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Isenheim Altarpiece

Hagenauer & Grünewald
Isenheim Altarpiece
~ 1512-1516
Unterlinden Museum at Colmar

8 replies on “Isenheim Altarpiece”

disgusting. i don’t care who lauds such stuff, cloaking their misconstrued thoughts in however great word art. a disuse of human inventions.

Rosenberg would call this work “Etruscanism.” According to him, the Etruscans, a pre-christian semitic sect in Italy had a similar morbid fascination with death and monsters.

Calling the Etruscans “semitic” is jumping the gun a bit, it is possible that they were indigenous to Italy or from Anatolia.

That is why I qualify it with “according to him.” I am merely drawing from Rosenberg’s ‘Myth.’

These damn things are meant to instill a death wish / crucifixion complex into Christians. They have been so brainwashed by the Tavistock Institute.through their TV, Radio, Print, Religion etc. They can’t see the truth and no amount of logic or reason can pull them from the depths of monotheism. No one, NO ONE. Was ever crucified. There are no artifacts no evidence ever all the way back to cave painting. Depicting a crucifixion.

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