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There is a comment of mine on the article ‘Advice to would-be revolutionaries’ of the main site that I’d like to include here:

Recently I linked to a January thread discussing Charles Manson. But last year, in another thread, some of our best commenters also discussed Manson. The flaw in commenter Spahn Ranch’s take in that June 2018 thread was only pointed out recently in my above link mentioning Adunai, that I now quote:

No, Robert Morgan, I don’t see it. Hitler was a simple German man, nationalistic, knowledgeable, a war veteran, the re-founder of a party. Manson was a Californian cult leader (all three words disgusting). Nothing coming from America can ever inspire me. That land is devoid of all hope. It reeks of money. Stupid fat Americans.

I’m not against prisoners, but revolutions are not made by generic inmates. Revolutions are made by priest-kings, by soldier-politicians. See Kim Jong Il.

Political prisoners. Not random murderers. Those that can be put on a postcard. Not a thot-slayer with the holy swastika on his dumb forehead. I mean, the dudes with bayonets. Dylann Roof, Anders Breivik, Luca Traini. Chechar, Evropa Soberana. Anyone, a soldier or a poet, is better than a manipulator of a few morons.