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Ye shall know the truth…

and the truth will set you free, white man. But when it comes down to it, Kevin MacDonald is afraid to discuss the holocaust in his webzine and Greg Johnson says we should forget it—as if the genocidal system was not importing masses of non-whites under the pretext that we must atone for the Nazi sins!

I have surfed the sites of white nationalism for nine years and only today I learned that there is Castle Hill Publishers (CHP): a publishing house that specialises in revising the holocaust theme. Either I had not surfed well or the white nationalists did not mention this publishing house with due emphasis.

I think that all those who want to be free should start studying these books, especially since Amazon Books eliminated the 69 books from the CHP collection last year! Now you have to use other channels to request them. However, even if we do not have time to read them, or the money to purchase them, we are obliged to keep, in our hard-drives, the PDFs that CHP offers us on their site. As Jim Rizoli says about CHP, the time will come when not even these PDFs will be available on the web, so we should store them in our homes as soon as possible.

Nor did I know anything about the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), which I discovered today, founded by Bradley Smith (1930-2016), which seems to be merging with CHP according to the Metapedia article. I recommend a very short video that presents, in a few words, the books published by CHP (here).

Today I will begin to save everything I can from this publishing house—a house as generous as David Irving’s books, which can also be obtained for free on his site.

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Wow, Cesar. You are confessing to an incredible ignorance. And it is self-imposed. I have witnessed commenters here trying to educate you about about Holocaust Revisionism and you refused to listen to them. You already knew all you needed! It was all in “Hellstorm.” You also said you couldn’t afford to (or wouldn’t) pay for a book, but if someone sent you one as a gift you would read it.

Now you say you never knew such an organization as CODOH existed, nor about the huge body of work by the revisionists published as the Holocaust Handbooks. That is stunning ignorance of WWII history and the American-European experience, while you remain listening to Greg Johnson and Metapedia as your sole White Nationalist representatives … practically. There’s a whole wide world out there that you have ignored. The fault is not Johnson’s or Kevin MacDonald’s — it’s yours.

BTW, David Irving is not a holocaust revisionist, he is a holocaust believer. The man responsible for Castle Hill Publishing, Germar Rudolf, has himself made that clear. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.

You are mistaken.

The people that tried to ‘educate’ me never pointed out to the links I used above, only to isolated books. You are also mistaken that I read Metapedia. I only use its links.

Every day I check the ‘White Right Hub’ that links to the recent articles of quite a few WN sites, and in the past I used to visit The Daily Stormer and Occidental Dissent daily (not Counter Currents since I distanced myself from Johnson).

In the masthead’s comment of this site, together with the book advertised at the top, the most important literature that I have found to this day is properly advertised. If the WN sites have not done something similar to advertise CHP, it is not my fault that I missed it in case they do have an article on it but is now buried under tons of newer articles.

If WN and the Alt-Right weren’t fraudulent in some aspects (e.g., what I said about MacDonald and Johnson above) I wouldn’t have been kept in the dark for so long. Not even in the long discussion at The Occidental Observer years ago (that silly Johnson article) do I remember that the commenters linked to CHP.

CODOH is so well and widely known that it doesn’t require most people to see it at the top of a number of WN websites in order to be aware of its existence. And you have the wrong understanding of me to call me “White Nationalist” or “Alt-Right”. I have written many articles about the WN failure in dealing honestly/fairly with the Holohoax, with Adolf Hitler, and with WWII. But I will say that you are just as guilty of writing just as incorrectly about Adolf Hitler as they do.

I do recall a back & forth you had with a commenter here about Holocaust revisionism, with him recommending that you go to CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) when you said you had never read a book on it except David Irvings’s. You said then that Irving was the ultimate expert for you. He was exasperated because you were satisfied to remain ignorant about it. I know that person as “Joey Virgo” but he may not have used that name here – don’t remember and can’t find comments in the Search. I’ll add that the Johnson article at TOO years ago (with over 700 comments!) that you referred to, most certainly did have plenty of links to CODOH — I’m not sure if CHP was online under that name then.

In any case, White Nationalism and Holocaust-WWII revisionism are separate topics, separate issues where one does not necessarily agree with the other. I have some disagreement with both. So just because you look at some WN sites doesn’t mean you will see anything about the Holocaust Handbook series.You mentioned Jim Rizoli – he is into holocaust denial but not into WN. Ditto with CODOH and even Castle Hill. I did a podcast with Germar Rudolf wherein we talked about that.

My position has always been that WWII history and BLAME has to be cleared up first, relieving the Germans of most of the burden for what is mainly nothing more than war atrocity propaganda by the Allies and Jews, before Whites can have any success in protecting their lands for their own people.
The reason for this is because many WN’s blame or dislike the Hitler regime for the losses that White Europeans experienced and also because Hitler did not consider all Whites equal.

Your own understanding of Hitler and of other NS Germans is faulty. It really does seem that only Germans can really understand what NS Germany was all about.The others either idealize it too much or denounce it too much. If you want to know what I think of Hitler, there is plenty of it on carolynyeager.net.

You continue to patronize men even after TOO’s admin told you there that you are no new sheriff on town.

And by the way, if an unhinged commentator recommended me that organization, precisely because of his state of mind I did not consider his recommendation seriously.

Finally, I never called you a WN and never have claimed to be an NS expert.

To your last comment:

“TOO’s admin told you …” really strange thing to say. And I think you can’t read bc He actually said HE was not a new sheriff in town bc I had suggested he was. He came around and was very agreeable with me.

I speak to all, male and female, as a equal, I always intend to stand up for the truth as I know it. You have a few unhinged commenters on here, but that one (Joey Virgo) is not one of them. Very sensible person, but since you can’t confess to being lacking in any way, you pretend he’s unhinged. I can tolerate being proven wrong very easily, but seldom am. 🙂

So what are you an expert on? I would call you a dilettante in everything. That’s what most people with websites online are, just expressing their views as amateurs. But you are really artistic and sensitive, your site is visually appealing, so you have undeniable good taste. I’ll give you that.

If I remember correctly (could be wrong) wasn’t Joey the guy who got extremely upset in the comments section and promised never to comment again here? If he’s the same guy I remember, I even received emails from otherwise neutral commenters telling me he was mental. It had to be thru email so as not to add more fire to the inflamed guy.

My expertise is what I write in my books in Spanish (selected chapters in Day of Wrath). My original impetus for writing that sort of philosophy is what I now call the ‘4 words’. Most of my philosophy was already formed before I discovered WN.

Yes, Joey reacted more upset than it seemed was warranted, but that was after you had refused to acknowledge his legitimate complaints. I don’t know all that went before that. So I think he was being stonewalled by you, and that’s why he was upset. He has commented at my site many times and never acted “unhinged.” Some people call disagreement with them “unhinged.”

“Most of my philosophy was already formed before I discovered WN”

Exactly. And when did you discover Hitler and NS — in 2013 or thereabouts? That is what I really care about, not WN. WN is an internationalist idea that is not workable — as we have seen. Just look at Greg Johnson, who is more interested in money to keep up his comfortable lifestyle than in the fate of the race. He probably believes what he says, but he’s fooling himself, or should I say, being dishonest with himself.

Just today I saw this about a real White Nationalist — https://www.rt.com/news/436858-sweden-nationalist-party-hitler/ — but he is a Swedish Nationalist. And he recognizes that Hitler was a German Nationalist and good for the German people, which is all that he had to be. Europeans are not going to save you from your demons.

> “Just look at Greg Johnson, who is more interested in money…”

At last, there’s something we fully agree about. But the problem is the whole American WN approach, the failure to reject Americanism (recognize that both Mammon worship and the religion of our parents are at the very root of Uncle Sam’s betrayal of his German brothers).

No wonder César has never taken Carolyn seriously – I’ve written a single comment on her site, and she’s immediately started spouting some serious schizophrenia! According to her, humans lived 50 mil. years ago, the universe is expanding because of our physical actions, and all knowledge from the past can be accessed even if we are not conscious of it (?)! Just look at this.

One of the many things I appreciate about WDH is that you, César, never overstep your boundaries. Even if you don’t answer my moral questions, it only means you don’t talk about things you’re not sure about. Otherwise, it’s so easy to fall into insanity!

Extremely easy. That guy that she mentions really went mad here some time ago only because we agreed to disagree.

(Which question I have not answered, by the way?)

My views appear in my PDF excerpts of Turd Flinging Monkey. In a nutshell, we will need brutal patriarchy for a while after the collapse and gradually move toward an Austen-like world. If you have read that PDF you got the picture of my views.

C.T. , in my experience in South America, Iberians don’t like technical issues, to them it’s boring I guess.
That’s the reason why there are so few local industries in South America,.thus the poverty is widespread.
About the WW2, it’s essential to know the many technical aspects of the Holohoax and the military situation. About the hoax CODOH plus Rudolf, Graf, Mattogno, Kollestrom, Berg, Lindsey, Butz..are basic knowledge.
About the military situation the essential books are IMO from Victor Suvorov and John Wear’s Germany’s war.
When someone finds out that Hitler didn’t gas any Jews and he didn’t have any chance against the Soviet Union, launching Germany and its allies in a suicidal catastrophic war, someone leaves behind the fantasy land regarding the WW2.

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