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Siege, 26

Terrorism redefined

Do we still happily accede to wearing just any favorite smear term the Jew System and its media chooses to hang on us (like the way Commander Rockwell did with adopting their term “Nazi”)? Or do we draw a line at how far we’ll allow these misnomers to go? Of course, to them, it doesn’t matter and neither does it matter to the sheepish masses of goyim what they call us or how we are thought of.
But it does matter to us the way we view ourselves and the nature of our struggle. We should not consider ourselves “terrorists” (anymore than we should consider ourselves “racists” even though we accept BOTH as facts of life), nor should we take it lightly when members of the Right—who should know better—refer to us as such.
We need to keep our definitions straight.
Who is a terrorist? When considering the hundreds of thousands of elderly Whites who are frightened to death inside and outside their homes on an unending basis because the System coddles and protects the criminal element officially, is that not terrorism? Brainwash and taste-making aside, when any individual knows clearly in his or her own mind that to buck the Jewish-liberal inspired consensus on everything from race to sex habits will lead to public ostracism and loss of employment, if not outright legal prosecution, is that not terrorism?
Kids brutalized and intimidated on a daily basis, year in and year out, because of savages they are forced into school buildings with because of government policy—is that not terrorism? Millions of White workers struggling against losing odds with taxes and inflation, facing loss of homes and all forms of security, oftentimes wondering where food is going to come from or where the winter heat will come from because of the official Jewish-Capitalist economy and the Mafia-style Internal Revenue Service—is this not terrorism? Yes, it most definitely IS terrorism and on a monumental scale! Worse than that, it is terrorism without the guts to present itself as such.
But just as Adolf Hitler pointed out regarding the Jewish use of the “Big Lie” technique, if you do it big enough, no one will recognize it for what it actually is. A case of the kettle calling the pot black. Because it is the System which owns and controls the media, none of the above-outlined horrors are described as what they in reality are. But let one individual or a small group of individuals dare to strike back! That, to the controlled media and softened brains of the masses, is terrorism! That gets the dirty name because it is small-scale and direct. It is a game and the game is a farce! We can expect no better from them but we must get it straight in our own minds if this struggle is to succeed.
Most of this country’s Founding Fathers believed that the rights of the White Men who built the country would be guaranteed by the “petition” and “redress” clauses written into the Constitution. But other men, like Thomas Jefferson, didn’t think so. Neither did Benjamin Franklin who accurately predicted just what shape this country would be in by the time of its Bi-Centennial with the Jews in the counting houses and the Whites toiling away like slaves. And with a sold-out government flying directly in the faces of the interests and the will of the majority, it is tyranny which rules this land today and nothing more or less. It is an alien tyranny and a Big Brother 1984-style tyranny because we don’t even enjoy the dubious pleasure of knowing or being able to SEE our tyrant.
But one thing is known: he is not White. It is a tyranny hiding under a cloak of “democracy”, a clever disguise which prevents any blame from being placed on and which allows the monster to perpetuate itself through chicanery referred to as the “two-party system”. It is true that the removal of one or a dozen goyish front men will not alter or remedy the situation. Only a TOTAL REVOLUTION can change it. But there must be a beginning, that first step in the thousand-mile journey. And the first steps are always the hardest.
When speaking of terrorism a line must be drawn between two types of terrorism: selective and indiscriminate. Some members of the Movement howl and complain over “System persecution”. True, this is an example of selective terrorism (because, I assure you, facing the System’s prisons can be a terrifying prospect) but as Hitler said, unless one picks up the daily Jewish press and sees himself slandered and vilified therein, he simply had wasted the previous day. Comrades you must expect that the System will attack but, when it does, for God’s sake, let it be FOR SOMETHING!!! No more damnable, pitiable frame-ups! Bring the attack to the Enemy!!
With regard to indiscriminate terrorism, the only difference between the prevailing conditions I outlined earlier in this segment and, for example, a Black massacre of a White settlement, is the degree of subtlety used and the time lapse. A Katanga savage with machete or an I.R.S. agent in a gray flannel suit, take your pick. Your money or your life. These methods are designed for three purposes: to cow a population; to fleece a population; or to annihilate a population. Not infrequently do all three happen, one after the other.
Terrorism is a two-way street for, as Hitler stated, the only answer to terrorism is stronger terrorism. We do face a naked tyranny here in the United States and it is employing terrorism to, first, wipe out the Whites as a majority force and, ultimately, to wipe them out as a race altogether. The System knows and we know that we are left no choice whatsoever. It is fight or die. We then are out to LIBERATE a nation from alien tyranny. It won’t be easy. When lightning is striking, blows are falling, history is turning and the stupid ones are groaning, “Oh, isn’t this violence awful?!”, we say: “To HELL with such lily-livers!! They haven’t seen anything yet.”

Vol. X, #11 – November 1981

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My anger is not due to the lack of random assassinations on account of Whitey, but the fact that not a single White man has made any attempts at successful terrorism. It isn’t that Whites do not immolate themselves, but because they are so afraid that they do not even make plans to do a thing and try to get away with it.
The System Pigs are not these omnipotent figures that the media makes out, especially in Britain. In this country they are stupid, ill-equipped (many are not allowed guns), and they have English roses in their ranks patrolling the streets – Little Red Riding Hoods desperate to use “Girl Power”. The more I think about it, the more I realise that evading the Police long enough in order to do a series of attacks (no matter how shabby) would be a piece of pancake.
If a White man would perhaps just take some time to think an attack through and plan it properly, then he would get away with it and be free to continue like Franklin did.
The commenter, Esotericisms, claims to be a member of Atomwaffen Division, for example. They are a group who claim to have aspirations for violent takeover (SIEGE is a must-read for new recruits).
What I am interested in is how to give the Pigs basically nothing to persecute us for. How could we constantly evade the law like Mason is advocating for?

I did extremely poorly in my Spanish classes in school. The more I think about it, the more I am inclined to blame it on the way the school taught me. They should have taken more time with me, in my opinion.
I used to be a big fan of a Metal band called Rammstein. I was so interested in their songs and in their lyrics that to this day I know more about the German language than I would if I had not been such a big fan of theirs.

You might want to watch my favorite director Lars von Trier’s new film “The House that Jack Built” for some inspiration on methods and tactics. I haven’t seen it myself yet, but you can check out the trailer on YT. It follows the exploits of a serial killer. Also read a lot of true crime literature. Many serial killers have gotten away with it for decades. The Zodiac killer was never found, and the recently captured Golden State killer (who was employed as a policeman at the time of the murders, btw) went unidentified for almost his entire life. He was also well-acquainted with police tactics and investigation procedures, which helped him a lot to evade capture.
As far as the killing itself goes, one can either be an efficient killer (kill quickly) or an artist of sorts and kill slowly, in a spectacular manner (kill ut se sentiat mori, as the Romans used to say — kill so that your victim “can feel himself to be dying”.) Mason was impressed with the Tate/La Bianca murders as acts of political terrorism, so I would think he’d be in the latter category.
Since, as Mason points out, the government of the USA is the most evil in all history, its servants and bullyboys deserve to die as painfully and slowly as can be arranged. Just calling them pigs isn’t good enough, as it’s mainly an insult to the pig, a creature infinitely superior to the average policeman. Under the principle of Sippenhaft, their families should also be targeted for termination.

IMHO one must reserve such levels of hatred for the day of the rope. Otherwise one risks being caught like that greedy Turk in Game of Thrones.
He won the single combat with the huge guy called the Mountain, but then he got greedy and wanted to humiliate the Lannisters in public, giving enough time for the previously fainted Mountain to catch him and press his cranium and eyes until the skull exploded.
Be content with practical feats for the moment guys! Actions like those in Pierce’s Hunter are more than enough. Let not excessive hatred obfuscate our judgment, not at this stage.

First of all, I am surprised that you like Lars Von Trier. Early last year, I saw Antichrist on Netflix. After it finished, I was sick to my stomach, confused, but at the same time, I actually liked it. I think it accurately portrayed the reality of infanticide, the horrific capabilities of Darwinism (the Natural world), and of female selfishness (and neuroticism). The House that Jack Built is n my list.
Perhaps you are being sarcastic about that Jew being your favourite Director.
I have always had a sort of admiration for Heath Ledger’s Joker. The fact that this one crazy bastard was able to cause so much havoc with some weapons, some cars, some insane goons, and some drums of gasoline. He is not a character to look up to per se, but there is something about this “immovable object” archetype which White terrorists could be incorporating into themselves. Even though The Dark Knight is just a film, I do believe that it takes only one person to collapse a Government and create complete Anarchy if they really put their minds to it.
I hope that makes sense.

“Just calling them pigs isn’t good enough, as it’s mainly an insult to the pig, a creature infinitely superior to the average policeman.”

Indeed. In another thread, a commenter made reference to how some Slavic Governments scare off the refugees by placing pig-heads-on-a-stick along the border. I expressed dismay that pigs are now treated as objects. They do not deserve to be treated this way. Even though pigs wallow in their own shit, I have more of an affinity with these creatures than 99% of the people in my life.
Did you know that pigs have such high capabilities for empathy that they can tell when any other animal, including a Human, is suffering? Get this: The pig will actually make a perceivable attempt to console the creature that see to be in any sort of pain.
The vast majority of Cops are just boots with badges.

Now you know why I want to exterminate Mexicans et al. In this country, they have put alive pigs in boiling water so that the pain makes them expel all hairs (Mexicans love eating ‘chicharrón’, the dry skin of these poor pigs).
I was about to watch a Youtube video but immediately turned it off: it’s beyond disturbing. Literally: This world is hell, and humans are the devils of the animals…

Cesar 3:08pm
I agree with what you say. Even though it is not my business to tell you how to comment, I wouldn’t even make a passing reference to that television show. I detest that show more than The Antichrist, because at least the latter is actually interesting and the sexual debauchery actually fits the plot. At least there is a plot.

I have watched three of Lars Von Trier’s films on the big screen. They’re repulsive: extremely negative messages for the Aryan psyche. Poison actually.

Certainly. I would destroy all copies of them if I had any say.
What I want to know is this: Who are these people out there who would star in a film involving not only them having unstimulated intercourse, but would act out chopping off their clitoris with scissors?
Willem Defoe who is in the film, is an actor who I grew up watching. He was in the first live action Spider-Man film playing the Green Goblin. How insane is it that the actor playing a supervillain in a silly kids’ film ends up in a scene where he is “jacked off” after having his penis bashed in so he bleeds at climax?
It just makes me “a little bit sick”. The people who write and direct these films are bad enough, but who are these actors who want to star in them?
Take A Clockwork Orange for example. It was extremely controversial for its time, especially that rape scene at the beginning. But who was this woman who would gladly star in this scene as the rape victim?
Or what about those disgusting Swedes with their erotic art films. Again: The populace is disgusted, but the actors, particularly the females, are perfectly fine with it. Not to mention that this is Sweden we are talking about, not America. I kind of expected better.
It makes you lose your will to live, doesn’t it

Decades ago, I started to wonder about the film industry when, after seeing Laurence Olivier’s splendid Hamlet, much later he accepted, in another film, the role of a Nazi archvillain in a post-war-era story. And also Peter O’Toole (starred in the classic Lawrence de Arabia) appearing later, in the 1970s, as a self-flagellating white stuck in a remote island like Robinson Crusoe.
At that time I knew nothing of the JQ of course, or that they dominated Hollywood.

Yes, the Jews can be blamed for the creation and promotion of these films, but who are these Whites who choose this? The examples you gave were just the tip of the iceberg. My beef is with those sexually explicit films like Anatomy of Hell, Bitter Moon, I’m Curious (Yellow), and Eyes Wide Shut.
The men in these films should be ashamed of themselves. They lack honour and dignity, however, it makes sense for a man more than for a woman. In your War of the Sexes you mention the similarities with Human males and Peacocks. Both attract females by showing off their physique and their abilities. The females merely have to sit down and look sexually appetising (more so in Humans).
So it makes sense why a man would want to be in films where they are having passionate intercourse with a woman, and most likely shows off his penis (in most of these films, that happens). It sends a message to the female audience of these films, and the female audience tends to actually be quite big for these things.
The women who appear in these films on the other hand (Emmanuelle Seigner as just an example. She was also “married” to Polanski – Basically sucking him off long term) are just dirty and contemptible little whores.

I mentioned a couple of actors in the 1970s just to make the point that even then I was starting to wonder about why such big stars debased themselves in such roles.
Now it’s worse of course.

Things are worse indeed. Do you think it would be a good idea to allow such people to live happily after The Shire is formed? Do you think that I would allow the men or women who would debase themselves, sexually or otherwise, in these types of films to even walk on the planet?
I certainly wouldn’t. They would be one of the many victims of The Day of the Rope.
Just curious: Why were you upset with Olivier and the others if you did not know of the JQ?

For exactly the same reason that I was shocked in Manchester twenty years ago when watching chimps & roses. You don’t need to be red-pilled to have good feelings.
And yes: actors are traitors. Recently I learned that the actor who played Peter the Apostle in the 1973 film Jesuschrist Superstar went on a lifetime porn career right after that film! (You cannot imagine the hit that film meant among white Mexicans in the 1970s.)
All are debased, white traitors of course.

In the not so distant past, actors were considered to be among the lowest class of people in society and were about at the same level as prostitutes. Now you know why.

@Spahn Ranch
“Under the principle of Sippenhaft, their families should also be targeted for termination.”
Something similar happens in The Turner Diaries. The Organisation tells a sheriff to let loose Organisation members from prison (I think that was it). The sheriff refuses and comes home to see his wife dead. The next day he is killed with a note on his body expressing justice for the murder of a member called Carl Hodges.
As you can tell, I have not listened to the audiobook in a long time. Fortunately, the entire book can now be found on the website called Fashcast.

I first listened to it in 2011, but when I actually read it I found out that I had missed many points. TTD belongs to our bookshelf if not to the furniture beside our bed.

” The sheriff refuses and comes home to see his wife dead. ”
The Golden State killer would attack couples in home invasions, first raping the wife or girlfriend in front of the tied-up man, then killing them both. If you only kill one, there’s the danger you might be doing the survivor a favor, since most marriages and relationships are far from happy. Also, if there’s an insurance policy, you might be making the survivor(s) rich. So Sippenhaft is the best policy where at all feasible.

Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker) was a bit different to that. For example, one man spoke of how Ramirez raped his girlfriend in front of him and left them both alive. To this day, both are psychologically traumatised from the incident.
I am not in opposition to what you are saying, but I will ask a question in order to understand this position better: What good does it do to kill the families as well as the target? If they get rich, what difference does it make?

I’ll let Ranch answer your question addressed to him. But I remember well this Ramírez guy: he hit the San Francisco Bay area when I was living in that area.

@C.T 3:38pm
From Eric Harris’ journal:

…the human race isn’t worth fighting for, only worth killing. Give the Earth back to the animals, they deserve it infinitely more than we do… If you recall your history the Nazis came up with a “final solution” to the Jewish problem. Kill them all. Well, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I say “KILL MANKIND” no one should survive… Deal with it. But since dealing with it seems impossible for mankind, since we have to slap warning labels on nature, then… you die, burn, melt, evaporate, decay. Just go the fuck away. YAAAAAA!!!

Okay, but you have to spare the few overmen so that they exterminate the remaining torturers (e.g., orcas torturing for hours a whale calf to eat his/her tongue).

Parlament… I recently told a friend by email that, err—well: there are things that can only be discussed privately.

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