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Civil war James Mason

Siege, 25


At this stage of things, kidding ourselves would probably prove fatal, sooner or later. I urge against taking it on the chin or “leading with the chin”, as there are violent, revolutionary types out there aplenty to get things kicked off good and proper. Blacks, every shade of color in between, not to mention fanatic Reds, etc., plus nuts and more nuts. Add to this the slowly but steadily deteriorating conditions in the country, economic and otherwise, and you have a cake baking in the oven. You don’t want your cake to fall and you certainly don’t want to get yourself burnt. Instead, you want to be around for the ICING and most definitely the EATING of the cake! (Meaning the final seizure of power and exercising of same.)
Most communist outfits share so much in common with the Democratic Party platform that they’d be stupid to start any general disorder, and they know it. Only the extreme Left can be looked to for hope in this area. Black and colored nationalists as well. The cities, where these types reign supreme anyway, will always be the first to erupt when it’s time for things to jump off. As far as the “first wave” up against the System’s Pigs is concerned, I’d much rather it be them instead of us. They’re primed and “psyched up” for it already, armed to the very teeth, and suffer no shortage of expendable manpower. And any blame would be leveled towards them in the event of a miscarriage. Wish them well.
Recall the cornerstone of the U.S. Nazi Movement’s “grand strategy” of the Sixties? Rings crazy as hell today in light of developments over the past ten or fifteen years. It involved depending upon and even HELPING the Pigs against the urban revolutionaries!! We’d be absolute idiots to attack the Pigs ourselves in any attempt to initiate something of the nature of a general rebellion.
I cannot urge strongly enough: stay out of their way; deprive them completely of any excuse to come after you. This does not mean stay legal. It means stay sane and rational. And stay alive and at full liberty, because dead or locked up you’re no good to yourself or the revolution. Let the revolutionary mobs over whom we have no control and who would also kill us take the brunt of the first, strongest System counter-attacks, and let these same numberless mobs in the cities chew the hell out of the System’s hired elite. It couldn’t happen to a sweeter bunch.
There’ll probably be more than one revolution, back-to-back. The Reds and the Blacks, because this is what they’ve preached and prepared for all along, can be expected to lead the way. In the opening days and weeks of this phase, we can watch how the System is going to react, and how well it reacts. For us to attempt the same thing in the middle of an atmosphere of order would be outright suicide. Once there exists an air of disorder, the cards will be more in our favor. And we’ll be dealing in the smaller cities and towns, the countryside, where it might be possible to take things without the massive death and destruction that will occur in the major cities. Ultimatums, backed up by very real force, handed to local governments once they’ve learned what happens to their big city brethren, might just work wonders.
Only after the System is BROKEN and DISCREDITED will there come a hope of mobilizing the masses of Whites to tackle the job of winning what will soon enough assume the characteristics of a civil war.
Until then, for the present, give the Pigs nothing to do regarding ourselves but sit and get edgy. Once the shooting starts, keep out of the way of the mobs because they only perceive us as friends and allies of the Capitalists and the System. In the opening phases of any revolution, if the Red mobs don’t get you, the Pigs will. Let them instead kill one another. Developments will progress rapidly once all central power is gone and people realize they have nothing to lose anymore.

Vol. XIV, #9. September, 1985

12 replies on “Siege, 25”

“Until then, for the present, give the Pigs nothing to do regarding ourselves but sit and get edgy…”
How I wish that my friend Jez Turner had read this page of SIEGE…

Doesn’t your endorsement of this passage from Seige rather contradict what you have been telling us in other posts? For instance, one of your rants about the Royal Wedding urged white British men to get hold of a long range rifle, if they can afford it, lest they be considered honorary “kikes”.

No contradiction: as the long-range rifle I had in mind is far beyond what the average Brit can afford. Remember: Breivik spent about half a million dollars in the logistics of The Event (I forgot the amount in Euros).

Was Thomas Mair wealthy too?
You do seem to have this habit of moving the goalposts whenever somebody tries to pin you down on the whole question of violence. Verbally, you’re as slippery as a Jew.
Jack Halliday does this too, imploring us all to do a Thomas Mair – only, he won’t be joining us because he doesn’t have the “resources”. What a shame.
I trust I’ll be receiving a card from you both when I’m locked up in prison?
It brings to mind that Canadian musical comedy sketch that can be found somewhere on the internet, which satirises those Al Qaeda terrorist recruiters who like to urge violence from others while taking minimal physical risks themselves.
One line of the song sums people like you up perfectly. It goes like this:
“We’d help you out but we’ve got flu and the gout and we’ll be back here chasing beers still alive.”
You tell white British men that they are “kikes” if they don’t carry out an assassination. When I point out the obvious contradiction in endorsing the passage above, you start acting shifty. You’re the type of person who goads everybody else, insulting the rest of us, but you always have rationalisations and excuses for why you won’t take the same risks.
Should I be suspicious or is this just a genuine POV of yours and you’re just a bit of a hypocrite?

Tom Rogers.
I see that you are still too cowardly to come at people with your real name.
You are a lonely Homosexual, so you do nothing but troll those who have the bollocks to look life in the eye. You are just resentful – Your mummy doesn’t love you and your daddy doesn’t love you, so you decided to pop along like a 5 year old who cant get his own way and talk shit.
Sad boy 🙁

It’s not him using an alias that is the problem in itself. It is the fact that he interrogates us and calls you “a slippery Jew” while hiding behind a pseudonym.

He doesn’t understand that ideally white lone wolves should not immolate themselves like Muslims do, but escape the Pigs’ retaliation; which is why I was thinking of a really expensive weapon and the training involved.
You can imagine the blow to the System if someone manages to achieve such a heroic task and managed to escape. But this guy, Tom Rogers, thinks like millions of his kind: just sit like sitting ducks and do nothing, not even quote from Mason’s book.

You okay, Tom. I just wanted to apologise. Let’s see what you spew here:
“Jack Halliday does this too, imploring us all to do a Thomas Mair”
You are a liar and you are dishonest. I never said that people should be emulating Thomas Mair. You know this and yet, due to your ignorance, continue to lie anyway.
What me and Cesar said regarding this Brit was that we respect him for what he did, but that his course of action was flawed and ultimately ineffective. And as for the wedding: Tort was not saying that people should go and shoot someone. What he was saying (and I don’t know how he could have made this any clearer) was that he was surprised at the lack of disdain among British men – Why don’t they do anything?
Explain to me: How does this excerpt of Siege fall in opposition to any of the views presented on this Blogsite?
Rogers, you can cry all day about falsely-perceived hypocrisies, but in the mean time, why don’t you tell us what you have in mind? What is your solution to all this? If your solution is to Troll websites which try to be as serious about this as possible, then you can slip a noose around your neck and stop breathing our Oxygen.

He’s not even aware that this is the 25th installment of a series; he comments as if I’m the author. What he ignores is that somehow the WordPress software detected him and sent me an automatic email message: “Tom Rogers is now following your blog”.

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