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Der Antichrist (book) Evropa Soberana (webzine) Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Friedrich Nietzsche

2018 preface

The ultimate conclusion

Compared to the previous editions, in this 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, I have eliminated my introductory remarks to each chapter and also a dozen essays. Only the texts that have caused a considerable impact on my worldview have remained. The first two pieces, especially Andrew Hamilton’s, explain the baffling phenomenon of Aryan ethnosuicide. However, I must say that I not only abridged Hamilton’s piece for this collection but other essays as well.
Any regular visitor to my blog The West’s Darkest Hour knows my witches’ brew metaphor to explain White decline: Hardwired characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times such as individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism, plus the cultural ‘software’ of materialism and Judeo-Christian ethics—ironically, strengthened after the French Revolution—, together with the Nazi myth after the Second World War (cf. the first article of this collection), have created a lethal brew for the White peoples.
In this compilation, there are two texts that may be considered as the antidote for the brew. The first one, a book review by J.A. Sexton of Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, informs us about a Dantesque, heart-breaking Holocaust committed by the Allies on the Germans even after the war was over.
The second is a translation from Spanish of an online book authored by a Catalonian blogger who uses the penname Evropa Soberana. No single text has produced such eureka moment in my intellectual life as Rome contra Judea; Judea contra Rome. Compared to this redpill, the output from the pro-White webzines looks purple: palliative meds between the bluepill and the redpill because the editors are still sleeping in the matrix of Judeo-Christian ethics.
Rome contra Judea is only one of several translated texts of Evropa Soberana that appear here. I did some modifications to Soberana’s texts and even took the liberty to correct some errors and add a few phrases of my own, as explained in the footnotes. For example, in Soberana’s quotation of § 24 from Nietzsche’s The Antichrist I added another phrase from the same § 24 that shows the gulf between White nationalists and us:

Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.

White nationalists, who also coined the phrase Alt-Right, ignore that those Whites who worship the god of the Jews are, ultimately, ethnosuicidal. From our point of view, unless and until they, including the atheists, reject Judeo-Christian ethics, ‘Judea’—the Jews in the Diaspora—will continue to be winning over ‘Rome’—the native Aryans. Any racist under the illusion that he is red-pilled would do well to read Soberana’s translated essays.
Charles Darwin predicted that blacks would be exterminated in the future. Alas, precisely because of subscribing Christian ethics, it is Whites, including the advocates of the Alt-Right, the ones who are heading toward extinction. After World War II the members of the White population have drunk the brew with such fanaticism that their cognitive processes can only be diagnosed as a folie en masse. It is my hope that, when reaching the last page of this book, the Aryan reader will have the motive to revalue his values back to the hard ethos of ancient Rome. That is the price to save the race.
Transvaluation of all values!

February 2018

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Thank you. But now Amazon has sent me an email, today, saying they have second thoughts of allowing it within my CreateSpace account!
I will think of something if I don’t get a printer for this book…

If it may be of any assistance to you in such a delay, more meticulously, “Alternative Right” was coined by the Jewish paleoconservative Paul Gottfried who has been credited as being Richard Spencer’s mentor.

I wouldn’t place any hope in the White masses awakening from their folie en masse even when the threat of racial extinction is imminent. If our race is to survive our redemption will have to somewhow come from the minority of racist Aryans. If the movement doesn’t get its act together within the next 80 years it is extremely likely our race will be doomed to extinction.
Those Aryan Men in possession of the uncompromised truth must form the leadership of our folk otherwise our people will continue to be misled by Christian retard moderates like those in White Nationalism. I’ve noticed those with the most ‘extreme’ views (i.e. with an ideology closest to the truth) also propose using the most revolutionary methods. These men are the natural leaders of our race and when our race reaches crisis point it is the most extreme people who willl provide the solution to our dilemma, not the moderates.

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