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Holy wrath, 9

by Evropa Soberana

Window with portrait of Harald in a cathedral

The twilight of the berserkers

The berserkers, like all paganism, ended up falling into decay. At a given moment, probably with the advent of Christianity, the esoteric religious leadership of Scandinavia received the coup de grace: it disappeared and submerged itself in the dominant culture (see footnote of pic above). All the Germanic religiosity and its external traditions fell without impulse or direction, divided and weak, functioning only by inertia.

Since then, we have tried to distinguish between two types of berserkers: the heroic berserker, brave and loyal elite warrior in the service of a great king; and the decadent berserker, a wandering bandit given to theft, pillage, indiscriminate killings and rapes. This later figure corresponds to gangs of criminals in Scandinavia, and its signs denote what happens when male impulses—which originate on the dark side and tend, in principle, to destruction—fall outside the control granted by discipline, asceticism and will.

This type of ‘berserkers’ was described as terribly ugly, with deformed features, with only one eyebrow, dark eyes and black hair, having manic and psychopathic tendencies. Such criminals, coming from the lowest social strata of Scandinavia, wandered through the villages challenging little men to a duel.

Since by rejecting the duel they would be considered cowards, the peasants accepted for honour and self-love, and generally fell dead under the arms of the bandit. He, who was not a combatant of honour or a soldier was left with the lands of the unfortunate, his possessions, his house and his wife. In the sagas, often a noble warrior ended up killing the impostor, freeing the woman and marrying her.

In the 11th century, duels and berserkers were placed outside the law. In 1015, King Erik I ‘Bloody Axe’ of Norway made them illegal. Gragas, the medieval code of Icelandic laws, also condemned them to ostracism. In the 12th century these decadent berserkers disappeared. Henceforth, the Church cultivated the belief that they were possessed by the Devil.

A case worthy of study: King Harald Hardrada of Norway (the one who appears above in St. Magnus Cathedral at Kirkwall) as an example of the Viking world and the importance of berserkers in battles

Unfairly, Harald Hardrada usually appears in history only as a Norwegian king who failed to conquer England. Harald, a blond giant over 2.10 m., lived at a time when the Scandinavian kings were polishing the political and court arts to match their European counterparts, but he was still more in tune with the free Viking warriors of previous centuries. To this day, it seems a mystery to me why nobody has made a film about this man.

______ 卐 ______


Editor’s interpolated note: No white has made a film about this Norwegian king because the Weirwood trees were cut down long ago, so to speak. The Aryans have been worshiping a Semitic god.


______ 卐 ______

Harald Sigurdson was born in Norway in 1015. With fifteen years he participated in favour of King Olaf II in the battle of Stiklestad, against King Canute of Denmark (later also king of England and Norway). In this battle, which coincided with a solar eclipse, Olaf’s army lost. Wounded, Harald managed to escape from Norway with warriors loyal to his lineage and, in exile, formed a gang of loyalists who had escaped from Norway after Olaf’s death. A year later, having Harald sixteen years old, he and his Norwegians crossed Finland and entered Russia, where they served the great Prince Yaroslav I the Wise as stormtroopers, where Harald was made general of Yaroslav’s armies.

Two years later, the young Viking general was maintaining a loving relationship with Elisif (Isabel), the daughter of Yaroslav. When the prince, enraged, surprised the couple, Harald was forced to escape from Russia with his loyal gang, according to gossips, even raising his pants on the road.

Harald crossed with his men the Ukraine and the Black Sea and arrived at Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, where he enlisted in the Varangian Guard—the elite mercenary unit composed exclusively of Scandinavians. He became famous throughout the Mediterranean, earned the nickname Bolgara brennir (‘Bulgar-burner’); triumphed in North Africa, Syria, Palestine, Jerusalem and Sicily, and amassed an immense personal fortune from looted booty.

Over time, Harald was made head of the Varangian Guard, admiral of the Byzantine fleet (the most powerful of the Mediterranean) and was given great autonomy to independently carry out attacks against the enemies of Byzantium. Far from his native Norway, Harald and his men had become the spoiled children of a great Mediterranean empire. In his day, the Byzantine chronicles referred to Harald as ‘son of a Varangian emperor’. He was in the service of the Byzantines until 1042, that is, until his of twenty-seven years.

Harald left the Byzantine Empire with the promptness that had been usual in his travels. Crossing the Black Sea and the Ukraine, he again passed through the Kiev court and took away his old love, the daughter of Yaroslav, with whom he married as they travelled north through Russia.

In 1045, having thirty years, Harald, supported by his experienced warriors and as a military-political veteran with impressive wealth and extensive network of contacts, re-conquered the Norwegian throne as Harald III Sigurdson, reigning it for twenty years and earning the nickname of Hardrada (‘tough sovereign’). However, it seems that all this life of great deeds had not satisfied the Viking.

In 1066, Harald set his sights on England, the land that had been the fate of numerous Nordic migrations since the 5th century. He claimed the English throne, taking advantage of the fact that a Danish-English-Norwegian kingdom had existed in the past, and brought together 300 longships to face the Anglo-Saxon troops of King Harold. It was in this framework that the battle of the Stamford Bridge, in the north of England, took place.

Harald died with his throat pierced by an arrow. When one of his men asked him if he was seriously injured, he replied, ‘It’s just a small arrow, but it’s doing its job’. He was fifty-one years old. Only ten percent of Norwegian soldiers survived the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The Anglo-Saxons allowed the last Vikings to set sail in their longships and return to Norway.

The year of Harald’s death in 1066 coincides with the advent of Christianity in the North, and is considered the end date of the Viking Age.

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The decay of the Norse traditions is perhaps related to a class struggle between the warrior class against their priest class for power. Christianization gave the warrior class the excuse to exterminate the pagan priest class through calling them wizards/witches, you can read about that extermination in the heimskringla. The pagan priests who did convert were discouraged from having children.

I suspect christianization and the subsequent stifling of the sexual reproduction of the priest classes throughout latin and germanic europe was simply an expression of class envy, the envy of one social class using political and social movements to try to destroy another social class. This was particularly focused against the roman patrician classes, many of whom went into the priesthood.

The jews probably promoted christianity to weaken european, europeans likely accepted it because in their envy they saw it as a tool they could use against their aristocracy. The same thing happened with communism. Jews promoted it to weaken europe, europe accepted it to use it against their aristocracy out of envy. European envy is one of the most potent political forces on the planet, if someone can harness the force of the envy of europeans and use it for their political agenda, that is a very powerful thing.

It would be absolutely wonderful if the new warrior caste of the future ethnostate could be founded on racial preservation. That way the only guns left would be in the hands of a determined at-all-cost armed force that no priest caste could ever control. With this in mind, it is best for this system to be state-socialist. That way profiteering could never control the system as it does today.

I respect your opinion, but we have different opinions. Perhaps your approach is correct, but I blame the current situation on the fact that Europeans exterminated their priest caste through priestly celibacy. The priests of today are not even of the real priest caste, they are recruits from other social classes.

Jews are largely a priest caste and they dominate. They advice the warrior caste who consists of our politicians and soldiers. This is why presidents are always surrounded by jewish advisers. Prior to the Catholic church the political leaders of Europe had mainly gentile advisers. In England this was called Witans. The witans were eventually replaced by court Jews.

Court jews became the advisers to kings after catholicism had destroyed the bloodlines of the wise men of Europe through putting them in monasteries. Whites basically lack a social class of wise men, and the intellectual class of white americans today grew from other social classes and largely integrated into the jewish led intelligentsia that exists in america.

In the nordic world we had a social class called thyles who were responsible for remembering history and tradition. These people just disappeared from monastic celibacy after catholicism took over. The warrior class has never truly ruled and can never rule in a true sense, all they can do is act and respond. They don’t look at the world and contemplate things in a meaningful way. This is why the american military runs around doing things for Israel constantly, they are brainless. Whites need a brain social class loyal to white traditions.


It has to be pieced together but I can provide some “puzzle pieces”.

Before witans are discussed thyles should be mentioned. Thyles are another social class the catholic church exterminated:


Thyles no longer exist, they largely joined the priesthood, they were responsible for remembering poems that recounted history. The witan social classes were exterminated as well by catholic celibacy. These were advisers to the kings, they were the true rulers of europe. They no longer exist. Here is a picture of them


https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/witan the council of witans was called a https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/witenagemot

So court jews, originally brought into the court for money reasons, came to take the role of witans and advise the kings, and so royalty came to advise the kings. And now instead of kings having court jews, presidents have court jews. But we used to have gentile witan advisers.


Kings never ruled Europe. Europe has only ever been ruled by the witan advisers of the kings. Kings were always figureheads. Here are some quotes from the anglo saxon chronicle:

“The king then commanded the archbishop Theodore
tliat he should appoint a meeting of all the witan at the
place which is called Heathfield.”

“Burhred king of the Mercians, and his ‘witan,’ begged of

Ethelwald, the ethe-
ling, his uncle’s son, seized the castle at Wimborne* and that at
Twineham,t without leave of the king and of his ” witan.”

This year the army among the North-humbrians
broke the peace, and despised whatever peace king Edward
and his ‘witan’ offered them

A. 947. This year king Edred came to Tadden’s-clifF,
and there Wulfstan the archbishop and all the North-hum-
brian ” witan ” plighted their troth to the king : and within
a little while they belied it all, both pledge and also oaths.

[948, WItan over-rides there king making compensation to another king]:

When the North-humbrian “witan” understood
that, then forsook they Eric, and made compensation for
the deed with king Edred.

992 …And this year the king and
all his witan decreed that

the king and his witan decreed that they should be sent to,
and promised tribute and food

Then were all the witan
summoned to the king, and they were then to counsel how
this land might be defended.

king Henry
having sent for him by the advice of his witan,



What leads me to suspect the Europeans exterminated their own priest class out of envy and used catholicism as a vehicle for that is that the witans had real power over th eking and I suspect the king would have wanted that power.

Hence in every European folklore we have stories about knights battling evil wizards. These evil wizards would have been demonizations of the indigenous European priest class, their thyles, and their witans. From Ireland to England to Scandinavia we see the same stories: evil wizards being destroyed.

Here is something from the heimskringla history of Scandinavia.


From the Heimskringla in the “saga of olaf trygvason”, a quote that talks about the ethnic cleansing of their priest-caste:

“Then the king proceeded to Tunsberg, and held a Thing, at which he declared in a speech that all the men of whom it should be known to a certainty that they dealt with evil spirits… should be banished forth of the land…”


The only place an Indo-European priest caste survived is India, yet they as we know are very mixed race.

The image of Jesus crucified represents the self-destruction of priests, and this was used as psychological warfare against the indigenous priest caste of Europe, encouraging them to self-destruct.

The crucifix seems like a sort of curse of psychological warfare against the European intelligentsia.


Important histories

Ecclesiastical History of England by Bede
-it is written during transition from paganism and mentions some. things that are sort of pagan
History of Franks by Gregory of Tours

Spain has a German heritage too, many surnames are German such as Rodriguez which is based on Roderick, and they found runic archaeological sites in Spain as well. From my research Spaniards like French are Germano-Celtic-Latin race, biologically.

Thank you for excellent and enlightening comments!

The fact that Christianity provided the mad kings an opportunity to be ‘god’s representative on earth’ as a sole ruler and not having to cope with a set of pagan deities is more well known. It may be one explanation as to why these psychopaths (like Olav Trygvason) loved this new religion.

But the cunningness of destroying the ‘council of wise men’ by imposing the stupid catholic chastity rule for their priests was something that i had not managed to make myself aware of. The jews never practised this chastity and knew the power of the promotion of their own destructive DNA.

We should get the witans and the thyles back to the king’s ’round tables’ again, and just massacre the jewish courts.

Adam of Bremen, a late 11th century missionary and chronicler described Harald as having “surpassed all the madness of tyrants in his savage wildness…many churches were destroyed by that man; many Christians were tortured to death by him”. Adam described Harald as “the thunderbolt of the north…whom God had forsaken”. Harald distributed the treasures distributed the treasures gathered at his brother’s tomb to his followers, and had also “unlawfully consecrated” bishops in Gaul. The Archibishop Adalbert of Hamburg-Bremen sent legates to Harald to admonish him for these acts; Harald countered by ordering them to depart, stating that he knew not “of any archbishop of authority in Norway” other than himself.

Adam records a fascinating letter from Pope Alexander II, who admonished the Norwegian king, although the pope was more concerned by Harald having his own bishops consecrated rather than his alleged tyranny.

Adam at one point described Harald as having given “himself up to magic arts”.

The half-Danish Harold Godwinsson of England, was also, apparently, “a man given to magic”.

Adam of Bremen spent time at the court of the Danish king, Sweyn Estridsson in the 1070s; the Danish king, who had been a bitter rival of Harald’s, was the principle source of information for Adam’s through their private interviews. Sweyn also gave sanctuary to members of Harold Godwinsson’s family following the death of the English king at Hastings.


The Jewish advisers definitely need to be replaced with gentile witans, gentile advisers. We can see that Trump is advised by Jews. The Jewish media constantly slandered his gentile advisers like Steve Bannon, the only gentile advisers the media has accepted are those who are loyal to the jews. So we have a president Trump, but the court Jews are the true rulers:
Like wormtongue advising king Theoden(LOTR).

Some people have been very angry at Trump, but he is only a president, and presidents minds are always guided by advisers. It’s the job of us to support and praise our wise men, and help elevate them to power where they can guide our politicians. And in the modern world the witans sometimes appear in the role of talk radio hosts.

A president has to do so much during the day that he doesn’t have time to sit and think about things and watch what is going on.


I had not noticed that chess reflected this, but now that you mention it, I see the position of the bishops does reflect the role of the advisers to the king.

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