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American Civil War – Round 2

Above, first Archivist of the United States R.D.W. Connor receiving the film Gone with the Wind from Senator Walter F. George of Georgia (on the left) and Loew’s Eastern Division Manager Carter Barron, 1941.
Two years ago the System ambushed the first comparatively massive demonstration of white advocates, in the American city Charlottesville. The System used the police to push the peaceful protesters toward the street where Antifa was awaiting them. During the skirmish, one of the lads who protested the removal of a Confederate statue, fleeing the Antifa blows to his car, ran away and ran over the opposite group of protesters. Although the videos show that this lad had been attacked by Antifa, the judicial system ignored them and sentenced him to life imprisonment.

President John F. Kennedy once said that Hitler’s figure would be vindicated in the future. Unfortunately, the System has made it altogether clear that it doesn’t give a damn about Kennedy’s admonition, that he who makes peaceful revolution impossible makes violent revolution inevitable.

These days, social media is talking a lot about a Second Civil War in the US. Last week I just linked one of John Mark’s most recent videos when thoughtpolice removed it. Although Mark uploaded it again to his YouTube channel, he is making a backup on another platform. A couple of days ago, in Unz Review Adunai commented about Mark’s videos on Civil War 2:

This Civil War is the last chance for the Whites both to reassert their dominance and, more importantly even, to purify their ideology out of the cuckservative ballast. The greatest loss would be a victory for the centrist alt-lite or alt-right—they are as much on the path to extinction as Republicans or Democrats, they’re just walking there slower. But I remain optimistic—any serious civil unrest, especially the one where the White side starts winning, will force the Judeo-Christian system to reveal its true colours and start the direct genocide of the White race.

As John Mark says, the White victory is almost certain. The strongholds of the Christian [axiologists] are in the cities, and the power grid is vulnerable. What he does miss, however, is that Washington can invite a million Chinese soldiers to the ports of California that will swing to the East killing anyone fair-skinned. This war will not be isolated.

I would answer Adunai’s concern about the Chinese in this way: Neither he nor Mark are taking into account that the dollar is going to collapse, probably before social unrest intensifies.

Regardless of the Austrian economists’ prediction, anyone who has not seen the 1939 film Gone With the Wind should watch it now: testimony of much healthier times. I had the opportunity to watch it in one of those movie theatres that looked like opera houses. I remember that, decades ago, my mother made a compassionate comment in the theatre about the Southerners when a liberated Negro was travelling, singing in a horse-driven carriage, to the recently conquered South.

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Cesar, do you think the Judeo-Christian system actually has the ability to go full Dresden on entire swaths of the 3000 mile wide, 2000 mile long United States of America? I’m sure they could muster enough pilots to incinerate individual cities, but that’s not even in their interests since all the Muds, Kikes, and Bolshevik whites live in the cities, whereas all the Aryans who would defend themselves in the coming conflict are in the rural and suburban areas.

A buddy of mine who was once in the Militia told me that the Pentagon has run simulations on trying to get the military to attack American citizens on American soil, and every time, the simulations show that such an order would fail because too many soldiers would refuse to follow it.

I’m not saying the military wouldn’t cause significant damage to a White Resistance, but my theory is this: If the governments of the world had the ability to physically exterminate the White Race, they’d have done it already. Nuclear weapons have been around for 75 years. The Tsar Bomba, which is the strongest nuclear bomb ever created, and which is the weapon I’d use if I was a Jew trying wipe out the Aryan Race, was first dropped by the Soviets in 1961.

The Enemy already has the weapons to physically exterminate every last Aryan man, woman, and child and planet earth. If they aren’t using them, its either because they CAN’T use them because no one will follow orders to use them, or they CAN use them but are choosing to torment us in the mean time for kicks and giggles, in the same way that a devious cat owner would amuse himself by shining a flash light against a wall and make the cat chase it. This is the worst Black Pill anyone can swallow, and I’ve swallowed it on several occasions until I’ve returned to my senses.

I choose to believe that the Judeo Christian system can’t ultimately stop Whites from winning if they gain the upper hand in Civil War 2. Which means, we should be doing everything in our power to heat the temperature of the USA and Europe to boiling point until it inevitably spills over. To do this, we just need to keep on spewing toxic, divisive rhetoric. Our greatest weapon is the fiery power of our words. The Left can’t help itself, so as the rhetoric from the Right escalates, the Left will double down on its totalitarian methods, and like a stack of dominos, everything will fall right into place as Civil War 2 becomes inevitable.

The best preparation IMHO is to save some coins of gold. After the crash, the purchasing power of those coins (e.g., to buy guns) will increase exponentially.

Also, every white of fighting age must read The Turner Diaries, The Brigade, and another fictional text that has to be written.

I cannot see the Chinese collaborating with the current Americanist world (The U.S., Western Europe, Micronesia, Japan, etc.) To fight whites, I think such a claim is absurd, I think it’s much more likely that the United States, or ZOG, rather, would fall back onto calling in Russians in her time of need or levying large numbers of Polynesians and Africans into battle lines against us.

I agree with what is said here though—war would be able to cleanse the alt right and other weak pro white elements of the axiological viruses effecting them. A pure, undiluted, radical national socialism (whether they would like to call it that or not) would emerge. As time went on, the radicals would certainly begin to win out—today the most radical figure who self identifies as “alt right” is Eric Striker, and I can certainly see him being liberal compared to those racially conscious white men who get a few years experience fighting the system under their belts.

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