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Stranded on an island!

It’s me in Gran Canaria (Spain), an island off Africa where sometimes the wind carries the sand of the Sahara desert so atomized that it looks like mist…

Further to my post ‘It’s time to go’.

Alas, we can’t go off the island just like that. It turns out that the WordPress theme that I have been using for this site is an old theme called ‘Quentin’ that apparently is no longer available for download from wordpress.com. This means that the team of another web hosting provider who are helping me to do the migration can only use the existing WordPress templates of their site, which look pretty awful:


Tonight I emailed wordpress.com to check and see if they can provide that old Quentin theme. I hope I will receive an answer.

At any event, please bookmark the above address.

Although it looks awful for the moment, perhaps a designer I hire may fix the theme so that our new home looks as good as the present wordpress.com.

For the moment I will continue to blog here, not there. Only a handsome theme allows the visuals of this site, including the nymphs of the sidebar and other features (no nymphs, no blogging!, remember my inspiration, Dave Lane’s words).

Regarding the accident of a week ago (this site was accidentally suspended by WordPress), I would like to thank those visitors who showed moral or financial support. I also want to thank Andrew Anglin for recommending a specific web hosting provider. As a prophylactic measure if another accident happens, in addition to the above address, keep my new e-mail in your notebook:

cesartort (at) tutanota (dot) com

If you don’t bookmark the above addresses, at least remember that the last words of my Wikipedia user page will link to the active incarnation of this website.

I must finish this post with our fourteen words: That the beauty of the white Aryan women shall not perish from the Earth…!

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Right, but the point is finding a handsome design before my moving elsewhere. (WordPress has responded by the way. They no longer have Quentin for downloading.)

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