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Chernobyl & WN in denial

As I said in my previous post, the way in which Christian radiation has mutated the soul of the white man is appreciated in art; particularly, in the inversion of values of the beautiful statues of Greek nudes to the Jew nailed on the cross by evil Romans.

Here we see two blond angels dressed in liturgical capes who officiate the ceremony of the Pietà together with Jesus. The painter, from the Flemish school, shows the wounds as trophies of the victory of the Jewish saviour. The painting is in the Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent, Belgium.

All the wounds of passion are remarkable, but the one of the side has found a unique echo in the mystical culture and in popular devotion. This is a detail of the picture that I reproduced above.

I confess that I have seen the recent Chernobyl miniseries more than once, even though the producers invented a woman scientist—one of the heroes of the miniseries—who did not exist in real life. Chernobyl is the series that HBO premiered once it finished Game of Thrones.

Chernobyl seems to me a splendid metaphor about the negation, in white nationalism, of the Christian problem—a negation that did not exist either in Nazism or in deceased American authors like Revilo Oliver and William Pierce.

Just as the bureaucrats of the Soviet Union denied with extraordinary vehemence that the nuclear plant had exploded (even with the victims of the radiation burned from the first day, and with witnesses who saw the hole that the explosion had left, in addition to the pieces of graphite around of the plant considering that there was only graphite structure in the nuclear reactor), most white nationalists deny that the Christian radiation is killing the white man.

That’s why my favourite scene in Chernobyl is the one when a heroic soldier goes alone to measure the level of radiation and comes back with the words ‘It is not 3 Roentgen, it is 15 thousand’.

I strongly recommend the Chernobyl miniseries to the visitors of this blog not only for entertainment. You can imagine the level of devastation that those silly Muslims would have inflicted on 9/11 if they had crashed the airplanes on nuclear plants.

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