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Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books) New Testament Racial right

C.T.’s New Testament

Disclaimer of September 12, 2018. In the below post mistakenly I used a fundamentalist order of the New Testament. In the new incarnation of this site I’ll be using Marcus Borg’s order of the 27 books of the New Testament.


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As I’ve said elsewhere, I believe that Jesus of Nazareth is a semi-legendary figure. Today I spent all day watching videos of lectures and debates with Bart Ehrman. When I complained years ago that visitors were not familiar with the studies of scholars about the New Testament, I did not imagine that ignorance was so widespread. Just yesterday and today, seeing the videos of Ehrman, I realise that only recently there has been an attempt by some scholars to pass this knowledge to the general public through the most powerful rhetorical means: the spoken word.

By the minute 30 in this video for example, Ehrman talks about what we have been saying recently with some sections of volumes II and III of Karlheinz Deschner’s Christianity’s Criminal History: that there are literary forgeries even in the New Testament itself.

White nationalists in the United States would do themselves a huge favour if they began to educate themselves on the New Testament theme from the point of view of history. For the leap from level 5 to level 6 it is essential to know the historians’ consensus about the New Testament. The biography of Ehrman himself is very didactic. He started his career as an evangelical fundamentalist, and only began to have doubts when he learned Greek to study the New Testament in a more scientific way, as the original New Testament is in Greek.

With entry 100 of Christianity’s Criminal History I finish my selection of translations for what will be the first volume in English in this abbreviated selection of Deschner’s work. A visitor to this site, who unlike me is a native English speaker, has volunteered to correct the syntax of my Deschner translation, which I will soon send him in a single Word document.

Given that The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH) is a place for white nationalists to awaken to the real world, from level 5 to level 6, and that the stumbling block is Christianity (and the neo-Christian ethos of the secular world), an idea has occurred to me.

In this article I said that the order of the New Testament of our Bibles is very deceptive. And that if we read it chronologically—that is, beginning with the oldest manuscript—it would be easier to see how the legendary layers were formed around the figure of Jesus. Why not put together a New Testament in the order in which it was written and sell it to the general public in printed form?:

Date written C.E.

1) James – 49

2) Galatians – 49

3) First Thessalonians – 50-51

4) Second Thessalonians – 50-51

5) First Corinthians – 54

6) Second Corinthians – 55

7) Romans – 55

8) Mark – 57-59

9) Ephesians – 60

10) Colossians – 60

11) Philemon – 60

12) Luke – 60

13) Acts – 61

14) Philippians – 61

15) First Timothy – 62

16) Titus – 62

17) Second Timothy – 63

18) First Peter – 63

19) Second Peter – 63-64

20) Matthew – 60s

21) Hebrews – 60s

22) Jude – 60s or 70s

23) John – late 80s

24) Revelation – late 80s – early 90s

25) 1 John – late 80s – early 90s

26) 2 John – late 80s – early 90s

27) 3 John – late 80s – early 90s

28) Thomas – as early as 40 or as late as 140?

I could read it in the order above and offer my comments on this site about each of the 27 canonical books of the New Testament.

I have added book 28 to the list, the Gospel of Thomas that the Jesus Seminar (mentioned on this site) included in The Five Gospels. The fact is that, although I numbered it as book 28, the Gospel of Thomas could have come before the old Gospel of Mark as it is similar to Q. But I place it as #28 in C.T.’s New Testament as its dating is uncertain. It is the only ‘apocryphal’ text that I would include in my collection.

The idea is not to copy and paste in WDH these 28 books. I’d only put my impressions here once I finish reading each book, and leave the 28 books for the printed version with my comments. We could call that printed book The Ordered New Testament, or something like that.

What do you think?

10 replies on “C.T.’s New Testament”

Thank you for that chronology. It will be very useful. Your efforts are admirable for one whose native language is not English.

Remember, none of these later characters had anything to do with the first century character known as “Jesus.” These are people that usurped his name and assigned him divinity, something to which he he never ascribed.

Bart Ehrman opines that Peter might have had what psychical researchers call an ‘apparition experience’, albeit a normal, not a paranormal one (in the sense of people who mourn might hallucinate a recently deceased loved one).

I don’t necessarily believe in Ehrman’s Jesus but as a true NT scholar, his opinion merits some respect—as an opinion:


Interesting that Galatians is one of the earliest books, as Galatians 3:28 contains the essence of Christian egalitarianism, and forms the basis, sans Christ, of modern-day feminism and political correctness.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
– Galatians 3:28

Now that belief in Jesus is moribund, what provides the unity? For America, it’s the government. From its Christian founders we had it that all are equal within that nation’s body politic, endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights — though of course nowadays we have learned that some are more equal than others. The government has in effect become God, as it must be in a technological society. It has usurped God as the guarantor of human rights — the existence of such rights a fiction concocted originally by English theologian John Locke, a pious descendant of Puritans who based his arguments on the Bible. Understanding this leads inexorably to the conclusion that the easiest way to get rid of the idea of human rights is to abolish the government, because if it has no power to enforce its arbitrary standards, Nature will then begin to shine forth all her natural inequalities. Racial and sexual inequalities would quickly become apparent under conditions of anarchy, and an atavistic society would be forced to structure itself around them once again. Only if technological society could reconstitute itself from the ruins would we expect the idea of universal equality to return, for it is only in technological society that it is needed and is attempted to be put into practice. It is likely though that that can be prevented.

In other similar lists, Galatians is at the top of the list (in the one I chose above it shares with James the year 49 AD). The earlier the NT texts, the nearer to the original virus that infected the Western mind.

True. But it’s important to notice that the effect is synergistic with the expansion of the technological system, since people who want to excuse Christianity will say that nothing racially bad happened to whites until the twentieth century or so. They ignore the first stages of race mixing brought about by technological expansion because they think that because whites still thought of themselves as superior to the non-whites they were exploiting, it was harmless. But race mixing is the destruction of race any way you slice it, even if it was mainly Christian slave masters screwing their slaves, or Spanish conquistadors taking aboriginal women as brides. Furthermore, we have to note the acceleration of this racial mixing has proceeded pari passu with the expansion of the system. It’s certain there has been more racial damage to the white race in the last 100 years than in all of history preceding, and it’s easy to see that will only intensify and quicken as technology continues to expand and take more and more control over modern life. The indisputable fact that the racial damage done has tracked much more closely with technological “progress” than with the initial infection by this so-called virus indicates that it is such “progress” itself that is the major cause of the change. If whites had retained the same technology they had at the time of the Christian takeover of their civilization and not initiated the mixing of races attendant to its “advance”, the virus would have remained relatively harmless.

God was always been the Jews’ preferred form of government. The Old Testament god, YHVH, was in actuality a high priest that spoke for god. He is only mentioned briefly in Genesis as “Melchizedek.” In the same manner Trump fields the slings and arrows for his priest-like, Jewish administrators, YHVH was held responsible for the high priest’s actions. Today’s YHVH is found in the form of “Lord Rothschild.” A Jew that has actually become as invisible as the Old Testament’s YHVH, but in fact serves at the top of the Jews’ pyramidal hierarchy as the high priest or kohein gadol.

Understanding this leads inexorably to the conclusion that the easiest way to get rid of the idea of human rights is to abolish the government, because if it has no power to enforce its arbitrary standards, Nature will then begin to shine forth all her natural inequalities. Racial and sexual inequalities would quickly become apparent under conditions of anarchy, and an atavistic society would be forced to structure itself around them once again.”

Precisely. No form of centralized government is the only answer to the Jews despotism and depredations on civilization. Ironically, Jews are among the first to promote anarchy. Yet they are the ones that hate the concept most as highly centralized, closely controlled governments are the only way they can maintain control. Thus, Jews use revolutionary anarchy as a vehicle to achieve their end goals of rigid, dictatorial, terrorist government like that seen in Israel today.


‘“Lord Rothschild.” A Jew that has actually become as invisible as the Old Testament’s YHVH, ‘

Lord Rothschild seemed very real to me in the 1980s. I always had my hair cut at Trumper’s in Curzon Street, and my barber was a ‘Mr David’. Jewish as I later realised, but every time he cut my hair he would proudly inform me that each and every morning he would shave Lord Rothshild.

Perhaps, but was he viewed as a godly presence holding the power of god?

My first encounter with the name was Rothschild Chocolates. Initially, I had problems reconciling the name of a chocolatier with the immense wealth and power of my more recent discovery.

Anarchy only works as a solution if it’s global and something from which the technological system can’t recover. If the system is able to recover then as it does it will impose a worse tyranny than ever.

The call for an ethnostate is itself a modified form of a call for anarchy. The independence that’s desired in an ethnostate is freedom from a larger, multi-racial government. The proponent of an ethnostate wants to secede from the state, and the individual anarchist simply carries this secession process farther, to its logical conclusion, calling for the secession of the individual from any state. Some people imagine that either of these can be done on a voluntary basis, but the trend, forced by the need of technical systems to eliminate freedom, is unmistakably otherwise, toward a global government with totalitarian control of everyone, everywhere. If anarchy comes, it will necessarily be violent, disruptive, and something the vast majority of people oppose.

“If anarchy comes, it will necessarily be violent, disruptive, and something the vast majority of people oppose.”

Spanish anarchist managed to impose their system by the will of the people without the “violence and disruption” that only came after centralized government powers moved in to oppose it.

ALL centralized governments hate and fear anarchy as it spells the end of their power. Thus, all centralized governments demonize the concept, creating an irrational fear of anarchy among the ignorant, gullible masses. The primary problem with anarchy as a form of non-centralized rule, is that anarchist have no use for a military, as standing armies are solely the product of strong, centralized government.

This was why the Jewish communist moved into Spain in the guise of the Republican forces and why Germany moved in to support nationalist opposition to the communist infiltration. The Nationalist supported the deposed Spanish Monarchy, whereas the communist ostensibly supported the Anarchist Partido Obrero de Unificación Marxista.

However, as soon as the opportunity arose, Jewish communist began slaughtering the “POUM,” laying waste to the Anarchist. The POUM was usurped by Jewish communists who still lie that it was a communist movement, when in fact the POUM was the party of the Anarchist, whom Jews have all but written out of the Spanish civil war narrative as seen by this Wikipedia entry.


This is understandable as Jewish communism was the most virulent form of centralized, government tyranny ever conceived, perhaps only now superseded by the Jews’ present form of so-called representative “democracy,” that now rule with a velvet-gloved iron fist.

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