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Morgan on Taylor

Editor’s note: My most recent comment on this site has inspired me to reproduce the latest exchange of Robert Morgan with silly racialists on Unz Review:

Jared Taylor: “Whites were never asked if [becoming a minority] was what they wanted.”

Robert Morgan: They show they wanted it by their past and continued support of actions that inevitably lead to it. They support the churches who bring in non-whites to dwell among them; they elect and re-elect the politicians who put into place anti-white policies.

The argument that the racial eclipse of white America is somehow illegitimate because there was never a referendum on it is transparently false, unworthy of a man like Taylor, or at least his public persona, since he likes to present himself as the intellectual face of white nationalism. If he really doesn’t know this, he’s not as smart as he likes to pretend; if he does know his argument is false but uses it anyway, he’s dishonest and just another grifter making his living from “white nationalism”.

Rosie: “Nonsense. The two-party system is a two-headed monster, and no real choice has been offered for decades.”

Robert Morgan: Yet white people keep participating in it, voting mostly for the two parties. They have always had the option of starting their own, racially-oriented white peoples’ party, but recoil in horror from such a prospect. They could have demanded a referendum on immigration such as Taylor pines for, but haven’t and won’t, because they don’t want to be “haters”.

In short, the people have the politicians they deserve.

As an aside, I will add that I’ve just been reviewing night two of the Democratic debate. Eight of the ten candidates appear to be white, and yet all were trying to outdo each other to see who could be the most anti-white. This has also been the case “for decades”, as you put it. The vast majority of politicians who put anti-white policies into place were white themselves, as were the people that voted them into office.

This should tell us the problem is primarily cultural, not political. Two thousand years of Christian thinking has softened the white man’s brains. Politicians must go with the cultural flow, and despite a nominal secularization, that flow is still guided by Christian morality. So long as that morality prevails, even if there were a referendum, whites would probably vote to become a minority. They’d do it “for the children”, just as their Bible tells them to do, or to “welcome the stranger”, as it also tells them to do.

Bardon Kaldian: “Especially your crusade against Christianity is both comic and primitive…”

Robert Morgan: I get a laugh out of you, Kaldian. You could be a poster boy for the brain-softening effect of Christianity. Too bad you can’t answer my arguments, and instead are reduced to invective. Rabbi Jesus was counting on you…

AaronB: “While whites were Christian, they were self-respecting.”

Robert Morgan: It’s precisely because they are still Christian that they are not self-respecting. Whites are so indelibly imbued with Christianity that even white atheists accept the Christian “brotherhood of man” nonsense. Christianity was the Bolshevism of the ancient world, and as Spengler observed, Christian theology is its source in the modern world too. (“All Communist systems in the West are in fact derived from Christian theological thought… Christian theology is the grandmother of Bolshevism.” – Oswald Spengler, in The Hour of Decision.)

Robert Dolan: “Just a few decades ago whites were a confident race, proud of their achievements, convinced of their fitness to dominate the globe.”

Robert Morgan: Just a few decades ago meaning say, in 1945, when they had just finished defeating white supremacism in Europe, at the cost of millions of white lives?

Or did you mean by “a few decades ago” to go all the way back to 1865, when American whites had just concluded their first big war against white supremacy, and were in haste to make negroes citizens of their country fully equal to themselves, and grant them voting rights?

The idea that the white race as a whole has ever been explicitly united in a belief in its own racial superiority is just an hallucination; a lie. If they had been, neither of the above wars would ever have been fought, let alone won by the anti-white-supremacy side.

Robert Dolan: “Christianity is universal, while Judaism is particularist.”

Robert Morgan: That’s right. To a Christian, it’s more important that a man is a Christian than that he is any particular race. A Christian would rather his daughter marry another Christian who is non-white than marry a white who isn’t Christian. Not so with a Jew. They stick with their own, and stick together.

AaronB: “And yes, God is greater than race or biological family, and must be your ultimate loyalty.”

Robert Morgan: God is an adult version of a child’s imaginary friend, perfectly explainable in psychological terms as a coping mechanism, something weak people need to avoid the existential terror that would otherwise overwhelm them at their fate of being utterly alone in a hostile universe. The allied Christian project of trying to figure out what the probably fictional character called Jesus “really” meant is a vain one, exactly like trying to decide what your imaginary friend “really” meant or wants you to do.

5 replies on “Morgan on Taylor”

I don’t really understand Robert Morgan’s position. He really should just let white people get on with doing it to themselves. What’s it to him? Those rebels must have thrown(deliberately lost) the War Between the States because they wanted those damn Yankees to inflict negro supremacy on them. How else could white southerners do that to themselves?

@Dan-0-lee, that’s an interesting point you bring up, because while a lot of people don’t really know about this, but the South always wanted a hand (one way or another) in keeping the negro problem, a negro problem in America. In fact, the negro problem will never get resolved as long as the Borderers still have influence both at home and in the military. They basically use the negro as their dog, but also are willing to make agreements with them to use them to harm other White people and increase racial tensions, but on the street level since the Jews focus on promoting the negroes in the Media. A lot of the Borderers have also raped many negroes and created a lot of degenerate offspring from them, generations ago and even ongoing now.

The results of the American Civil War ended up crippling and depleting the Nordic stock, which is why America quickly transformed away from being a Free Republic towards a Corporate/Capitalist Democracy.

AaronB: “And yes, God is greater than race or biological family, and must be your ultimate loyalty.”

The White Race IS our God.
The continued existence and improvement of the White Race is our “ultimate loyalty” and highest priority.

That is, we see in the finest of the White Race those qualities that make us think “this is what God must be like”. It’s a message that runs through much of Greek Mythology, how some exceptional White mortals possess qualities that make us think of them as “God-like”. Or how some White mortals were so admirable in some way that they must have been the product of a union between a mortal and a God.

“The White Race is our God” is the fundamental proposition of Ben Klassen’s Creativity and William Pierce’s Cosmogenesis and David Lane’s fourteen words.

“The White Race is our God” is the revelation that strikes a white couple when they see their own new-born white child, or when any member of the white race sees a beautiful white child.

And the continued existence of the White Race is our definition of immortality.

Many American WNsts don’t base their worldviews on Pierce or Klassen. I wonder if these silly Unz Review racialists that are upset at Morgan also maintain, as Matt Heimbach did, that preventing non-whites from entering their church would be ‘Satanic’? Heimbach even had to admit that, according to Xtian doctrine, he had to accept a non-white of his church as a member of his family.

With these valiant defenders of the white race, who needs Jews?

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