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Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy idiots

I didn’t plan to say anything about the September 11 attacks in 2001. But this comment at Counter-Currents today—:

I don’t see how anyone can look at the evidence and determine anything other than the US government was involved in the attacks. I was very reluctant to come to this conclusion but Ryan Dawson and James Corbett have proven this beyond a reasonable doubt I believe.

—moves me to remind visitors that 9/11 conspiracy theories have been debunked beyond reasonable doubt (see e.g., some videos here and this year here).

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(Left, the book of Mick West, the speaker linked in the last word of my above post.)

Some may wonder how it is that, if I recently declared that I no longer visit the alt-right and WN sites, I came across this CC article on 911.

The answer is simple.

It is not an absolute promise not to visit those sites. What I do is once a day check, in Goebbels Hub, only the titles of two sites: American Renaissance and CC.

The idea is that if something big happens I don’t miss it (for example, if it’s already proposed to throw the First or Second Amendments in the US). In the case of CC, if I see in Goebbels Hub a title of interest I do click it.

But in general terms I no longer click on almost any article. In a week I may just click on one, and that doesn’t even mean I will read it. (For example, what Greg Johnson said about 911 today I barely read, even though Greg doesn’t swallow the conspiracy theories that so many idiots swallow in the WN movement).

Conspiracy idiots indeed!
Those of us willing to jettison the cognitive dissonance and ego tripping can plainly see that the official government/media conspiracy theory is what a complete fool believes!
Trotting out some 911 basement amateur’s debunking videos along with books by self-anoited ‘skeptics’ proves you to be quite the dilettante!
The same goes for JFK/RFK/OKC etc.
None of the above were as they have been portrayed by government and mainstream media hacks!
The question is should we be wasting any more time with these issues.
Stick with the ‘Christian Question’, of which you do quite well!

Generally, I don’t respond to nonsense but this night I’ll make an exception.

I am no dilettante: I spent many years studying magical thinking, which includes conspiracy theories, and have many sceptical books on the subject.

You are not saying anything substantial in your comment. Stefan Molyneux would say about it: ‘It is not an argument’. Real arguments would be trying to respond to what the guys in the linked videos say, for instance what the lad says about Building 7 in one of the videos.

Some decades ago I used to know the group that Mick West talks to and there were some brilliant minds that joined that group of sceptics (James Randi, Martin Gardner, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and more). Anyone who believes in JFK or 911 conspiracy nonsense should start here:


And your cure for ‘magical thinking’ is the rigid, cliqueish, ego-tinged thinking expressed by the debunker cults who wrongly refer to themselves as skeptics and critical thinkers.
I can post an endless number of books and media of my own but you’ll just wave them off as nonsense preferring instead to name drop your idols of scientism (many of whom are Jews) as the end-all authorities.
As you claim not to generally respond to nonsense neither will I therefore I steadfastly refuse to be roped into incessantly rebutting your inane videos.
LOL ‘CsiCon’ – with an emphasis on the Con!!

@Saoirse, I agree with your statements! I don’t have much to comment on this particular subject, but in Cesar’s mind, anything that is not Pragmatic or somehow legitimized by institutions or specific writers that he endorses as you put it rightly, the “end-all authorities”, then it is immediately written off as “magical thinking” and “conspiracy theories”.

Can’t tell you the amount of times as well that there was suspicion raised about the legitimacy in claims of particular figures like BPS or Stefan Molyneux being known as “Jews”.

Keep in mind, he only recently discovered that Hugo Chavez has died, and hadn’t a clue since 2013 when he did die. That’s just how much he lives in another galaxy of his own. It took him a long time in life to come to the conclusion and realization of the Jewish problem as well.

Thank you for not replying any of the arguments and facts advanced in the post’s linked videos (e.g., Building 7). No ‘truther’ can answer them for the simple reason that the overwhelming evidence runs against their conspiratorial claims.

@CT, there are some many conspiracy theories on 9/11, some have truths, some have absurdities… I usually prefer not to discuss the subject with anyone unless they have some sort of vested interest in the topic for some kind of serious reason, because a lot of times its just a conversation or debate for the sake of a debate and nothing / no-one is getting anywhere with it.

I should add, that regardless of where yours or any others personal beliefs are, the so-called “truthers” movement is definitely a trap and the people who actually identify as “truthers” are delusional. To begin with, anyone genuinely seeking truth would never refer to themselves as a “truther”, similarly as the truth is only what is, just as we wouldn’t call ourselves a “sleeper” or “eater” since this is all-around natural behavior, as naturally as one would want to know the truth.

Thank you Incon.
C.T. has a marvelous website and is spot on when he sticks to his forte!
The problem is that when people like him do a great job in one field they think they automatically get a pass in all others by simply promoting what they agree with and waving off what they don’t without investigation.

The fact that Greg Johnson let that comment go through says a lot about what Counter Currents and Minor League sites like it find acceptable and unacceptable. The WN Movement is currently in its death throes. Anglin and Enoch are at each other’s throats. I’m sure the SPLC will eventually publish Heimbach’s inevitable public denunciation of “White Supremacy.” This is all good though, as I get a lot of pleasure out of watching the WN Movement collapse.

I have my disagreements with you Cesar, but in the last month, you’ve been publishing some fantastic material that’s uplifted me and made me fell like I’m not insane. Keep up the historiography about topics like Eugenics and Ancient Greece. I love it.

Thank you. In fact, I have not finished with the eugenics series. I only interrupted it while I review The Fair Race. Greece is certainly pivotal. But it is hard to find texts as insightful as those of Evropa Soberana.

The alternative theories regarding 9/11 could be a bunch of nonsense, but on the other hand, why do you trust the government so much? They are not a trustworthy bunch [weapons of mass destruction for starters] – but their version of the facts behind important events must never be challenged, according to you. Seems to me it’s just as foolish to gobble up everything your govt tells you as it is to gobble up anything.

I don’t trust it. You are committing the typical fallacy that only the US government claims such and such. I trust independent researchers, like the West dude mentioned above.

How many Aryanists died on September 11th? Most likely zero and possibly 1 or 2. Unless we can identify them there is nothing to mourn. It never occurred to me to care about who orchestrated the attacks because nothing changed good or ill for Aryans on the street. The System didn’t need a pretext to enact a massive surveillance state…Bush and his kosher cabal were already in power.

Some buildings were removed, the judeo-liberal state waged war upon the islamic world, and…nothing changed. So it strikes me as an odd thing for White Nationalists to care about beyond its cultural and psychological implications.

If White Nationalists could see a couple of elephants in their room (the Hellstorm Holocaust and the Apocalypse of whites after Constantine), they would pay no attention to trifles such as 911 or JFK.

A “conspiracy theory” which I happen to believe in is that the supposed culprit of the port Arthur massacre of 1996 was an innocent patsy. The massacre had the direct implication of modern gun control legislation in Australia (where currently, “self-defense purposes” is not deemed a valid reason for owning a gun when applying for a license).

What do you say Cesar? Would you claim a-priori that Martin Bryant couldn’t have been a patsy, because government false-flags have never and will never happen? (Becausescience?)

Don’t fall into the trap the CIA set up for you after the critics of the Warren commission.
You will quickly run into a wall if you use the term ‘conspiracy theorist’ to degrade anything that is not according to your theory.

The whole 9/11 was a conspiracy. The best theory as to who has done it, may reside in your sources.

Is Vincent Bugliosi even a reliable source? He was responsible for creating the helter skelter mythology as an explanation for the Manson family murders, which as you know, had a much more mundane explanation. So he made up his own tall tale conspiracy theory to write a bestselling book. Nothing shifty about this guy right. 😐

It was not meant to be an argument about what you believe to be the true story concerning 9/11, as my last two sentences indicated.

But, the word ‘conspiracy theorist’ is a transduction, along with words like ‘racist’, ‘anti-semite’, ‘homophobic’ and what have you. They are hollow words almost exclusively used to provoke a feeling.

I like your site, I like your writing and I am looking forward to your future posts.

But in this case I find your use of words running well into the trap our enemies is setting up.

Bugliosi?? You’ve fucking lost it!
First you name drop the Jew pseudo skeptics, then half-Jew bullshit artist Molyneux, now Bug the consummate shyster is your celebutante?
Strangely, you are a groupie to many who would be considered the antithesis of most of the subject matter on your own website.
However, if you want a scathing indictment of his sleazy ways read – if you dare – Chaos by Tom O’Neill.
There are plenty more Bug exposes on the Kennedys and King website.
No, I’m not a Mansonite so spare me the smarmy condescension!

Most members of the CSI (previously CSICOP) are not Jews. And the Jews I mentioned were notable in debunking pseudosciences (Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan).

Wikipedia is run by our enemies. But curiously, it is a reliable source to see who’s Jew or not. Bugliosi is not listed as Jew in the Wikipedia article on him.

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