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Why Jews beat white nationalists?

Simple: because white nationalists are not supportive of those whites whom ZOG victimises.

A week ago the System crucified James Fields Jr., who is totally innocent of what happened last August 12 in Charlottesville.

For a week, through this aggregator site I waited for links to white nationalist articles that showed great outrage and renting their garments for one of the greatest judicial injustices in the history of the US. Only David Duke, and some isolated commenters who opined in the comments section of some white nationalist forums, said relevant things.

On this site I have been posting my ‘mantra question’ of how it is possible for white nationalists not to use the information that Tom Goodrich collected in Hellstorm to nuke a narrative that has demoralised whites to the point of ethno-suicide.

The lack of a healthy universal outrage among white nationalists in the US, to the extent of failing to turn their fellow citizen, James Fields, into a martyr in all pro-white forums, resolves my question.

White nationalists apparently lack the most elemental nobility to achieve the solidarity that has worked so well for our enemies, the subversive tribe. Isn’t it paradoxical that I, who am not American, find myself writing Mr. Fields—while most American white nationalists fail to offer him the least support?

Take the time to write, send books (soft cover only) or money to

James Fields 631438
Albemarle County Regional Jail
160 Peregory Lane
Charlottesville VA 22902

Saturday update:

At least Unz Review published today a lengthy article on the Fields Charlottesville trial. But it contains this unfortunate phrase: ‘He [Fields] also attached a picture of Hitler—idiotic and cringe-making…’

11 replies on “Why Jews beat white nationalists?”

In the comments sections? Perhaps.

But the point is that after a week there should have been lots of articles in the main forums elevating Fields to the category of a martyr, and with the exception of Duke—and I should have added Andrew Anglin—I failed to see them. (Hunter Wallace’s recent piece at Occidental Dissent, for example, is more philosophical about the subject than compassionate of the tragedy of finding guilty an innocent man.)

Just compare this attitude with how American Jews defended guilty Jews like those who informed Stalin about the secret of the American atomic bomb and you’ll get my point.

I’m talking about on Youtube and Twitter (those are the places I frequent). A lot of the “names” in our movement were talking about Fields. We simply don’t have as much influence as the mainstream media.

The tiny (but relentless) minority of shabbos goyim trying to use the James Fields fiasco/tragedy to promote their agenda in our midst basically revolve around two figures: Scottish hyper-shabbos-goy and former Richard Spencer associate Colin Liddel, with his blogs Affirmative Right and Trad News, and shabbos-goy-LARPING-as-a-Jew Luke Ford, with his Youtube channel.

I don’t listen to Luke Ford: a white pretending to be a kike causes a special kind of revulsion in me. As to Liddel, usually I avoid his articles or podcasts as his message against Hitler and National Socialism is also revolting to me.

Doesn’t writing letters to political prisoners put people on the FBI watch list? I’d say, doing so can safely be called irresponsible if you are preparing an explosive at home (like that weird couple in Ohio).

It’s particularly unwise if you are planning an action, but that’s hardly necessary. Charges can always be manufactured, even if no objective basis for them exists, depending on how badly the system wants to get you. Many things commonly found in an average household could be considered “bomb-making materials”, and, as in the Ohio case, could provide the pretext for the police to search your residence and possibly charge you with some crime. Just to be arrested and charged will involve you with endless hassle and expense, even if the case is later dropped or dismissed. Also, in an age of international terrorism, you can be sure that the FBI shares its information and enemies lists with its corresponding agencies in other countries. It would be a mistake to think you are safe just because you aren’t in the US. Recall, for example, the case of Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, who was accused of violating US law, and ultimately brought back to the US after the overthrow of his regime. He was tried and convicted, despite not being a citizen.

No FBI agent will do anything with a common citizen in Mexico who sends a book to James Jr. I will send him one of Goodrich’s books, with an inscription on its first blank page, as soon as I receive a donation.

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