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Costello on Christianity

Sometimes I wonder if some white nationalists who get their stuff published in mainstream nationalist webzines read this site but never admit they do (like those who never admit watching porn once in a while). This month for example, Jef Costello, a regular essayist of Counter Currents, said this in the comments section:

It doesn’t matter to me what most Americans think about Christianity. We have to wake up to the fact that that religion is the source of all the Leftist poison.

Emphasis added. In the very article itself, Costello had written:

It is really this that I was referring to when I said earlier that we are witnessing the climax of historical processes that have been spiraling downward for more than a thousand years.

This sounds exactly like the thesis of ‘The Red Giant’, a text originally written ten years ago.

It began with the importation into the West of the Jewish bacillus of Christianity. The Reformation began the process of denuding that religion of the supernatural and moving it toward a pure and simple moral fanaticism set against life and human nature. Leftism is just Protestant Christianity secularized and radicalized, made truer to its poisonous essence.

And this sounds like the essay by Ferdinand Bardamu, an original for this site, that has been included in the current edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.

And in the twisted, soy-fueled faces of today’s Leftists, the horror of the whole thing is finally unmasked: the great, yawning maw of the volcanic demon Yahweh, whose foul spirit devours healthy men and nations from the inside out. This is the horror’s final stage. This is the significance of the time we are living in.

Even if Costello has not visited this site, what he says above is identical to what we have been saying here.

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All my life’s searching (for truth and for the Divine) has led to this moment, and this realization.

There seemed to be something there in the NT, something true and GOOD, even though it had become clearer and clearer to me that everything around it in Scripture had been manipulated and poisoned (just like they manipulate the price of gold and silver so the fake money and stock market charade can limp on a few more years). And that the Christian institution was a trap and a subterfuge.

Who then is that benign presence (the one who rightly condemned the talmudists most vehemently) who emerged for some of us in the Jesus of the NT (in spite of all the weeds of contradiction and deliberate translation errors that got stirred into those texts over the centuries)?

There is no truth in NT, Jesus was a fictional character and even if you think the account of Rabbi Jesus fighting against his tribe is true ,that entire event is simply inter-hebrew conflict which has nothing to do with europeans .

The poison of christianity ,its religious ethics are alien to western people and their racial soul.

European spirit is malformed,schizophrenic . It was cut off at initial stage of development,christianity severed europeans from their roots, the tragedy that is unfolding today is the result of arrested development caused by imbibing jewish religion.

White man has become a spiritual Jew once he internalized the jewish faith, he cut off the umbilical cord that binded him to his european soil and cleaned his blood with unholy water during baptism.

From then on, european man has become a Jew, he always aspired to become one with Jew ( British Israelism ).

Europeans are Jews, every christian is a Jew , there are very few europeans who have a memory of their pre-christian past.

@Devan, as much as I find many of your comments to be incendiary, on this particular one I really cannot argue anything of what you put.

You pretty much summed it all up quite well.

And I have often noticed that there is no sense of lockstep “unity” and “synchronicity” between Whites these days, whereas Africans and other races get together and they all think, talk, act the same and have no problem with inter-compatibility.

The spirit of Judaism has most certainly contaminated majority of Whites on this Earth. I go to a lot of meetings, and let me tell you after exiting these meetings and saying our goodbyes (all full of mostly white people), there is never any kind of real solidarity between Whites and they all hate each other’s guts and want nothing to do with each other by the end of the day, even though coming to a meeting or event on a common ground of interest.

Hence, they are “Spiritual Jews”. It is that malformed spirit from subscribing to Jewish ideas which has made them incapable of having a compatible sense with one another.

I’m a National Socialist, and I can’t say I’ve really met any true National Socialists in my days who represent anything of our spirit and beliefs.

Pro-European people who espouse christianity and jesus have created their own personal god – that bears no resemblence to the actual teachings and actions of the christians and jesus. You can call it a “British-Israelite” creation.

Its VERY hard to break away from the only religion most of us were brought up in. My greatest fear is that christianity somehow survives amongst us after we have taken our homelands back.

That’s backward, like saying ‘my greatest fear is that the smoking habit will survive after the chain-smoker becomes healthy again’. The straight way, of course, is giving up the bad habit in order to regain health.

Even revolutionaries like Covington never understood this: the US must die as an idea. You cannot recreate Murka with its Xtianity, capitalism and feminism (as he did with his novels) and expect a different result this time.

The real problem with America is that’s not really a nation in the “traditional” sense based on blood ties. It’s a propositional nation… if you agree with the proposition you can become an American. This was problematic enough when it allowed different European nationalities to become Americans, but throw in Non-Whites and it’s become a hideous mess.

Nations/empires based on ideas and not common blood ties are like a cancer just waiting to metastasize and spread their poison. This is the exact same dynamic that always causes Empires to collapse and leave behind ruined cities and destroyed genetics. I find that Christianity is a perfect fit with the “one ring” but the one ring has been destroying civilizations even before Christianity was thought of. Look at the people left living in the ruins of great empires, it’s always ”idiocracy” in action. Western Civilization, spearheaded by America, is going to collapse the entire planet into a dark age that may never end. I’ve begun to wonder if it isn’t some kind of natural process that nature uses to protect itself from overpopulation destroying everything.

You are right it can never happen until the christian mind virus is overcome.

However it is only necessary for the revolutionaries to make that leap for the change. The majority of the masses will go along on an instinctual level that reversing the invasion by coloureds is a good thing.

The real trouble is that white nationalism is not a ‘revolutionary’ movement. If it were, novels like the Diaries and The Brigade would be huge bestsellers among them. At the essay level, revolutionary books like Toward the White Republic by O’Meara would be also bestsellers.

Mainstream WN webzines such as Counter Currents and The Occidental Observer are closer to American conservatism than to revolutionary thought. Historical essays like Soberana’s on the Vikings that I’ve been recently translating are unthinkable for them, who move within a feminized ethos for males.

And it is Christianity what corrupted the minds of secularists like Johnson and MacDonald. Both have stated that the ethnostate should not have imperial goals, let alone a goal like in the Diaries, where the world is ethnically cleansed.

Their love for the coloreds is a courtesy of the religion and morals of their parents. That’s why I regard WN charlatanry and promote something more akin to NS.


Well put! The Nazis actually often spoke about just that what you stated, and why America is far from ever being a real nation, but just a “population of people”.

In fact, the only reason America ever was able to put the tribal conflicts of Europe and other medieval issues in the backburner is from this whole promise of “Democracy” and the idea of you coming from any background, anywhere in the world and being able to make a living for yourself, regardless of your interests and lifestyle.

Well, the whole American Experiment is obviously failing and that the golden brick roads are obviously no longer in America.

So the old problems of past eras are resurfacing.

It is important to note that the mixing of genetics, and also a quite genocide on the best of Whites, has created false evolutionary theories that are swirling everywhere these days.

For example, the majority of Whites we have around us today are actually “do-gooders / people pleasers” and it is very evident that they descend from the bottom of the barrel, in which they were willing to do whatever it took to survive, not upholding honor or any virtues, which is why you never actually see a real uprising and that people pretty much are desensitized to anything and have tolerated all this nonsense that we now have today, but still have yet to see a revolt.

And yet, evolutionists will try to tout these traits as being in the interest of human survival and fitness! To be a slave and follow slave religions! As a result, I do not believe any of the evolution theories, because they are always based on false notions of human survival and changes which are not based on anything Natural, but are actually to support the interests and benefits of the controllers.

Think about it… Like with all the Jewish businesses and enterprises, and the level of disgust in these enterprises, how could any normal or upstanding Men ever have found common ground or agreement in working for these Jews?

Today, we have masses which are completely detached from anything the Jew does as long as the Jew provides the money pipeline for them.

Look at the amount of STRAIGHT WHITE people, for example, who cheer and champion the cause of the LGBTQ rights / movement. For what purpose!? Whites of superior racial stock would never be involved in that nonsense.

WWI, WWII, Abortions / The Pill, along with Media Subversion to control the minds of Whites have made a huge detriment to the cause of maintaining White Racial Stocks, and as a result, from those means, many have died off or have been unable to continue spreading their genetics.

The Jew is most comfortable and safe in both a multicultural society, and in a society where inferior genetics are the majority of the citizenry.

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