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Racial right William Pierce

William Pierce

This is a postscript to what I said in my previous post.

Since many people in the alt-right are true consumers of the soul-rotting junk that the Jews administer to us, I recently came up with a brilliant idea. Instead of visiting most of the sites of current white nationalism, I better read everything available on the internet that has come out of William Pierce’s pen.

Why? Because alt-right folks are not fit to tie Pierce’s shoelaces, not even fit to carry out his trash.

2 replies on “William Pierce”

True words. Since the closure of sites like Ironmarch, I have only read original material from their author’s sources. Stuff like Mein Kampf, Der Angriff, Der Nomos der Erde and anything from Pierce, Rockwell etc…

Never liked Counter-Currents. They never had a reason to exist apart from selling books. Even with their knowledge of someone like Savitri Devi, they can’t see themselves in the mirror: that Nazarene weakness that bleeds through their eyes giving them the look of an adult baby with facial hair. If Greg Johnson could actually read a book for what it was really saying, they would be too ashamed to address his own pacifism.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler goes over in detail how and why theoretical knowledge is always inferior to practical knowledge simply because it remains incapable of doing the work of the practical: applying the theory to reality. Johnson and anyone like him are thinking about doing the impossible—changing the future without violence or coercion. If Johnson was a practical man, he could test this theory by waltzing to Antifa or BLM and make his attempt to discourse with such wonderful examplars of urban degeneracy. The results being quite obvious.

The root of Johnson’s out of touch with reality is his Christian upbringing. If white nationalists were awake they would consider far more serious Johnson’s pious homilies in a church while he was still editor of TOQ Online than Mike Enoch’s silence about his wife.

But they aren’t fully awake, only purple-pilled.

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