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Promethean fire

‘The Stars are not for man’
—a quote from Karellen
Childhood’s End (novel).

The following is a response to a comment in another thread about Robert Morgan.

My take on technology is different. I believe that the human race, whites included, are not ready for the Promethean fire—technology. It’s like empowering the Neanderthals with such fire: they would only destroy the world with it. Google how tons of nuclear waste are stored throughout the world and you get a Chernobyl-like picture for the future of planet Earth!

As a mortal enemy of Christian ethics, unlike ‘universal love’ I propose the opposite: ‘the extermination of the Neanderthals’. I would summarise it by paraphrasing Jesus: ‘Many genes will be called but few will be chosen’ in the day of wrath.

Morgan has failed to answer properly what would have happened in a world where Hitler had won the war. I very much doubt that that world would be as racially destructive as our world, in which Sauron won the war. Morgan assumes that, sooner or later, a triumphant Third Reich would misuse technology as much as the triumphant Allies (Sauron).

It would be fun if you discussed with Morgan at Unz Review. He is completely anti-tech. This is how the Anti-tech article on Wikipedia starts: ‘Neo-Luddism or new Luddism is a philosophy opposing many forms of modern technology. The word Luddite is generally used as a derogatory term applied to people showing technophobic leanings. The name is based on the historical legacy of the English Luddites, who were active between 1811 and 1816’. Morgan goes further. He endorses Ted Kaczynski, a.k.a., the Unabomber, and even Charles Manson for reasons still unclear to me.

Differences aside, Morgan has a point. As Kenneth Clark observed in his 1969 television series, ‘The only people who saw through industrialism in those early days were the poets. Blake, as everybody knows, thought that mills were the work of Satan. “Oh Satan, my youngest born… thy work is Eternal death with Mills and Ovens and Cauldrons”.’

Tolkien also saw it. His Lord of the Rings was a metaphor against how industrialisation in England murdered the beloved Shire of his childhood. As a protector of the forests, I’m as outraged as Ents at the widespread felling of trees by Saruman’s Orcs.

Evropa Soberana has also complained about how technological civilisation degrades the white man and Nature itself.

And, as I have stated many times on this site, ‘The Course of Empire is a five-part series of paintings created by Thomas Cole in 1833-1836. It reflected popular American sentiments of the times when many saw pastoralism as the ideal phase of human civilisation, fearing that empire would lead to gluttony and inevitable decay’ (see the five paintings by Cole: here).

Morgan seems to be saying that only after the fifth painting the surviving whites may regain their sanity again, always provided they never, ever try to surpass the pastoralist stage. Like Overlord Karellen, an extraterrestrial visitor of planet Earth, Morgan has made it very clear that humans will never be ready for the Promethean fire.

In my second book of the trilogy I propose something different: a mutated Aryan in an Earth populated exclusively by whites could finally be allowed to reach the stars. But from the psychogenic point of view, certainly He would be an altogether different White Man compared to those we see now. I refer to the development of the soul and, particularly, empathy: including empathy towards the animals, our Führer’s dream.

Unlike the Overman, present-day humans still have the soul of a Neanderthal (‘You have evolved from worm to man, but much within you is still worm’—Thus Spake Zarathustra).

In a blog entry it is difficult to convey the idea of what do I mean by surpassing the psychoclass that most humans belong to. But you can read the first novella by Arthur Clarke to get a rough idea: Against the Fall of Night and pay special attention to the city of Lys.

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This is my criticism of Varg: railing against technology.

Had paganism not been destroyed, then science would have been kept in the temples. The pagan adepts knew that knowledge was dangerous, and that an unenlightened mob cannot be trusted with it.

In the future, science and technology must again become the exclusive domain of “the priests of the 14 words” as you put it.

Technology today is being applied to dysgenic and destructive – particularly to the environment ends, however technology could be applied to eugenic and constructive ends, was it understood solely by the priests of the 14 words.

I did not read the comment about Robert Morgan but want to make it clear Cesar that you have again hit the nail in this post about the consequences of technology.

Bravo !!!

I have been educated as a building engineer and know what the process of science and technology is. It is my understanding that Humanity is psychologically not ready for technology. It has done an inner damage to the human soul which we don t recognize as yet.

Man does not know enough of himself ( that means the workings of his mind and all the subtle levels of it ) to be able to handle technology without creating harm to others and himself.

Only when the Overman arrives we will have a decent chance to integrate technology into life.

The hidden goal of life is not material comfort or ‘the pursuit of happiness’: but the development of the soul. With the 1,600 pages of my autobiographical trilogy I’m trying to inaugurate a new literary genre that reflects this real purpose.

Technology is a pivotal part of this delusion: that men must work for more and more comfort. The product of such erroneous ideology is the extremely degenerated white man we see in the 21st century, always getting worse and worse.

Only a convergence of catastrophes that wipes out most of mankind can awaken the white man of his delusional fantasy. Hopefully, the overture of such convergence is coming relatively soon.

One cannot grow spiritually if one is ignorant of the matter we consist of. Knowing matter requires science and the inevitable outcome of science is technology and vice versa.

The alternative is to deliberately forcing one self and one’s race to remain ignorant which is a; always a disadvantage regarding the competition of existence and b, because it is mentally very unhealthy to suppress one’s inborn inquisitivenes.

There is nothing to gain by outlawing technology. Never heard of a more ridicilous notion.

My main difference with Morgan: instead of technology, from my POV the problem is man itself: a failed species. Nature usually does not give wings to the scorpion. But in the case of man it has. Since apparently Karellen does not exist in the Milky Way, a modified, improved Man has to correct Nature’s mistake.

I agree.

Current white man has sinned against creation by disregarding his Creation given right of being, and thus acting like, the highest life form on this planet by artificially ‘equalising’ himself to lower races.

However, the overman has already made his appearance, and he did what he was supposed to do. Unfortunately he was destroyed by the underman and its armies of misguided fools.

” One cannot grow spiritually if one is ignorant of the matter we consist of “… .
That is only conditionally true. The core question is : Who are you ?
Who is the handler of technology, what does he know about the workings of his mind to be able to avoid misuse.


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