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Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Interim reading

Note of 29 September: I have removed the linked PDF because the final and reviewed MS is already ready for the printer.

Migrating the whole site outside WordPress is taking a little longer than expected.

Meanwhile, I invite visitors to read the draft PDF of the translation of Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (Christianity’s Criminal History).

I still have to read it for the last time before making it available in book form. But if a native English speaker detects any gross syntactic mistake, please let me know…

8 replies on “Interim reading”

It’s the nature of the universe that everything is destroyed, eventually.

Islam is social destruction. Destruction of science, reason, logic, democracy.

You missed my point in the previous comment: Spencer is unaware of the ISIS-like nature of Christianity right after Constantine. He not only ignores this site: he’s unaware of the explosive content of Nixey’s 2018 The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World, quoted in my prologue to Deschner’s book.

The destruction of democracy is a welcome edition to any Government.

And as for the destruction of science, reason, logic, it is clear that you are unaware of the period in which Christianity destroyed these things and Islam defended them.

Off-topic I have to recommend you, Cesar, a very important(and unknown) book: Mihail Sturdza’s The Suicide of Europe. You can find it here:


There’s a Metapedia article about this book: here. The trouble with Michel Sturdza is that he seemed to defend the West without criticising Xtianity: the same mistake that many white nationalists commit today.

The back-then Romania was very christian(and naive)! – at least the nation existed; see Codreanu’s “For My Legionaries”. The Germans still had the virus too. Very few saw as far as the Führer and his paladins, those who didn’t shouldn’t be blamed as long as their cause was noble and of the purest idealism; they didn’t have the internet after all.

However, the book has a lot to say. Fuck, realize that had Germany won WW2, National-Socialism would have really replaced religion all-over the civilized world in the long term.

White nationalists have no excuse to be as ignorant as they are TODAY because unlike the vast majority they have ‘woke up’ to some extent but do not have the guts to persevere – as the situation requires and the resources allow – so they are bound to remain stuck undefinitely.

White nationalists are purple-pilled. Their stumbling block for taking the redpill is the religion of their parents. One of the reasons I did not care to give the above draft for free is that the most substantial info about Christianity is unavailable in English. It’s imperative that this info starts to make blips on the WN radar.

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