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James Mason

Siege, 29


There’s a special hatred and yes, fear, in my heart for the I.R.S. Their bloodsucking touched off a near-calamity here two years ago. Starting at that time and increasingly ever since, my wits in that area have pulled about even with the sharpness of theirs and so a red-hot confrontation with them is not in the offing. Stave the System off where possible, rip it off where possible, attack it where possible.
But this has not been the case with others—Gordon Kahl most notably. And, according to the news on television the other night, it was not the case with about eight hundred people last year alone. These were reported as violent attacks or assaults against agents of the I.R.S. As a result, the agents are now packing guns (that is if they weren’t before and as though they’d need an excuse now). “Self-defense” it was referred to as on television.
‘Robbers’ is a fitting term for them but not even ‘vampire’ approaches the depth of vileness and contemptibility they maintain. Eight hundred people defended themselves last year against what are now ARMED robbers and the System was surprised and maddened when they didn’t simply fork over their earnings without a mutter of protest.
What maddens me is why—to date—not more DEATHS on the side of the System?
The number eight hundred approximates the number of Movement hard-core members of about 15 years ago. And it takes a pretty hard-core customer to buck up against those vampires in three-piece suits! Who are these people? Where did these incidents take place? Are they all in federal prison now? They are unknown, unnamed, and most certainly unorganized.
Eight hundred is a number that can be seen as large in some respects but small in others. But these eight hundred skipped the preliminaries and came directly into conflict with the Enemy itself. That is purely revolutionary, whether even they realized it or not.
Anyway, it got on the news. Let their numbers increase a hundred-fold and the revolution will be won!

Vol. XIV, #7 – July, 1985

One reply on “Siege, 29”

When I was a Golden Dawn fanatic, I remember the Chairman, Nikolaos Michaloliakos reference the Greek hero Kolokotronis in a speech:
That it did not make Kolokotronis weep when the Turks invaded repeatedly, no, he did not despair. What made him despair was when the Turks invaded and the Greeks did nothing.

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