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The triumph of Christianity

These days, once again, the tragedy of James Watson, one of the most famous scientists in the world for having been one of the discoverers of the molecular structure of DNA, has come to public attention.

For having accepted that IQ is differential among human races, currently Watson is treated as a pariah in his country to the extent that he had to sell his gold medal awarded to him in the Nobel Prize ceremony of 1962.

I’ve talked about the Mexican film Roma, which is being hugely acclaimed in national and international film circles. Time magazine ranked the Mexican Indian as the best performance of 2018. This Indian woman whom the director Alfonso Cuarón used had no experience as an actress before Roma (she speaks the Mixtec language). But this Indian has been catapulted to fame by the mere fact of having starred in the Cuarón movie. She is even doing tours in the United States where, through a translator, they interview her.

In the words that the gospel attributes to Jesus, the last shall be the first and the first the last. When in 1968 I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey I imagined that in the world of the future only whites, like those that appear in the film, would conquer space and make the leap to overman (this is the message of the film that used the symphonic poem of Richard Strauss, Thus Spake Zarathustra, inspired in Nietzsche’s book of the same title). Who would have said that in the 21st century the exact opposite would occur!: the neighbouring country of the north would marginalise one of its best scientists to the degree that he suffers economic hardship and sold his medal, and it would catapult the career of a Mexican Indian whose mother tongue is not even Spanish.

The triumph of Christianity over the Aryan mind, the inversion of values that Nietzsche so much warned about, is now total: absolute.

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“Who would have said that in the 21st century the exact opposite would occur!”

As if it was not self-evident after 1945?

Still, the intelligent life on this planet has managed to put one of their own into space, a Russian (or, must I say, a Soviet).

A peculiar thing is that modern Russians are capable of hating the modern Russian state – because it destroyed the Soviet space era aspirations. Americans don’t think too much about that.

By the way, shouldn’t a proper kind of materialism encourage racism? Of course, with the baggage of non-Europe, humanity can never achieve anything beyond the bounds of the planet. But who can take the interesting solutions to this problem if all people can think of is the accumulation of money?

> “…self-evident after 1945”

It was not self-evident. How old are you?

I remember all of my childhood and early teens with movies, TV programs and American magazines where only whites were the good guys. And not ordinary whites but the most handsome whites: both men and women.

Having all-White casts means nothing. Non-Whites in movies is quite a late sign of decay. As bad as the population shrugging off homosexual parades.

It is self-evident when you take some time to think about who was successful and who wasn’t. All the least bit inspired regimes lost. Bonaparte and Hitler gave place to boring merchants.

I don’t know of any movies from the 1960s poeticizing the German who shot the last Jew of Vinnitsa. I admired the German occupation of Ukraine when I was at least. 11 And if not NS Germany, then who? All other White countries are so boring, no wonder they are doomed to death.

“Who would have said that in the 21st century the exact opposite would occur!”

When you say that the Jews engineered Christianity as a psy-op or mind virus for precisely this effect, it’s the same thing as saying they foresaw it.

IMO Christianity’s triumph will only be total if it manages to succeed in exterminating the Aryan race. Currently Aryans have a chance to survive and IF they survive long-term I’m fairly certain they will shake off the Christian virus. In that case history would read that Christianity came near to a total triumph over the Aryan race but Aryans overcame the Jewish pestilence at the last minute.

If Aryans go extinct it will be in large part due to Christianity. Christianity will likely continue to exist in the non-white world that comes after whites go extinct but the primary purpose it was originally designed for-to debilitate the Aryan mentality and lead Aryans to their doom-will have been fulfilled and therefore the religion would be a spent force though it may linger on for centuries among various third world populations.

Christianity has already truimphed, there are no aryans anymore, what you have got among white race, is decadent offspring of christians who ruined europe.

Modern whites are decadent offspring of christians who destroyed native europeans, Christians already submitted to the Jewish god, there are no Aryans left, all whites today are ” spiritual Jews”.

White genocide and destruction of western christian civilization is a good thing.


I lean toward Walsh’s interpretation of what a “total triumph” would mean because of what I just said above in this thread about the “reset button”.

That is still a possibility (back to “survival mode”) if my “prophecy” of catastrophes is fulfilled later in this century.

There will be no convergence of catastrophes, hoping for such event is similar christian belief in rapture.

What is going to happen is, whites will undergo miscegenation, the despicable whites scum will cling onto their lord Jesus till death and infect this virus into other cultures either by breeding with them or inviting them into their society ( which is already happening ).

If there is any thing that you have to pray, you should pray to Jews for they have not only conquered the whites spiritually, they made whites into willful slaves in their world conquest program.

When you see this whole picture, you will realize that white genocide is the only way out of it. Whites have lost, infact they became willful agents of Jewish agenda, there are no Aryans left, all whites today are spiritual jews, there will be no cosmic change . Degeneration and decadence with eventual death is the final nail in the coffin of whites and its worth it , not because jews played a trick but vast portion of whites wanted to be tricked.

Devan: Are you familiar with Austrian economics?

Have you watched on YouTube the courses of Mike Maloney or Chris Martenson?

The American economy will suffer soon a recession.

If you are young enough you’ll see it.

I know Austrian school, you are mistaken here, you think somehow collapse of JewSA will create avalanche of crisis across the world, i think it would not happen.

Those behind the curtain will figure out a way to move their office from JewSA or Jewrope to some other country, my guess is either china or India.

” Btw you know why every Christ Cuck especially Irish Christ cucks see Jew as a theological entity, for them any one who rejected their Jeebus god is a Jew”- You know why they think like this, because all Christians are ” Spiritual Jews”, they dont hate jews, no visceral or racial hatred. They want Jews,negroes and everyone in this world accept their Lord Jeebus, and possibly destroy all idolatry of their native cultures.

I didn’t say that the collapse of the US dollar will create an avalanche. That collapse will only be the first of the catastrophes (subsequently the world could experience energy devolution and, as a result of that, international wars).

I’d say that the Catholic Church is totally indifferent to what James Watson has to say. However, the real offence he is guilty of, is not telling libtards what they want to hear: that there’s no difference between niggers and them.

Its true that there is no difference between niggers and whites, since both of them belong to chandala class.

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