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James Mason

Siege, 28

In the October-November issue of The National Sheriff Magazine there appears an article entitled, “Posse Comitatus: Threat of the County-Based Criminal Militarists”. The article is remarkable not only because the entire front cover of that issue is devoted to it, or because it is of exceptional length, or because it reads like something from out of the “good old days of the Radical Right”, but because it focuses attention on what has to be considered a genuine ray of light on an otherwise dark and dreary scene. It was written by one Phillip C. McGuire, who is the Assistant Director of Criminal Enforcement for the BATF (the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) and so we may accept this as top-of-the-run from the System point of view.
Given within the article is the genesis of the Posse Comitatus, including the names, dates, and places relevant to its birth and development. The blazing incident involving Gordon Kahl is given the space and attention it is due. An explanation of what Posse Comitatus means and stands for (which couldn’t fail to appeal to the right kind of person) is included. The Movement accusation against the Jews is given. Familiar Movement groups and publications are listed in connection. An outstanding and highly technical listing of armament recommended by the Posse Comitatus is recreated at length.
To properly appreciate the flavor of the article it is useful to quote the final two paragraphs in their entirety:

Based on the above information, it is apparent that certain members of the PC pose a clear and dangerous threat to society. Their reported philosophy of racism, antisemitism, and their total disrespect for non-elected law enforcement officers must be a major concern to all law enforcement agencies. Care must be taken when confronting these members to ensure that we do not look upon them as “just another tax protester”. They have proven that they will injure and kill law enforcement officers in the furtherance of their cause. Recall that between February 13, 1983, and June 3, 1983, Gordon W. Kahl and other members of the North Dakota PC killed three law enforcement officers and wounded an additional three officers.
If you have any questions concerning potential firearms and explosives violations in your area or if you need assistance in conducting firearms and explosives investigations against members of these types of groups, please contact your nearest ATF office for assistance.

Vol. XII, #11 – November, 1983

46 replies on “Siege, 28”

Jews have done an amazing job grafting their schizophrenic, bicameral mind unto foolish, unsuspecting goyim. Somehow the idiots with badges who “protect and serve” the Jew fail to realize that many of the people they step on were once in uniform as well and one day they too will again be little people standing outside the system while the new uniforms step on them. Just how stupid can goyim be?
It’s fine to be psychopathic, mass murderer carrying and using heavy weaponry as just long as one wears a uniform sporting a six pointed badge while serving under the Jew’s orders. But the minute one returns to a life where there is less than total government control over their existence, they become highly suspect, not to be trusted with even a knife. This is the insanity insane Jews have foisted upon their nations of gullible goyim.
One thing the present crop of high and mighty badges will eventually be reminded of is that when confronting equally armed, dedicated opponents, they die just likes the dogs they think Jews have given them the authority to walk on.
What these uniformed fools are too stupid and ignorant to understand is the Jews don’t give a shit about them. Jews are just as happy when a uniformed badge dies as when the little people die, it’z all the same to the Jew master. After all, as their rotten, unholy book says, even the best of the goyim should be killed. As long as its a stupid goyim, badge or not, it’z goot for the Jews!

In Britain, the Police are more cowardly than Yankee Coppers. Over here, they don’t even try to act tough. Occasionally, they patrol around the streets, like school prefects. So, essentially, not really doing anything except to stop you and tell you that you can’t walk down a particular sidewalk, or to see if Somali boys aren’t stealing ham sandwiches from Tesco.
Question: How much do you hate the Police? I am genuinely curious. If your house is ransacked, would you find it necessary to call the Police?

What gives you the impression I hate the police? I was myself, at one point a uniformed minion in gubment service. I was referring to anyone wearing a uniform and/or badge, functioning under the Jews’ centralized “Homeland Insecurity” umbrella. When your life is on the line, one has to be really stupid to not have a full awareness of exactly who is giving orders from the top and what their part is in the overall plan.

“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” ~ Henry Kissinger

(Of course (((he))) never said that – (((he))) just thought it.)
The goyim ~ all goyim, especially white goyim, have to be dumber than a rock to know its the Jews and still happily march to (((their))) twisted tune for (((their))) worthless, pot-metal shekels. One does not have to look far to find how Jews treat their “friends.”
Why shucks-a-Friday, even cows know Jews will sacrifice their own mother in a heartbeat if it serves their purpose. The only people Jews will fuck over faster than their enemies are their friends and servants. The stupid goy uniforms and badges are killing the Jews’ enemy for peanuts while the Jews ordering them to do so worth billions and trillions. In the end many of these lockstep fools will suffer the same fate Jews had them meet out to others for small change.
To them I say, Wake up and smell the blood! It may just be your own.

“War is a horrible thing, a grotesque comedy, and it is so useless. This war won’t prove anything. All we’ll do when we win is substitute one sort of dictator for another. In the meantime we have destroyed our best resources. Human life, the most precious thing in the world, has become the cheapest. After we’ve won this war by drowning the hun in our own blood, in five years time the sentimental fools at home will be taking up a collection for this same hun that are killing us now, and our fool politicians will be cooking up another good war. Why shouldn’t they? They have to keep the public stirred up to keep their jobs and they don’t have to fight and they can get soft berths for their sons and their friend’s sons. To me the most contemptible cur in the world is the man who lets political influence be used to keep him away from the front, for he lets another man die in his place. The worst thing about this war is that it takes the best; if it lasts long enough, the world will be populated by cowards and weaklings and their children.” – Sept. 1918 ~ John MacGavock Grider, 1892 – 1918

After the Waco Siege, Pierce gave a speech that can be found on YouTube, called “Criminals with Badges” (referring to the BATF).
He basically said that when a group has the same amount of power as the ATF, they tend to get a little bit mean.

It seems hypocritical for Pierce — the anti-Christian and white supremacist, he of “The Day of the Rope” — to condemn the murder of a bunch of race mixing Christian lunatics, about a third of whom were non-white. This is just the sort of contradiction the right is led into when it attempts to navigate the treacherous waters of practical politics. Of course, although personally opposed to Christianity, Pierce wasn’t averse to having Christians in his organization, and the Waco incident was a good recruiting opportunity for him; something to try to capitalize on.

You have completely missed the point of Pierce’s speech.
It was not the “condemnation of the murder of Christians”. It was the condemnation of the mass murder against those whom the System deems as politically incorrect and who cannot fit in to the bubble.
I honestly don’t know how Pierce could have made that any clearer. It was not about whom specifically was killed but rather, it was the intent of the ATF: To kill those whom they thought would sow dissent and whom threatened their existence as a Police State.
The ATF were not thinking: Let’s kill these innocent White children (a lot of them were White) and the others living here because they believe in a Judaic Sect and they Race-mix and are not even properly White. The Government are guilty of those things themselves.

and the Waco incident was a good recruiting opportunity for him; something to try to capitalize on.

Do you have evidence that he was exploiting it for new members, rather than him actually being disturbed and worried because of it?
What you are doing here is similar to how Liberals accuse Golden Dawn of “exploiting” the Economic and Refugee crisis in Greece, rather than having deep concerns for their own people. Or how the NS Government supposedly “exploited” the murder of up to 48,000 German Poles in order to find an “excuse” to invade Poland. With all due respect, I expected better from you.

“You have completely missed the point of Pierce’s speech.”
I don’t think so.
“Do you have evidence …”
Just his entire “career” as a political organizer, or at least someone who aspired to be one. He tried to ignore the Christianity problem and accepted Christian members because of political expediency. Not to do so would have limited his potential support.
Beyond the hypocrisy involved in a self-admitted anti-Christian and white racist sticking up for Christian non-whites and white race mixers though, people of the kind whom Pierce the novelist was very happy to see murdered, the real problem with framing this as a political issue is that it’s a distraction from the inhuman nature of the technological system. For only in such a system could you have a dyke like Janet Reno in authority over whole platoons of murderous white men whose bloodlust was enabled by tanks, helicopters, and automatic weapons. The call for political revolution in such a system is ultimately a dead end, because it’s the technological system itself that needs to be overthrown. For all his virtues, Pierce lacked Kaczynski’s insight into technology and didn’t see that such a system will still be inhuman no matter who’s in charge; and indeed, didn’t see that things like the Waco incident are to be expected in such a system as a necessary outcome.

Spahn Ranch.
What you have done here is ignored everything I have said, acted like you are responding to me, then just said the exact same thing that I was disagreeing with as if I never made an attempt to argue against it in the first place.
I am not the politest person on this Blogsite, but I wonder to what levels this being annoying is clear to you.
My honest recommendation is to read or hear the speech again. You have missed the point, and saying ” I don’t think so” is not going to change that.
But anyway, this stuff can happen without technology. You don’t need guns, tanks, helicopters etc. to kill people on a large scale. Perhaps you do need a technological system to have a dyke like Janet Reno in charge however. I would agree there.
When you trivialise the Waco Siege down to “the deaths of Race mixers and non-Whites” you ignore all those White children who were killed for no reason whatsoever. And it was for no reason. In Pierce’s view, it as all damage control.
David Koresh himself even said on the phone during the shootout “I don’t care who you are. If someone comes to my home and starts waving their guns with my babies around, they can expect to have one shoved back in their faces – That is the American way”.
It was the motivations of the System that Pierce was condemning fundamentally.

I was unaware that Pierce admitted Xtians in his organization (source?). But even Hitler had to compromise, as any neo-Nazi politician would have to compromise in the US until Xtianity is discredited in that country.

“What you have done here is ignored everything I have said,…”
Not at all. I’m saying that the point of this speech was to get new members for the NA. To the extent you are denying that, and instead claiming that Pierce is making some kind of cri de coeur unrelated to recruitment, I’m saying you’re wrong.
Recruitment for his cause was why he did all of his numerous speeches and ADV broadcasts. They all followed a formula, first decrying a political situation, and then always implicitly (and often explicitly) urging the hearer or reader to help by joining the NA. This one was no exception. If there was anything unusual about it, it was that this one doesn’t mention Jews.

Fair enough.
But recruitment aside, I don’t think it was as simple as “the condemnation of the murder of Race-mixers and non-Whites”. I honestly think that – recruitment aside – It was more complicated than that.
But it makes no matter. What you said about it being a fault of the Technological Menace as a whole is something I am inclined to agree with.

Of course I missed it.
We have a mixture of two problems here.
1) Adunai thinks like we do deep down: That the deaths of these people was undeserved and disgusting. He is as disturbed as we are. So much so, that he is trying to rationalise the gruesome and pointless murder of all these people. I know this because I have been there. I was recently on Goodrich’s website, and on it he show pictures in his articles. One was of a German girl in her early teens. Very beautiful she was. I was dreading the context of here picture being there when I saw on the footnote “Above: Victims of Allied “Liberation””.
You can understand how such a thing makes you hate this disgusting world even more, can’t you? So what Adunai is doing is, instead of coming to terms with his hate, is trying to make sense out of a chaotic and unfair world.
While this makes sense, it is inexcusable.
2) Most likely, Adunai believes that showing remorse for the downtrodden makes him weak. He is trying so hard not to show Christian ethics that the pendulum has gone all thee way into the opposing direction. Now, everything bad that happens is to be either cheered or ignored. I don’t know why you are surprised, he showed this behaviour many times when he said “the Germans deserved it” for the minority that surrendered. And also said that the Aryans of antiquity also deserved their fate at the hands of Christianity.
I don’t know what you are referring to when you mention that Adunai doesn’t care about the deaths of animals. But it is clear that he is desperate to prove himself as not a weakling. I have been there, and it is a thankless task.
I think that like you and many others here, he has suffered greatly in the past. The difference is that everyone else here basically got over it. He hasn’t. I hope he does, for his own sake.
What you say in the linked thread “and explode his mind onto the autobiographical white pages (what I did with my tortured mind).”
Even though my “suffering” is not nearly as close to yours, I have started to do the same, but on sheets of paper.
Cesar, I am going to confess something to you for the world to see: At about the age of 14, I developed a “rape paraphilia”.
Essentially, I am sexually aroused primarily through the fantasies of the rape of women and young girls. I guarantee you this developed due to the psychological abuse from other students that was taking place at my School. It is typical of the mind to develop such forms of sadism when exposed to this type of environment.
Now, I could supress it and deny it, but what would Jung say about supressing the Shadow? The thing is Cesar, I that I would not mind it, but it most certainly becomes a problem when the feeling you get alongside the disgust is raw arousal. Why am I feeling aroused when reading this stuff? I do feel equally disgusted, but the arousal does not make it any better, does it?
So what I do is I scrawl down my hate on a piece of paper, and let my Shadow run wild, like in the book written by Robert Louis Stevenson.
I suppose we are Los Odiosos.

@ Jack,

I don’t know what you are referring to when you mention that Adunai doesn’t care about the deaths of animals. But it is clear that he is desperate to prove himself as not a weakling. I have been there, and it is a thankless task.

Before you came here once he scolded me because the compassion I feel for the animals tormented by humans. He could not understand my pity and I banned him.

I think that like you and many others here, he has suffered greatly in the past. The difference is that everyone else here basically got over it. He hasn’t. I hope he does, for his own sake.

Yes: the problem is that when you block your inner, wounded child, you start to look for ways to take revenge on innocents: e.g., other children, once you become an adult; or simply trying to insulate yourself from all legit compassion—e.g., insulate you against what made Goodrich agonise while writing Hellstorm.
Re: Rape paraphilia
There’s no anomaly from you. It’s the System what created you.
I am far older than you and even at my older age I’ve developed an extremely black humour about not only abducting Sabine women, but jokes about Zeus’ abduction of Ganymede. Does that mean that I am a closet rapist? No: because the goal of my black humour is to scare (or make laugh) adults. It’s not a humour whose target group are nymphets or ephebes: the target group are naive adults unfamiliar with a diabolical sense of humour.
But there’s more than that.
The current system has made many of us involuntary celibate, which means that the animal inside us wants vindication—not revenge on innocent teenagers, but against other adults who basically stole the women from us. So when I want to scare adult people with my black (abduction) humour, ultimately it’s a vindication against them and their feminism that, as Roger Devlin says, stole women from us.
Although I hate Freudian terms, for a long time I’ve called such humour ‘the vindication of the Id’ in the sense of getting rid of an ‘ogre of superego’ (an enforced feminism run amok). Today’s mores have robbed us from our natural instincts: getting married to avoid being burned by unhealthy desire.
This is a subject to talk personally because I dislike Skype. If visitors were rich enough we could have a nice time here in Mexico City while discussing lycanthropic issues that are hard to discuss on writing because it could be misinterpreted (remember that beast from Puerto Rico in the other thread).
P.S. Sorry but the videos you guys linked have to go.

Psychologists also say that if you harbour hatred or contempt towards those people like the Puerto Rican, then you are projecting because you deep down want to do these things yourself. I don’t know whether this is true, but it sounds like an anti-White psyop to me.
If I am my own psychologist, I would say that I fantasise about rape because, as an involuntary celibate (as you say), my mind is desperate for ways to pass on my own genes. It understands that I have not been successful with women and so wants to use all means in order to preserve the survival instinct.
I don’t like it, however, when I hear disgusting stories of the rape of White women by non-Whites, I also feel a tinge of arousal. It doesn’t help my self-esteem.
By the way, could you tell me some jokes that you speak of? And wasn’t Ganymede male?

I would never do something like what the Puerto-Rican did, even when I was younger (serial raping, murder). That’s not my fantasy. Abducting Sabines to create a family is wholly different.
Freud liked to project a lot the Jews’ sins onto the Aryans, but he’s not to be taking seriously.
Ganymede was much younger than Zeus. Remember: the objective is to scare a bit the bourgeois people I met. I’m fed up of lobotomized eunuchs. Black humor is cathartic.

The story of Ganymede doesn’t disgust me. In fact, it makes perfect sense why the Greeks who practised Pederasty to some degree would consider it as a natural part of their religion and folklore.
The Ancient Greeks were really strange people in regard to the Pantheon. They did not view the hyper-sexual stories, most of which depicted rape, as reflective of archetypes – They actually believed in those stories, and worshipped Ares and Apollo, who both practised the “casual” rape of Humans.
So, I wonder what they would have to say about such mental stress that I have.
Anyway, I would never rape a woman unless we already loved each other (married), or if they were Sabine women after the collapse (in order to create babies with them and help raise our offspring).
I suppose my Shadow has basically been beaten and suppressed by society and its anti-Human norms for so long that it has become an animal, but it will never control my actions, and I am just going to have to come to terms with it, as hard as such a thing may be. I think Jung said that the Shadow must be properly nurtured and even respected, otherwise it gets worse. But not acted upon, of course.
About Projection: I think Jung was also a teacher of this particular Freudian teaching. If he was not, or rather, if he did not believe in it to the extent Jews do, then I will just call it an anti-white psyop.

Projection of the shadow is a real thing: just remember in my post on ‘God’ how men project their traumas with their real parents onto the personal deity they created in their minds.
What is most ironical is that once you start projecting Eros in a healthy culture (Greece) actual sexual molestation diminishes, in sharp contrast to Christendom’s pederastic secrecy.
Once there’s laugher about a common fantasy it’s easier, for the common good, to repress the actual abduction and rapes. I have not written about these ideas after my ‘Gitone’s magic’ but perhaps I should do in the future.

What is annoying about Projection is that it is never made clear where Projecting begins and where it ends. The idea of God is a good example of Projection that you use, in my opinion.
I do also think that many people out there do in fact have fantasies which include murder, but they cannot except it, and so Project this onto others.
I remember my Father once telling me about how much he hated Iranians. He saw a female reporter on the News and said “they would rape her”.
In my opinion, he was Projecting in that situation.

I have not written about these ideas after my ‘Gitone’s magic’ but perhaps I should do in the future.

You most definitely should. Don’t care about people “misunderstanding it”.

I almost did not receive clever comments on ‘Gitone’s magic’, which I sent Greg Johnson years ago by the way, because the historical Greece with its myths and passions is still taboo for Americans. How many movies have they made that reflect the Classic zeitgeist? Zero. Holly-Rome is not Rome, and the same can be said of the movies that Hollywood has made about Ancient Greece.
I could advance a little here what I should write in a formal essay.
In a world where white teenagers were beautiful, if there is humour, and the issue of pederasty an open issue, a father could tell his son while laughing:

‘Beware of that Satyr! The pedagogue is notorious: he surrounds himself with young disciples because what he wants are their beautiful little buttocks. Do not accept invitations to his home. He has children but Menexes, the kid you talked to the other day in the Palestra, was so cute that he ate him and didn’t leave even the little bones of the poor thing!’

Good fatherly advice in a healthy culture but full of dangers for pretty babies… (Now you have an example of what I meant by ‘black humour’ above.)
On the other hand, in a sick culture like the Christian one, the parents send the acolytes with the seminarians without any precaution. Alice Miller says that in the story of Little Red Riding Hood the mother does not warn the girl what lurks behind the bushes on the way. The grandmother in Christian times is an accomplice to incestuous molestation (such as those in the bestseller of Sue Forward Toxic Parents).
In contrast, an open culture that mocks our low instincts is ultimately healthier than the closed culture that gives poison to Eros (cf. the Confessions of St. Augustine as a paradigm of all things unhealthy). In the whole blogosphere of the WNsts I have not seen, not even a single one, that captures the spirit of the Hellenes. Even homos don’t catch it because they like adults (something degenerate for the Greco-Roman POV).
One does not need to be a pederast to drink from classical sources and realise that the zeitgeist has not yet been recreated in novels or movies.

I think the Hellenic spirit also includes the vindication of the sexual attraction to young girls (13, 14, 15 years old). Westerners today are so repressed that they would think there is something wrong with you for thinking in such ways. That is why it doesn’t appeal to them. Plus, the many Greco-Roman myths of rape make them feel disgusted (with themselves more than anyone else).
They are still stuck in the Judeo-Christian camp: Most forms of sexuality are disgusting.

an open culture that mocks our low instincts is ultimately healthier than the closed culture that gives poison to Eros

You mean how people deny their Lust and how men in particular have their masculinity trampled upon? And by “open culture” do you just mean for pederasty and heterosexual forms of hyper sexuality?
Or perhaps you should answer in a post/essay.
And as for films: What about Iphigenia? I have not seen this film so I wouldn’t know whether it has any semblance of the spirit of Hellenism.

It’s a good film. The woman that came with me cried all the way back home after watching it on the big screen. But the director used contemporary mud Greeks to depict a tragedy written by Nordish Greeks.
José Raúl Capablanca, the only World Chess Champion from Latin America ever, mentioned in passing (was it in My Chess Career?) that he was in love with a 12-year old cute nymphette in Cuba.
You can imagine what would happen if even one of the young chess grandmasters of today (who are in their twenties) freely expressed such a passion; or in the WN forums if a man of the age of Capablanca dared to confess such a feeling…
Today’s westerners, including WNsts, have been both lobotomized and castrated mentally: thoroughly infected with the Augustinian belief that their own sexuality is perverted. None of them has grasped the extent of what I mean by ‘revaluation of all values’, which includes sexual mores.
As I said above, once you accept guilt you could become—ironically—a sexual predator, as it is so common within the Catholic Church. A culture of secrecy in that church leads directly to unhealthy pederasty (in contrast to the healthy pederasty of the Greco-Romans, when the lambs were duly warned about the wolves).

Your use of the terms “nymph” and “nymphette” reminds me to mention the Greco-Roman stories of the lusty Satyrs whose favourite pastime was to rape unsuspecting nymphs. Like I say, you can see why such things would appeal to me. Even when I considered myself a “Liberal Atheist” a few years back I always tried to resist the anti-Human pressures of society. That did not stop these pressures from inflicting some sort of damage on me, of course.
Well, I do hope you make an article or essay about this subject. I can see that it will help my mental stress surrounding all this.
By the way, what was the Greco-Roman position on young girls who engaged in Homosexual behaviour?

It was rarely mentioned (Sappho?).
A nymph is older than a ‘nymphet’, a term popularized by Nabokov’s novel. Actually, in Kubrick’s film, Lolita has already reached the age of a ‘nymph’. Only unhealthy males would not fantasize about abducting such a creature!✋??

I don’t necessarily think that it’s *strictly* Judeo-Christian to detest the multitudes of “sexualities” to he found throughout history.
I’m personally under the impression that even if permissed and scorned in the fashion which Cesar says the open practice of pederasty did not and could not have any discernible benefit outside of satisfying the lusts of a man thoroughly desensitized to all other earthly pleasures.
Alternatively I view women quite differently.
It is entirely possible for a girl to be sexually mature, or nearing such at age fifteen. Perhaps even fourteen, though the latter seems much less likely.

If memory serves Sue Lyon (see the above YouTube clip) was already 14-years old when the film production started. Obviously, she’s ready for marriage.

She certainly looks the part.
I guess to get some clarity on the issue, whenever it comes to any reevaluation of Aryan’s own sexual mores what attitude do you think ought to be taken in regards to those currently stigmatized segments thereof such as homosexuality/pederasty etc.
I find myself being thoroughly disgusted with all sexualities perceived as ‘degenerate” and rightfully so I think, but I would very much like your opinion on the issue.

Of course.
All the LGBT flag colors represent utter degeneracy, and in a healthy culture they’d be sent to concentration camps for re-education.
Curiously, the colors missing in that degenerate flag are the healthy ones: the passion for the nymphs and the ephebes, as in Ancient Greece and Rome.
That does not mean that I promote a culture of molestation. It means that, once you accept the Beast inside (the polar opposite of Augustine’s ways), you become far more in command of your base instincts.
Revaluation of all values means stopping thinking like a Xtian or a secular Neo-Xtian and start trying to penetrate the mind of the ancients before the Semitic takeover.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand why some have a passion for teens (male ones specifically)
Seeing as I’m 17, I can say with confidence that had any man, perhaps 2-3 years prior attempted to engage in any sexual contact with myself I would’ve reacted harshly. Almost certainly rather violently.
Though of course assuming Aryan sexuality is meant to merely encompass those spheres it is understandable. That which really disgusts and disturbs me is not the thought of someone preferring a beautiful young girl as a lover, as I myself certainly would, but degenerate sexual acts-many of which fall beneath the veil of so-called heterosexuality-such as masochism in men, cuckoldry and the like.
I can’t say that any man who engages in such things ought to be allowed to live or reproduce.

When I was in school, I was a lot more accepting of my strong sexual desires than the others. Because they were taught to repress their desires, they immediately called me a “pervert” and even “paedophile” after expressing sexual attraction for an English Rose of about 12 years old. I was also far more attracted to my female teachers than the others. Or perhaps, I was the only one to openly admit my desires, while they all denied them.
It is ironic, seeing as I was the biggest wimp in the school. Usually libido and aggression aid each other. Not in my case, it seems.
But honestly, I have seen girls as young as 12 who look close to being “ripe” (for impregnation).
It is extremely debated whether Sappho was a Lesbian or not. I would like to know your opinions regarding that. David Lane gives his opinions on female homosexuality (pretty girls who… do whatever it is they do).
He gave these opinions in the parts of KD Rebel which you didn’t translate, if you can remember that.

I don’t care about lesbianism because in a healthy society all women will be having many babies.
I’ll tell something a little embarrassing though. In Manchester, I fell in love with an Irish girl who eventually told me she was a lesbian.
In a sick culture, as in today’s UK, she was permitted to remain single. In a healthy culture, she’d be forced to get married. After two thousand fucks—literally 2 thousand—, she’d forget her ‘lesbianism’, especially with so many babies she’d have to take care of.
So lesbianism is not an issue. Feminized western males who allow such kind of behavior is the issue.

But it isn’t really Lesbianism. It is Nymphs who are otherwise heterosexual engaging in sexual acts. According to David Lane’s KD character “Eric”, it is normal for women to be attracted to one another at some point in their lives. The character is saying this in regards to his 16 year old “wife” who had an escapade with her female classmate.
I personally do not know on what grounds Lane is claiming that women have a sexual attraction to another at some point in their lives.
Am I getting off-topic?

I am uninterested in female psychology except to know how to control them.
But I am interested in male psychology insofar as Western males are now behaving like eunuchs.

@Jack In school here in the states everything is stigmatized. Even a man of my age would be scorned for wanting a girl of fourteen or fifteen.
Insofar as lesbianism goes I agree with Faye that it’s ultimately female rebellion against men and would go so far as to say that it is natural, and I won’t deny arousal as a result of seeing it but it simultaneously repulses me. I see it as a sign of impulsivity and if I were ever with a girl I truly loved and found her to be engaging with intercourse with another woman I know for a fact she probably wouldn’t survive the beating I’d administer as a result.
I doubt you do, but it’s worth asking
Do you have wire?

In school here in the states everything is stigmatized. Even a man of my age would be scorned for wanting a girl of fourteen or fifteen.

I am actually 16 years old, believe it or not. I was speaking to a cousin of mine who is about 40 years old (he suffers from a Peter Pan complex). I spoke to a 15 year old beautiful redhead when she visited his house (to play with his son and daughter’s dog, who are 11 and 6 respectively). She was very well-spoken and polite. She was also very modest in what she wore.
I told my older cousin that I really like her, and I would like to go out with her properly. He failed to hide his disdain at my remark, and said that it is illegal for me to be with her. You see, in the States, their are some areas where I think you can have intercourse as young as 14 – Am I talking shit? In Britain, both parties have to be exactly 16 or over. If a 16 year old has intercourse with a 15 year old, it is jail time for the elder.
So, when some other cousins of mine found out, despite their age, they tried to say that there was something wrong with me, like the written law applies to Human instinct as well. They are just too stupid to realise that this isn’t having good effects on my mental state. So, I just steer clear of those people, and don’t care if they are family.

and I won’t deny arousal as a result of seeing it but it simultaneously repulses me.

This is a feeling natural to every heterosexual man. Why do you think porn in this sphere is so popular? Men are voyeurs by nature: We are designed to be aroused when confronted with a sensual body. So, as a result we love female “choreography”. However, men don’t like seeing another man have sex with an attractive woman, as this creates strong envy and wrath as the man is stealing our prize (unless your a eunuch bitch, of course).
In “Lesbianism”, not only is such female “choreography” doubled, but the man is gone, thus relieving us of any envy. This proves to be the best aphrodisiac for Western men.
Your impulsivity added to your disgust is the same feelings I get when viewing this filth. I also feel similar when hearing stories of rape. It is not something to be controlled and you just have to come to terms with it. That is the only advice I can give. Look at my conversation with Cesar earlier in this thread to understand this “arousal plus disgust” that we are speaking of, and how it relates to myself. I might help you out – I am not sure.

and if I were ever with a girl I truly loved and found her to be engaging with intercourse with another woman I know for a fact she probably wouldn’t survive the beating I’d administer as a result.

Indeed. A woman who you are in a relationship with found being in bed with another woman can be roughly translated into: “You are not man enough for me. She gives me more pleasure than your dick does”.
So, yes, I would beat the shit out of her, and I am not a violent person, either.

Do you have wire?

Where on Earth did you think my electricity came from?

I was referring to the messaging app wire, not a literal wire, of course.
And I was under the impression that you were much older. Not only given your demeanor, which is rare but every young brit I’ve met, racially aware or otherwise was absolutely intolerable and eventually reverted into some neurotic form of Monarchism or “High Toryism’ or what have you.

I honestly cannot stand my own countrymen. They are not “men” at all. There is not a single smart one among them. To be honest, though, I don’t get out very much, so I haven’t had the chance to meet any smart Brits, if such a thing exists. I look at Sargon of Akkad and realise that he is just the manifestation of White British males.
The future lies in the females. For example, the redheaded girl I mentioned. I don’t care much for the pale-faced losers with “penises”. If the only option was to have the English Roses marry foreign White, then so be it, whether they be German, American, Danish, whatever.
I did not know that racially aware Brits cared for Toryism or the Monarchy. I know that the mindless Conservatives (my own relatives) preach all of that.
As for the wire remark, was joking because I thought you incorrectly typed “wife”. “Do you have a wife?”
Why are you interested in whether I have a messaging app?

Because I’d like to talk to you somewhere less public if possible.
And yes, those men tend to typically be very consumed with thoughts of the Monarchy and the like. A very good friend of mine, who by-and-large shared my views eventually broke with racially conscious ideology as a result of going to an Anglican church and obsessing over Toryism and Monarchism.

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