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Uncle Sam wants you dead

I won’t add new posts over the weekend. But I’d like to note that the US government is now prosecuting four more pro-whites for the events of Charlottesville last year selectively, that is, ignoring the antifa that caused the violence in the first place.

Sooner or later pro-white Americans will realise that John F. Kennedy was right: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

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You are a regular visitor of Occidental Dissent, right? The admin of that site doesn’t buy monocausalism. This April for example he wrote:

Why were millions of Jews let into the United States in the first place though? Why were they allowed to hijack our institutions? Why were they allowed to become so culturally, politically and economically powerful? Why were they praised by George Washington who said that the United States “gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance”?

Also, Uncle Sam wanted dead those folks in Dixie in the 1860s, even before the Jews started to emigrate to America in substantial quantities.

Uncle Sam is the real villain. Kikes are only a secondary infection.

If you look historically, Whites have an absolute terrible record in multi-racial societies (long term). They always brown out eventually because they don’t think racially enough and always get sucked into some wordist nonsense like religion, politics, etc. Even before christianity this was a problem, but christianity seems to have an amplifying effect. In America, they have an obsession with the Holy Constitution. If they had thought racially instead, Jews wouldn’t have been a problem because they wouldn’t have been allowed in.

This is why I absolutely scoff at the idea that Whites can segregate themselves in a multi-racial America or Europe and survive. Whites need geographic isolation if they want to survive and the sooner people finally accept that the better for all of us. Even then, Whites will probably continue to kill themselves over religious/political differences (my holy religious book, my holy political document or some other wordist nonsense.) This seems to be a failing with Whites more so than other races.

Ultimately the fact Whites live on a multi-racial Earth has always threatened our racial purity and thus survival. This is part of the reason why Cesar wants the Whites of the future to exterminate all non-whites; because it would make miscegenation or crossbreeding impossible.

Achieving geographic isolation is harder today in the modern world than in the past. We effectively live in ‘one world’ now, nearly everywhere has been explored and modern technology makes isolation difficult. Another factor that increasingly threatens our existence is the fact that the coloured races have more children than Whites. Aided by medicine invented by white men they are breeding at phenomenal rates which could simply swamp and submerge whites with their sheer number. We should seriously look at some way to reduce their number of births back to the low number it was before colonialism transmitted to them the benefits of White civilization.

We do have to be extremely careful with our gene pool as we have recessive genes due to being more recent, more removed from the animal than the baser, dominant genes of the darker races. History does seem to show that proximity of whites to non-white coloured races means large-scale miscegenation does eventually take place sooner or later. The solution is expulsion or extermination of non-whites from a given territory. But even geographic isolation may eventually be undone and coloureds allowed back into White territory.

@Joseph Walsh. Yes. The “Madagascar Solution” would fail for the same reason. Because of Christ-Insane doctrines from the Bible that Jews must be kept alive so as to greet the two witnesses of the book of Revelation, eventually Christian Meta-ethics would cause people to feel sorry for the Jews in their island prison, and let them out. Even though the New Testament treats the Jews with disdain, nevertheless it concedes to them a divine right to exist upon this planet in perpetuity. To no other race is this conceded, neither by the new testament or the preconciliar Catholic Church. In preconciliar Catholicism, theoretically any class of heathen can be genocided, but never the Jews. Cortes once said “Gunpowder directed at the heathen is incense to God.” However , it would have been mortal sin for him to say: “Gunpowder directed at the Jew is incense to God.”

I’m convinced the only solution to the Jewish Problem is the extermination of the Jews. It annoys me to no end when WN think the extermination of the Jews is too ‘extreme’. The Jews have shown they are willing to genocide us. A large part of the reason our race is now facing extinction is because the Jews are trying to genocide us. So why is it wrong to genocide them? People propose giving the Jews Israel and corralling them all there as a solution. Can you imagine if the Jews not only allowed us to survive but even gave us our own ethnostate? It is unthinkable. Jews would happily genocide Aryans and celebrate our extinction. Yet so many Whites, even racist ones, cannot bring themselves to genocide the Jews. In that sense the Jews are superior to our race and have an advantage.

Ultimately, unless Jews are exterminated they will always play a role in Gentile affairs. If our race were to recover the will to survive Jews would just adapt and maybe return to the role of parasite (but not a genocidal parasite that kills its host, a parasitoid) they played in the West before 1933. Maybe they would ease off for some centuries then attempt to genocide our race again. I don’t know. But to have a species like the Jews bring the most noble, creative race to the brink of extinction and for Aryans not to genocide this enemy that represents an existential threat to them would demonstrate the sheer stupidity and really cowardice of Aryans. In that case I would say we definitely deserve what we get from the Jews after that (I’m already thinking we deserve what we get from the Jews now). The final solution is the only solution. That’s why it’s the final solution.

That was a good point about Christians believing the Jews have to be kept alive for the Second Coming. When I was a teenager my mother had a book by a Catholic Jew named Roy Schoeman called ‘Salvation is from the Jews’. In it he wrote that The Holocaust was a Satanic plot to exterminate the Jews to prevent the Second Coming of Christ. At the time I was into Heavy Metal ‘music’ and especially liked a sub-genre of Heavy Metal called Black Metal. The music was Satanic and I considered myself a Satanist. There was another sub-genre of Black Metal called National Socialist Black Metal where some musicians considered Adolf Hitler to be the Anti-Christ, the son of Satan in opposition to Christ, the son of God (and Nazism to be the opposite creed to Christianity). So what the Jew wrote fit quite well with what I was thinking at the time. Of course I now know there never was any ‘Holocaust’ nor even any intention to exterminate the Jews by Hitler but it is a neat fact for us anti-Christians that if Aryans do eventually genocide the Jews it would, according to Christian doctrine as I understand it, make it impossible for Jesus Christ to return to Earth. Although there never will be any second coming of Jesus Christ to Earth because Christ is a mythological figure in the first place and Christianity is a Big Lie.

> “…would demonstrate the sheer stupidity and really cowardice of Aryans.”

The lack of exterminationist passion also applies to the Alt-Right and white nationalism, and everything has to do with Xtian ethics: Let’s allow ethnocentrism for the tribe (Old Testament) while I follow universal love, including love for my enemy (New Testament).

As long as whites, atheist WNsts included, subscribe Xtian ethics, they’re doomed.

Yes, the white race is doomed as long as it clings on to Christian ethics. Christian ethics hinder our survival in the long-term, one way or another. They hinder our capacity to better our race and thrive. They have to be rooted out from whites thinking.

Like you said in your blog entry ‘Ethnosuicidal nationalists’ on the 1st January 2016, white nationalists are heading toward white extinction like kosher conservatives and white liberals. The only difference is they’re moving at a slower speed. The same racially suicidal tendencies are present just to a lesser degree. All members of the white race have racially destructive tendencies just to varying degrees. Perhaps it’s always been this way throughout the history of the white race.

Note exactly. Kemp is right that using non-white labour (since Sumer!), or gold over race policies (‘One Ring’) has been the main factor of white decline. However, the focalised passion to purposely commit ethno-suicide on supposedly moral grounds only started with Xtian ethics. Once you remove such ‘ethics’ it’s far easier to deal with the One Ring from a purely rational POV (a hindsight that the ancients lacked). Ergo this site focuses on Christianity…

According to E. Michael Jones in his The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, the official policy of the Catholic church towards the Jews was that they had the right to exist, and to practice their religion without interference from Christians, as long as they were segregated from the Faithful and not allowed to infect them with their heresies. This was the original and gravest mistake. It was like saying a colony of rats had a right to exist in your house as long as they kept to themselves. You can’t exile vermin, you can only destroy them. Whether intentional or not, the Church was responsible for what we now face. A church whose holy book has in its final chapter the destruction of the world and most of those in it to accommodate an alien race does not have your continued existence as its ultimate value.

A church whose holy book has in its final chapter the destruction of Rome (called ‘Babylon’ in the book of Revelation) and the founding of a New Jerusalem is exactly what the Anglo-Saxons did right after WW2 (this time, Germany being the new Babylon).

And they have the same fate in store for America, as we can see all around us. Once the golem is no longer needed, he has to be destroyed else he turns on his master.

The Jews figured out, at least as far back as Antiochus 4th, that whites were a RACIAL existential threat to them. Antiochus Epiphanes only saw the Jews as a CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS existential threat. He thought that if he converted the Jews to Alexandrian Civic Nationalism, and Hellenic Paganism, that the Jewish problem could be solved.

I heard one Jew kevetching that the Flavian Emperors exterminated more Jews, proportionally than Hitler’s arithmetic -defying 6 million.

The Jews will never allow whites to get into such a position again.

Whites can reconquer their minds the moment they wish. The right phrase would be, Whites will never allow themselves to get into such a powerful position again, because they are presently the worst merde that has existed since prehistory.

Indeed, Whites are deliberately holding themselves back for their own evil reasons. Whites fear their own (potential) supremacy due to their warped Christian-Marxist moral code. It is fear of Hitler and Nazi Germany that exists in the minds of most Whites, they have seen what Whites can do when they start to throw off all the Jewish brainwashing and concentrate on their own racial betterment and to most Whites today that is evil and immoral because of their screwed up anti-Nature ‘morality’. There’s Whites who go so far as to work for the extinction of their own race, something that no other species on this planet does (as far as I know). How sickening and diabolical. It is not feelings of love and brotherhood that drive White altruism toward other races but HATE towards their own kind and the desire to see their own race extinct. Basically, since WWII Whites have stopped acting in their own interest and started acting in the interests of every other race (who have become stronger as a result now they no longer have the White Man’s boot on them at all) out of a masochistic hate of their own race rooted in Christian ethics.

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