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On ‘Private Hudson’ commenters

Vig once asked me how I endured answering so patiently what the commenters were telling me. Indeed: since I modified the comments options, and now every comment has to be approved, I’ve been saving good time since I’m not approving every comment.

I must say that there are issues that have bothered me greatly about the character of even the most intelligent commenters. One of them who used to comment here, a ‘Stubbs’ (‘Vance Stubbs’ at VNN Forum) suddenly stopped doing so in 2015 without giving any explanation, and he did not even answer my personal message.

Other commenters are intelligent on many issues but cease to be so when it comes up, be it conspiracy theories (9/11 or JFK), or a psychotic admiration for Charles Mason: as can be seen in a loonie Unz Review article. In many respects, the racialists who post in the alt-right forums are still normies. They are clueless about the logical fallacies inherent in conspiracy theories because, unlike me, they have not studied magical thinking. (*)

But what I like most about the fact that all the comments are now on moderation is that I no longer let the pessimists pass so easily. I refer to those who claim, almost dogmatically, that everything is lost for the white race. They remind me of Private Hudson in the movie Aliens that I watched in a Marin County theatre in 1987:

The spirit of the true soldier is to fight even against all odds, as did those who survived in the movie. That is not the spirit of the defeatists who used to comment here, and I’m glad they can no longer do it.


(*) From November 1989 I began to familiarise myself with the CSI’s magazines and books: research that culminated in 1997 when I lived in Houston. I will never forget a JFK conference by CSI in Seattle, which I attended in 1994. Many years before Vincent Bugliosi published his 2007 book debunking the conspiracy theories about the murder of JFK it was already known that they were as crazy as Fake Moon Landing theories.


Update: On August 7 commenter Stubbs replied thus:

[…] Also I apologize for leaving so abruptly, that was rude of me. There wasn’t much to it, I just got busy and didn’t have nearly so much time to read or write. I think I just deleted your PM because it was old by the time I read it, but I still should have sent something back. I didn’t mean to come off as derisive or anything.

8 replies on “On ‘Private Hudson’ commenters”

Loonie articles not only appear at Unz Review but at Counter-Currents as well.

Recently I learned that after Hugo Chavez died, CC published a couple of loonie articles about Chavez authored by Kerry Bolton and Gregory Hood. Apparently, racialists are as ignorant about Latin America as they are about their own stuff: JFK and 9/11. They simply join the current pop fashions.

Spanish speakers know that Chavez was an extremely grotesque figure among the so many mud dictators that ‘Latin’ America has suffered. Watch e.g., this recent documentary:


In the 2017 movie ‘War for the planet of the Apes’ (good visuals, dumb story), the last army of human survivors is holed up in an abandoned mine, facing hunger, cold, an airborne extinction-virus, and the damned dirty apes outside. To counter demoralization, they enforced rigorous discipline, and a mantra was painted in big white letters atop the gates:


I like that mantra.

The MSM spends millions of man-hours in White demoralization propaganda. Every WN who preaches defeatism is indirectly working for them. Like that Devan fellow, who asserted that “Whites are Jews, Aryans are gone” shenanigan. This is precisely the type of pessimism that specifically targets awakened Whites.

Whites aren’t Jews. Aryans aren’t gone.

Whites are Jew-obeyers. Living in a state of collective dementia.

Aryans (pure Whites) are domesticated, passive race-traitors.

But everything is ‘lost for Whites’?

Get your testosterone levels checked.

It’s good that you block useless comments, CT. A persuasive bad comment can potentially put a neophyte in low spirits for weeks.

I wish there were thousands of Cesar Torts to slap sense into millions of these “Doomer” Hudsons, so they get their hysterical shit together and start HATING instead of MOPING.

We need HATE for our weaknesses, for our low quality, for our modern condition. We have everything we need today to prepare for the West’s Darkest Hour: knowledge at our fingertips, easy access to food, access to a global market, clean water, roads and infrastructure, electricity, natural gas, gasoline, etc.

What we’re going through right now in the 2010’s and 20’s is a cake walk compared to what Whites being born today will have to face in the 2040’s and 50’s. It will be Venezuela on steroids, everywhere.

Indeed, and don’t miss my forthcoming post on a Latin American ‘liberator’ even worse than Chávez: Bolívar, who appears in my previous comment behind Chávez’s back.

If you didn’t want any defeatist talk at all you should have made that clear from the beginning but at least you’ve done it now.

On Charles Manson, I remember you quoting Jake F. saying Atomwaffen Division members were “unhinged, to say the least” but at the same time you are a Mexican who wants the genocide of 99% of humans including all Mexicans so society would of course see you as “unhinged, to say the least”. It’s a matter of perspective.

I think you tend to overestimate your importance. Most of what you publish on your blog is writings from other people, you have not really said anything too original but rather summarized modern Aryan ideology. If the Aryan race does become extinct it won’t be because it didn’t read the blog of a Mexican! Sometimes you come across as pompous and it wouldn’t surprise me if you eventually shut down comments altogether and just talk to yourself. I notice you are friendly to people when you like what they’re saying but then you cast them off as soon as they’ve outlived their usefulness. To me it appears all ‘humans’ are self-serving, game-playing bullshitters with their own agenda and you (and me) are no exception. Humans are not important to anyone but themselves. I don’t take us seriously.

Though you portray yourself as some inheritor to the National Socialist legacy this is nonsense as non-Aryans can have nothing to do with National Socialism. Moreoever what you endorse (The Turner Diaires solution) was not something Hitler would endorse. National Socialism and Cesar Tort’s ideology are two different things. This is not a criticism as National Socialism failed militarily because the Germans were too soft and it is outdated and unsuited to modern times. Something MUCH more brutal is needed, adapted to the modern situation of the Aryan race in the 2020’s, not a re-run of the old German National Socialism from the 1920’s. Your priesthood of the 14 Words article was good as David Lane condoned the abduction and rape of young white girls and outright murder and rape from white males is what is needed now (but I suppose we’ll let niggers and Muslims carry on raping young white girls because we lack the balls to control our own women).

And while you talk about kooks who believe in conspiracy theories I believe you followed cults and paranormal nonsense up until your 40’s. Unlike you I awoke when I was 13 and I have been interested in the white race since I was 17. I’m now 31. I could have years left. That means much more time to develop my thoughts unlike you who only awoke in 2008 when you were 50.

And you can put down the Charles Manson-loving white male youth to your hearts content but the future belongs to the white youth and those whites being born at present, not old Mexican boomers.

You do know that the CSI and the skeptical movement it created is the creation of yids, shabbos goyim, and pedophiles who enforce the system’s groupthink to trust the government, trust its lackey scientists, right? They are all liberals and lefties who despise and debunk (they think) racists and “Holocaust deniers” and White supremacists. They are no friends of National Socialism and the White race and would probably like nothing more than to have you and the rest of us declared mentally ill so they can “scientifically” squash what they can’t politically repress (yet, although it is obviously going that way). I find your admiration for them puzzling.

Back in 1989 I knew nothing of the JQ, let alone that Paul Kurtz was a Jew.

But I prefer the co-founder of the CSI (then called CSICOP), non-Jew Martin Gardner, who used to write splendid mathematical columns on Scientific American and then on Skeptical Inquirer.

James Randi and James Alcock, whom I met in that 1989 conference in Mexico City, are not Jewish either. Again, in those years I was almost a liberal sleeping in the Matrix. But these critics of parapsychology helped me a lot in the early 1990s to give up my faith in the existence of paranormal phenomena.

I still have several books published by CSICOPers, some debunking the Bible, that I still consider valid after so many years.

But yes: Kurtz’s agenda was not pro-white. I once emailed him asking if he was Jewish—after my awakening. He never answered but I’m sure he was (although as a ‘secular humanist’).

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