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Civil war James Mason

On Covington’s corner

Within the pro-white forums, would-be revolutionaries are starting to like Harold Covington’s plan of snatching off a northwest corner of land from Uncle Sam to create a Neonazi republic. These people are forgetting that Uncle Sam is to blame for two anti-white wars in 1861-1865 and 1942-1947. Remember that after 1945 Uncle Sam and the Russians perpetrated a holocaust of German people for a couple of years. There is no reason to assume that this time Uncle Sam will behave differently, allowing Covington’s corner to thrive in the northwest.
James Mason had it right in Siege: ‘The enemy today is the U.S. Government itself and it is, by every standard of measure, the most evil thing that has ever existed on earth. This, once it has sunk home, should be a good enough indicator of the sort of struggle we have ahead of us’.
In a nutshell, Covingtonistas are deluded.

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It is either total victory or total defeat.
There are no lengths to which Zog would not go to destroy an Aryan republic. They are so close to their end game.
The only way this state could be established is in a collapse/civil war scenario when system power is weakened and divided. Even then they would make war on us. Which would necessitate a counter response and eventually a total war against whatever remained of the USA. All the NW republic can ever be is a stepping stone to destroying/conquering zog as a whole and ultimately the entire world.

I am not the type to wait for some thing to solve everything. I won’t just wait idly by for Godot or the second coming. However, it is plain to see that the centre cannot hold. Even if Aryans die out completely, Nature will always prevail.

If Aryans do die out completely that is part of Nature prevailing via the law of Survival of the Fittest. I’m sure there’s a higher logic and wisdom behind the current world situation that I am failing to grasp. One future scenario I thought of is that after Aryans are extinct what’s left of coloured humanity is invaded and conquered by an alien species that makes the White Man seem like a gentle lamb by comparison, an alien species that slaughters non-whites on mass via slaughterhouses like non-whites treat non-human animals.
Maybe there is no hope for our cursed species as a whole and my clinging on to the survival of Aryan Man as manifesting some sort of superior Overman in the future that justifies the existence of humanity is just trying to give some meaning to my existence rather than fall into nihilism. I definitely think that with the invention of nuclear weapons and the enviromental devastation and possible extinction of Whites we are nearer the end of the human species’ existence than the beginning. I agree with the Jew Adam Parfrey and Boyd Rice that we entered into an End Times period in 1945 and an Armageddon looms on the horizon.
If Aryans do go extinct I’m doubtful a life form on the same advanced level as our race will evolve on this planet in the remaining time left before the death of the Sun. I agree with James Mason that if that is the case whatever Destiny was intended for this planet was ended in Berlin in 1945 and with William Pierce that Life will have ended in failure on this planet.
One can speculate endlessly. Totally true that Nature will always prevail though.

There is no occult meaning in history. Whites either chose the luminous side (Greece, Republican Rome) or the dark side (Christianity in the 4th century and the final stage of such infection: ethnosuicide in our times).
However, as the Jew Auster said, reversal is possible.

You need to use your imagination. The possibilities are actually endless. You are taking current trends and running them to completion as if nothing new can take form.
It has barely been over 70 years since end of NS. That is a blip historically. The jews have been working overtime since then to keep us fat and happy and distracted and ignorant. But that post war order is collapsing–we are no longer comfy and the internet has totally broken their propaganda machine.
Think about how revolutionary the internet truly is–and it is scarcely 20 years old. We have not seen the full implications. Be patient.
We are not really in danger of dying out. Loosing our cities and becoming a minority doesn’t mean we are dead. There are actually more of us than ever before.
Things only look bad if you look at it democratically. An energized and fanatic aryan minority can accomplish anything, anywhere. Cities taken over be enemies? Nuke the cities. Once the will to survive is there, we can come back from anything because there will be no rules and no limits.

@ blake,
I agree. Everybody is talking as if Aryan extinction is a done deal. But it’s not. Aryans could – and can – be the dominating race even if we are a minority. Look at South Africa, Rhodesia and in fact many African colonies, where whites ruled effortless and lived comfortably while being surrounded by an ocean of nigger apes. Quality always beats quantity.
Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany – the most beautiful country ever – proved irrefutable that without deliberately being sabotaged they can achieve what no other race can.
About the NWR. You can say what you want, but it does evoke inspiration among normies. Normies and even libtards will sooner or later realise that a niggerfree habitat means an actual paradise compare to the current situation. And the pursuing of this idea will attract a lot of opposition from the enemy, which will only openly expose them to normies, because what is so evil about a white homeland?
The jew is as primitive and lazy as the nigger is. The ONLY actual intelligent thing it has invented is usury. And that has proved to be a temptation too strong for our traitor elites, which is the jew’s only source of power.
When all classes are united, something the Fuhrer actually accomplished, then nobody could ever dream of touching us. So indeed, it seems a battle for the mind. Eradicating Christian ethics from the Aryan mind is absolutely crucial for this to succeed.

Covington’s fictional republic used truck mounted laser beams to shoot down American bombers (America never utilized land or sea missiles, apparently). This is fucking insane, and forms the crux of whether or not the nascent republic would survive. Deus Ex Machina (quite literally here) is not a reality-based solution. The Regime would absolutely nuke the White Republic if it lacked a nuclear deterrent. Remember that only an early surrender spared Germany from the atom bomb. If memory serves, further retaliation was avoided by stabbing Hunter Wallace (!) with a pencil.

I saw that. Perhaps Covington could’ve learned something from Pierce instead of defaming him in his novels.

Blake is correct, There are no lengths to which Zog would not go to destroy an Aryan republic. They are so close to their end game. thinking otherwise is not rational. just like neo nazi has zilch to do with national socialism. rather, so utterly obvious skinheads and neonazis are hollywood fueled inventions for spectacle-driven advertising income.
utter nonsense. cov may as well nail 95 theses on the doors of United States Capitol.

Messr. Jake and Halliday,
I suggest you adopt a more positive aproach to Harold Covington.
As Covington righty boasts “…at least I has a plan.”
What’s your plan?
If your “plan” is just to sit on the sidelines and moan while we wait for the tribe to put us in shackles, that does not cut the mustard.

@ Edward,
Look at it this way: If the American government committed a true holocaust of Germans in 1945-1947, once the Germans had surrendered, what guarantee do you have that they will not do it again, this time on their own soil?
To gather the cream of white nationalists, the dream of Covington, in a few Northwest cities and towns is ideal to nuke them. For now, we are more invulnerable watered throughout America and Europe than in a specific spot.
If the Aryans are to have a state on this continent again, that state must exist over the dead body of Uncle Sam. There is no way that he will allow a state within his State, especially if the neo-Nazi state lacks atomic bombs.
Think of the Third Reich. Uncle Sam sided Stalin when the Germans had done nothing to Uncle Sam. You can already imagine how Sam would react if some neo-Nazis humiliated him by taking land from him.
Do you want an ethnostate? Over the body of Uncle Sam. Only in fiction will a ‘gun bunny’ stab US president Hunter Wallace right before he nukes the Neo-Nazi republic…

Another utterly hilarious thing is that Covington’s NW Republic would sit atop the Yellowstone supervolcano. It would be literally a death camp.
We already have ethnostates – central Europe. And they’re equally useless without nukes and anti-feminism.

The Turner Diaries does the trick (hostile takeover of Uncle Sam’s nukes). Covington’s non-exteminationist quintet, on the other hand, is still rooted in Xtian ethics.

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