly criticised by the Alt Light morons. I’ll also say something about the ‘Groyper war’. Stay tuned.

Do you meant Richie Spencer’s voice recording from 2017? I am no moron and no alt-light, yet I’ve found hilarious his little effeminate hysterical tirade. Mind you, I’m not against strong speeches – but that was not strong.

“We enslaved them! We ruled over them!” he proclaims. What a buffoon. It does not take a genius to realize that flaunting past accomplishments is infantile and pathetic when you are a powerless husk this day.

Does it take strength or bravery to hate niggers, kikes and feminists? No, no! I do not hate any of them! They shall be dead, but that is such an obvious answer that I would never even consider speaking it! Or giving it any shred of importance!

I hate my race! I hate my ancestors! I hate my people for wanting to die! For defiling this planet! For spreading the vilest degeneracy across the world! We should be ashamed! I spit on their graves! No one is without blame! We want to die and we deserve to die like rats. I have no idea whether redemption is possible, yet as long as a single Aryan remains, a sliver of hope lingers.

Too strong meat for the normie racists with muh’ liberty and muh’ human rights. Richard Spencer is baby talk.

Don’t worry, the entire White race (AKA civilized world) is on a path towards suicide. He who forgets the laws of Nature will inevitably die.

The only way of life is hypermorality and National Socialism where women will be stripped of their right to property or to higher education, and will be forced to marry at 15.

And those who can’t find a woman will die in a glorious battle thus accomplishing at least something for the survival of the genes of their race.

But that is all unattainable fantasy. And we’re still on a path towards the abyss. Don’t worry. Either way, justice will be served.

All jews know Hitler was a champion of his race and secretly admire him.

Only whites Whites have been praying to a dead kike for 2 millennia, rejected Adolf Hitler, spread capitalism and feminism.

The slogan “it’s ok to be white” is cancer. It’s NOT okay to be Aryan. There’s something quite not well with said Aryan…

The slogan ‘it’s ok to be white’ is for normies. My own cry of war is ‘¡A la goma con los neandertales!’ (‘The fuck with the Neanderthals!’).

The ancient Greeks knew the truth. That’s why what we still have of Greek Mythology is so important. They knew that it wasn’t the entire white race that was worth saving. But that it was the white race that was able to produce, and ONLY THE WHITE RACE that was able to produce some few individuals who came close to being like the gods themselves. And that’s why it’s so important to save the white race.

The last two thousand years of history prove that it was the white race, and only the white race, that created the best of modern civilization. And now, because of our modern day scientific white Vikings, we are now on the verge of being able to leave the planet Earth and found white civilizations through out the entire solar system, and beyond.

A Jew who speaks the truth – mind-boggling, curious, disconcerting, interesting… Hmmm…..

Along the same line…

I just came across Diana West’s “American Betrayal” & “The Red Thread”. I highly recommend both of her books. They’re a concise elucidation of the Leftist plot to conquer the world. Lots of facts I never heard before, although I started in 2001 to collect and read all of David Irving’s books that I could find, so… much of what Diana West had to say was confirmation of things I already knew, from long ago.

Diana West’s “American Betrayal” even supports “Hellstorm”, which I also read years ago, so even that is old news to me.

What I’m still trying to figure out is… why would a Jew like Diana West provide so much of the evidence for the indictment of the Jews ? Of course she comes in for a public flogging by Radosh and Horowitz at FrontPageMag. Maybe they’e trying to shush her. No ?

But still why ? Does she not know that the Leftists and Communists whom she criticizes in her books are Jewish ? She never once recognizes that the Communist plan to conquer the world is largely a Jewish plan. Or is she somehow breaking with the supremacist Jews, but if so, she never actually comes out and says that either. Or is she playing some other game ?

I have to wonder the same things about Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Pora’s video. ?

Perhaps West and ben Pora are just the “cannon fodder” Jews, those Jews that the Jewish leadership likes to sacrifice to whip up the Goyim’s sympathy for the poor put upon Chosen of God.

Unfortunately, I have to keep reminding myself that I should never dignify anything that most people say with a presumption of sincerity, and I should never assume that most people assign a higher priority to truth and logic than to emotion and self-interest when they speak out, or make decisions.

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