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Charles Darwin

Heisman’s suicide note, 6

Darwin helped clarify the ethics underlying pagan worship of the warrior. The social Darwinian notion that death itself is a vehicle of goodness means the more death of the weak and the unfit, the more natural selection. The more natural selection, the more goodness and progress towards biological aristocracy. The natural justice of natural selection is progress through death. From this point of view, the soldier represents the human with the greatest virtue because the soldier is a killer.
This was the Nazi way of progress, the Nazi way of virtue.
From this point of view, it is easier to see what liberalism and traditional Judaism have in common. When liberals and traditional Jews give charity to help the poor, they are working against the natural justice of natural selection. Instead of leaving the poor to die in accordance with natural justice, they advocate a supernatural justice of preserving all life. While modern liberals and leftists tend to be more consistent than traditional Jews, both have taken the decisive step towards progress through life. [pages 153-154]
Success is Disaster
However, to follow this logic to its extreme, to consistently choose and value the weaker, is to value weakness itself. To overthrow the strong, in principle, ultimately leads one to overthrow what is strong within one’s self. In this way, radical moral integrity through rational moral self-consistency leads to rational self- destruction…
For the Zionist state to consistently empower the disempowered Palestinians at their own expense would be political suicide. Being Goliath is a problem when the moral of the story is that David ultimately wins.
The internationalism of Christianity laid the common ground for a world that has a place for the nationalism of the Jews. Just as Roman conquerors penetrated the territorial-sociobiological boundaries of the ancient Jewish state, the Jewish-based God memes of Christianity penetrated the ancient Roman world.
Christianity began a process of blunting and mollifying the deepest ethical-cultural gulfs between Jew and gentile. The penetration of Jewish genes into the modern gentile West is only a continuation of the anti-kin selective logic that began with Christianity. In other words, Jewish assimilation as individuals in the modernistic West is only a continuation of gentile assimilation to the sociobiological impact of Christianity. Both as individuals and as a Zionist state, Western assimilation of Jewish bodies was founded upon Western assimilation of a Jewish “spirit”. [pages 165-166]
The Elimination of Selection
People are material things, too, according to Darwin. To place the principle of equality at the top of a hierarchy of values is a formula for rational biological deconstruction.
The death march to the land of no egalitarian hypocrisy leads to a general trajectory of evolutionary “regression” because it leads to equality with the most simple and “primitive” evolutionary forms. It is almost like “descending” from Homo sapiens to apes, to primates, to mammals, to amniotes, to tetrapods, to vertebrates, to animals, to eukaryotes, etc., until we are lead to the very origins of life itself out of nonbiological, physical matter…
Modern equality began by dismissing the importance of biology. Ultimately, it leads to the removal of all biological factors from the equation of life until the achievement of death. [pages 184-186]
Equality would seem to implicate an ultimate trajectory of evolutionary “regression” because equal rights imply the beginning of the end of Darwinian selection. A genuine, progressive implementation of universal equal rights implies the artificial end of natural selection; the systematic unraveling of the mechanism that made the evolution of life possible in the first place. The principle of equality can thus be look at as the principle of the elimination of selection.
The opposite of the modern idea of individual rights is the right of the stronger. Individual rights tend to defend the weaker, while natural selection tends to eliminate the weaker. From some points of view, then, equal rights can be looked upon as the “progress” of genetic maladaptation.
Kin selection, for example, leads to discrimination against kinship outsiders and altruism towards kinship insiders. The moral logic of egalitarian universalism works in precisely the opposite direction, with moral preference given to outsiders over insiders. Western institutionalization of the elimination of discrimination ultimately means the systematic elimination of selection. Eliminating selection ultimately leads to internationalism and trans-species universalism. It also implies the elimination of the political as an active means of evolutionary, eugenic, biological self-control.
Insofar as Jews have contributed disproportionately to Western egalitarianism, and the end of discrimination on biological grounds, Jews have contributed to the elimination of biological selection…
Are Jews leading the entire human race towards an evolutionary dead end? Are Jews, for the sake of their own biological survival, leading the human race as a whole towards rational evolutionary self-destruction? [pages 189-190]

4 replies on “Heisman’s suicide note, 6”

“The more natural selection, the more goodness and progress towards biological aristocracy.”
Darwin sometimes argues as though evolution is teleological and moving towards ever “higher” states, but at other times acknowledges that it has no goal. For example, in his notebooks, he wrote “It is absurd to talk of one animal being higher than another”. Also, he was no doubt aware that many of the oldest, most successful forms of life are very primitive and “low” on the phylogenetic “hierarchy”. He admitted his thinking wasn’t clear on this and he wasn’t always consistent.
It’s entirely in keeping with the principles of natural selection that some type of non-white human is more fit, in evolutionary terms, than the white man, and will survive the latter’s demise. In fact, I suspect it’s not only possible but even likely that non-human species will outlast humans, and thereby prove themselves evolutionarily superior.

Hominids are actually quite recent when compared with all others. Even the pigeons which have changed since their days as the Tyrannosaurus have remained more consistent to how they have been before Hominids.

I know that I don’t have the right to type this, but can you explain the following? Do you understand that the Four Words are not Darwinian, are anti-Nature, and require the denial and recreation of Nature just as much as the Christian axiology?
Nowhere in Nature anything is said about reducing the suffering. And trying to remodel Nature according to your vision means putting Nature below you, as if you or your vision are above it. How can it be reconciled?

If I had banned you the other day it was because you said that we must not feel compassion for the Hellstorm victims, which is outrageous.
That is unrelated to the question you raise.
My solution between the 4 words and Nature (or to use Heisman’s words, those Judeo-Xtian capitalists who want AI and us who want a more humane bio world) is thru the extermination of many species, including 99% of Homo sapiens.
Heisman’s solution is too risky for reasons explained in Michael Colhaze’s LOTR artice: capital worship betrays love.
In other words, there will be a choice between Hal 9000 and Dave Bowman as to who will reach the ET civ. I side Dave. Heisman sided Hal.
My worldview is more balanced than his, especially because as a regular kike he fails to recognize Aryan beauty, not only physical but artistic (my Max Parrish world).

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