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Who to read?

Today Krist Krusher said:

Jewish prolefeed cannot be stopped by simply banning media made after 1969. It requires banning films in general. Sound films are particularly worthy of scrutiny as the first talkie was about glorifying the degeneracy that was jazz with a Jewish protagonist (Jakie Rabinowitz / Jack Robin), a Jewish actor (Al Jonson), and Jewish producers (the Wonsal brothers a.k.a The Warner Brothers). Triumph of the Will notwithstanding.

Music is the second target. Destroying rock‘n roll records is only the first step to regeneration of the soul. Only after taking the progenitors of the these horrid genres around the corner can Europa regain her sensibilities. The culprits being old Bluegrass and Appalachian folk music that was played in 1800s America. Despite their Scottish origins, they are completely degenerate; therefore they must all be eliminated.

This was posted after my article ‘On prolefeed for Alt-righters’, and what I am about to say must be understood within that context and also my other article today.

When out of curiosity I enter the podcast of a white nationalist and find that they play degenerate music, I immediately disconnect and do not hear the spoken word after such music.

This may seem like an overreaction, but if there is something in which alt-right folks are schizophrenic it is in denouncing the prolefeed of the Jews and at the same time consume it with pleasure! I have talked about degenerate music on this site but the same I say now about Hollywood. There are exceptions of course: but the norm is to use degenerate music in the alt-right podcasts and unabashedly comment on Hollywood movies as if it was a legit form of the Seventh Art.

It is precisely because of that all too obvious schizophrenia—in the vernacular sense of the term—that I no longer recommend the alt-right sites to the normies. I recommend them my collection of twenty authors in The Fair Race. One could say, again, that I am overstating my case as someone like Kevin MacDonald does not promote degenerate music or Hollywood in his webzine. But even respected professors like MacDonald have other shortcomings (also discussed in The Fair Race).

The right way is to read those who grew up before cultural degeneration reached superlative extremes: Yockey, Rockwell, Oliver and Pierce. Some of the old American spirit can still be breathed in the texts of a retired American intellectual, Michael O’Meara, who unlike the schizophrenics knew that revolution is unavoidable.

3 replies on “Who to read?”

I think the problem isn’t that white nationalists consume Jewish prolefeed, per se, but that white people as a whole seem to have completely given up on producing their own culture.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched any Asian productions (probably not) but I did for a bit when I was in high school. Generally speaking, they create things about their own people for their own people.

Whites, on the other hand, let Jews completely dominate in the creation of culture. They let people who hate us tell us stories about us. They let people who hate us tell us what we are supposed to think about our history, our ancestors, our myths and ultimately about ourselves.

Of course, there are still white people who create things. The problem with them, though, is that by now they’ve completely absorbed the Jewish poison about ourselves and their works usually contain all sorts of toxic messages even if they are dressed up in European trappings.

Most white people don’t create anymore. They just feed.

Read Marcus Eli Ravage. Read Nietzsche’s Antichrist. Read Revilo Oliver. Read Hitler’s Table Talks. Read Homer. Read Bhagavad Gita. Read Darwin. Read Goebbels. Read Ich Kampfe. Read Chechar.

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