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Parkland massacre

‘In a society that has lactating trannies breastfeeding adopted niglettes it’s no surprise that you have mass shootings in schools’.

—OD commenter.

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The “Columbine Syndrome” of the 21st Century is solely a concoction of the current exacerbated stage of postmodernism, with the United States being the primary lab rat for the multicultural project. I don’t recall any kids going Rambo in National Socialist Germany.
I haven’t looked into the event but it’s nothing but redundancy, so I’m not to sure if it’s worth the investigation. An expected (at this point) repercussion from the current system.

The Jews will continue to push until they destroy or are destroyed. It’z their nature; it’z what they are, it’z what they do. Cesar’s past postings have shown this nature was extant in ancient Rome and Egyptian history demonstrates it as well. Jews will never change. America’s moment is rapidly approaching. Will it be added to the Jew’s long list of destroyed nations and cultures?
Jews feel they have enough of the silly gullible goyim cowed from following the cowardly degeneracy of the their religion. It is this delusion that will prevent them from forming meaningful resistance that might stop the Jew’s global advance. After all, Jews induced two global wars that destroyed Germany despite its unification and advanced technology.
Like Germany, the Afrikaners have been destroyed as well. Europe and the commonwealths are in shambles of sick degenerate cowardice as whites there rapidly sink to their doom at the “hidden” hand of the Jew.
Soon America’s choice will be clear — either fight to the death or lay down and die. We shall soon see whether or not the Jews are mistaken in their arrogant plan for the white man’s genocide. Frankly, none of the present signs bode well for the stupid American goyim suffering slow death from a thousand cuts.

I don’t see things this way.
The gulf between me and WNsts—including my pals on WDH podcasts—is that all of them speak of the JP while I speak of the Aryan problem.
It was stupid Aryans who handed over the Roman Empire to the Semitic bishops, as well as Napoleon who emancipated them, and the Anglo-Saxons who destroyed Germany.
The Jew only thrives on White sins.
I’ll be quoting as a ‘mantra quote’ between the Deschner posts that sentence by Nietzsche that Christians (I’d add secular neo-Christians) are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.
No one has yet understood this from the racial POV, with the possible exception of Revilo Oliver.

just as the blacks have handed over — or blamed their lack of — destiny on whitie. actually, like whitie, the negro has long — generations — handed off ownership if their lives to the joo. and as yet the latest example, buying into hollywood touting “black panther”, written by the joo owner of marvel comics, stan lee, and produced and distributed by joo hollies. until both whitie and negro individuals quit the victimhood behavior of blaming others and begin owning up — i’ll give only that to the cult of personality of jp — joo will continue his forever stealing/ killing/ destroying others. his nature.

People react in the manner in which they are programmed to react. Jews are the master programmers.

“CICERO (Marcus Tullius Cicero). First century B.C. Roman stateman, writer. “Softly! Softly! I want none but the judges to hear me. The Jews have already gotten me into a fine mess, as they have many other gentleman. I have no desire to furnish further grist for their mills.” (Oration in Defense of Flaccus)
“Cicero was serving as defense counsel at the trial of Flaccus, a Roman official who interfered with Jewish gold shipments to their international headquarters (then, as now) in Jerusalem. Cicero himself certainly was not a nobody, and for one of this stature to have to “speak softly” shows that he was in the presence of a dangerously powerful sphere of influence, and on another occasion Cicero wrote: “The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”
“SENECA (Lucius Annaeus Seneca). First century Roman philosopher. “The customs of that most criminal nation have gained such strength that they have now been received in all lands. The conquered have giveN laws to the conquerors.” (De Superstitione)

These example clearly show the Jew’s programming of Roman culture. It is that programming that resulted in “stupid” Aryans handing over the Roman Empire to the Semitic bishops,
Like the Romans, historical evidence shows the Hyksos used programming to divide and conquer Egypt. Egyptian culture suffered profound, degenerate, change due to the influence of the Hyksos whose
programming methods for cultural destruction were obviously the same as those modern Jews practice today.
I note how the Jews historical programming is again changing to benefit the Jews. As more people come to the realization the Hyksos were in fact early Jews, I encounter an increasing number of references about the wonderful salutiferous change the Hyksos brought to Egypt, while downplaying the warlike technology they introduced.
Manetho writes, “After this people or shepherds had left Egypt to go to Jerusalem, Tethmosis who drove them out, was king of Egypt and reigned for twenty five years and four months, and then died; …”

“Those sent to work in the quarries lived miserably for a long while, and the king was asked to set apart the city Avaris, which the shepherds had left, for their habitation and protection; and he granted them their wish. According to the ancient mythology, Avaris was Typho’s city. But when these men had entered it, and found it suitable for a revolt, they chose a ruler from among the priests of Heliopolis, whose name was Osarsiph. They swore an oath that they would obey him in all things. The first laws he gave them were that they should not worship the Egyptian gods, nor should they abstain from any of the sacred animals that the Egyptians held in the highest esteem, but could kill them, and that they should not ally themselves to any but those that were of their conspiracy.
After making such laws as these, and others contrary to Egyptian customs,
he ordered that the many the hands at their service to be employed in building walls around the city and prepare for a war with king Amenophis. He colluded with the other priests, and those that were polluted as well, and sent ambassadors to those shepherds expelled by Tethmosis to Jerusalem, informing them of his own affairs, and of the state of those others that had been treated so shamefully, and desired that they would come united to his assistance in this war against Egypt. He also promised their return to their ancient city and land of Avaris and plentiful support for their people; that he would protect them and fight for them if need be, and that the land would easily be subdued. The shepherds were delighted with his message, and assembled two hundred thousand men. Shortly they arrived at Avaris.

More here: http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/manetho_hyksos.htm
National Socialist Germany was a prime example of what happens in a very short period of time, absent the Jews influence. Without the Jews programming them, “Aryans” clearly take a much different path.

To focus exclusively or mainly on the Jews (no matter how nefarious their distortions) is an exercise either in reductionism, ignorance, or dishonesty.

—Michael O’Meara

Assigning the Jews extra-terrestrial powers, as self-righteous white nationalists do, is a form of blindness that obfuscates the issue that whites are doing it to themselves. I say ‘self-righteous’ because they are completely unable to recognise a couple of Megalodons ($$ materialism and Xtianity) that, compared to the JQ, make the latter look like a mere white shark.

People react in the manner in which they are programmed to react. Jews are the master programmers…

Any regular visitor to this site that is familiar with what I call ‘monocausalism’ surely knows that I cannot disagree more with the above statement. Instead, I subscribe Codreanu’s statement that Jews only thrive beside the swamps of Aryan sin. No Aryan sin, no Semitic ‘programming’.

Without the Jews programming them, “Aryans” clearly take a much different path.

Any regular visitor of this site knows that I have complained a lot that no single WNst, in the whole blogosphere, has tried to rebut my observation that, in spite of the fact that the Spanish crown tried to make the Americas Judenfrei, they still committed ethnosuicide. The story of this part of the continent demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that even with an active Inquisition persecuting crypto-Jews, the Iberians ruined their gene pool both in the Americas and in the peninsula itself.
The fact is that ‘without the Jews programming them’ the history of Spain and Portugal are textbook cases of how whites can become extremely ethnosuicidal. As stated above, I blame Aryan sins for what happened here: gold over blood policies during the conquest of the Americas and universalist Christianity.
There’s an uncrossable gulf between me and all those who talked to themselves in the WDH podcast. If I were able to speak fluent English, I’d have loved to debate them all on this very issue but it is useless: 99% of pro-white advocates are either ‘monocausalists’ or ‘type-A bicausalists’ (again, any regular visitor of this site knows these terms of mine).

No matter how many times I’ve said that I am a type-B bicausalist and that the Aryan problem(s) will continue as long as the Aryan race exists, even if Aryans exterminate Jews completely, you still seem to think I am a type-A bicausalist. I would be in agreement with you Cesar if you could speak fluent English on TWDH radio show. The Aryan problem was the reason the Jewish Problem took hold in the first place.

OK, sorry about that. It’s just that every time I see your tweets they look like the other WN tweets: focusing on JP and not on this stupendous quote by Jack Frost:

The more interesting question than Jewish “domination” of whites is, what kind of people are they who are so willing to be “dominated,” and why are they so willing?

The Spanish crown tried to make of the Americas Judenfrei, they still committed ethno-suicide. The story of this part of the continent demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt that even with an active Inquisition persecuting crypto-Jews, the Iberians ruined their gene pool both in the Americas and in the peninsula itself.

Are we to assume Jews had no influence on the Spanish culture? What evidence is there for that supposition? What about the term “Marranos,” This was the Spanish term for “crypto-Jews” Jews living in Iberia who converted to Christianity yet continued to practice Judaism in secret. Why would such a term exist were it not for the Jewish presence in Spain?
It was Marrano Jews that financed the Columbus expedition in hopes of finding gold in the new world. Jews/gold – get it? Jews later created the insurance industry with Loyd’s of London to offset their losses in the shipping trade, assuring their profits from seafaring commerce.

The fact is that ‘without the Jews programming them’ the history of Spain and Portugal are textbook cases of how whites can become extremely ethnosuicidal sans Jews. As stated above, I blame Aryan sins for what happened here: gold over blood policies during the conquest of the Americas and universalist Christianity.

Portugal provides a classic example of Jewish cultural destruction. In the fifteenth century Portugal was the pinnacle of science, technology and commerce. Think Henry the Navigator. It was commerce that debauched the Portuguese culture, bringing it low as Jew slavers brought in the Negro Portuguese women purchased as “pets.”
It was Jews that wormed their way into the Portuguese legal structure to to neutralize the heavy proscription against miscegenation and legalize it, largely to benefit the Jewish slaver’s profit. After that, Portugal sank as a world class leader. Thanks to Jewish influence, Portugal today is now a third world country with around a one third illiteracy rate.
How does one explain the profound change achieved by National Socialist Germany in just eight years sans Jewish influence? What other reason might there be for the Jew’s apoplectic ejaculations over the Nadzees and their mythical Hallowedhoax for the last 72 years? Could it be because the Jew’s greatest fear is the white man’s discovery of what can be achieved when Jews are absent from a culture?
Perhaps the best programming trick the Jews ever played on the white race was convincing itself to accept blame and guilt for the Jew’s own subversive perfidy.

Nazi Germany was productive because it expelled Jews from any power and obliterated Christianity from within the NS inner circles. The Iberians in New Spain had no Jews in control of them and yet they still gave birth to the Mestizos. This was because they failed to obliterate Christianity, at least in their Government.
The obliteration of Christian influence is as crucial as the extermination of the Jews.

> Are we to assume Jews had no influence on the Spanish culture?
This is a strawman question as I was talking about the Spanish culture after 1492, the one that expelled the kikes. That’s the culture that conquered the Americas.
>It was Jews that wormed their way into the Portuguese…
Again, the Megalodon in the Iberian peninsula (universalist Xtianity) is far larger than the JQ. Or mixing metaphors, no Portuguese swamps, no mosquitoes.
>How does one explain the profound change achieved by National Socialist Germany in just eight years sans Jewish influence?
By this logic, New Spain (1521-1821) would have been a paradise for Iberian whites since it persecuted Jews & cryptos through the Inquisition. In fact, it was a melting-pot where Iberians disappeared.
>Perhaps the best programming trick the Jews ever played on the white race was convincing itself to accept blame and guilt for the Jew’s own subversive perfidy.
Did you read the O’Meara article linked above? Have you at least read one of my main articles in this site rebutting monocausalism (e.g., this one)? I am tired of discussing this subject over and over again with visitors unfamiliar with what I’ve written.

A moment ago I received a letter from my father bemoaning how Muslims are taking over the world with the installation of their Sharia law. Britain and now America, are both supposedly under the Sharia gun that will destroy these countries.
My brother-in-law and other friends from the “greatest generation” often expound on the “Muslim terror” consuming America. I show them the long lists of Jews dominating the media, legal, political and economic system of various countries and ask them to show me similar lists of Muslims. Silence. No one ever bothers to examine who was behind the immigration laws that provided open door policies for these “Muslims,” and then support with the white man’s taxes.
In the forties it was the Nadzees, after that, it was the communists, in the sixties it was the hippies “counterculture.” In the nineties it was the faceless terrorist and now these faceless terrorist have morphed into Muslims. Didn’t anyone read 1984?
Is it not strange how it is always everyone, everyone ~ BUT ~ Jews, that are held responsible for the corruption and dissolution of the world?

duck-rabbit_illusionThomas Kuhn used the duck-rabbit optical illusion to demonstrate the way in which a paradigm shift could cause one to see the same information in an entirely different way.
I use it for the purpose of showing how we can interpret the same image in completely different ways. The typical WN interprets this other image as blaming the jew for ethnosuicidal Xtian ethics.
The other way to look at the caricature is simply: How, unlike the Chinese and the Muslims, can Aryans be dumb enough to believe a standard of values that predicates ‘ethnocentrism for me (OT) and universalism (NT) for thee’? ‘Exterminationist hatred coming from my Yawhve but unconditional love coming from your Jesus’?

‘If organized Jewry should ever get a foothold in America, either financial or political, a nation with such vast resources but such little intellect. It will end up resembling a stricken child with elephantitis, a mushroom nation, destroyed, before it has even reached full maturity’
Chancellor Hitler.

During its early years, America did not have any Jews, but its constitution and founding philosophy left it vulnerable from the get-go: Locke’s insane belief that “all human beings have a natural right to life” was part of the enlightenment values that the Founding Fathers held dear. It was founded on Democracy and Libertarianism, which are minor secular offshoots of Christianity. It was founded upon the belief that men are perfect and only needed to be left to their own vices. Basically, an Adam and Eve scenario before the serpent entered the garden.
This nation was doomed to fail, and damn the Alt-Right Movementarians for trying to cling onto it. Don’t try to build a new world, look toward the end.

The Constitution was a con-job from the beginning, with the earmarks of subversive Jewery all over it. The ramrod for the Constitution, Hamilton, has Jew stink all over his history.
The federalist made sure Thomas Jefferson was out of the country visiting France before they began deliberation on the Constitution because they knew Jefferson would have been a powerful opponent who would have undoubtedly stopped the proceedings had he been present.

The secretiveness of the proceedings at the Convention reinforced the suspicions of many critics of the Constitution.
Kenneth W. Royce tell us:
Little wonder why the Constitution operated under such extraordinary secrecy. Held on the second floor, windows shut, with sentries posted below, the delegates were sworn to strict silence. Not until 32 years later (a generation, you see) were the proceeding’s Journals published. Madison’s notes (thoroughly edited) weren’t published until 53 years later, in 1840.
Royce also comments on the measures taken by the Federalists to conceal the infighting that took place among delegates at the Convention:
Great propaganda measures were employed to conceal the Convention’s true atmosphere of acrimonious dissent.

America was stillborn a long time ago.

And the pathetic Movementarian masses cling onto it. Though perhaps I am being too harsh. If you think about it, the Constitution will come in handy when the shipments of toilet paper run out.

@ Arch Stanton,
You see a duck and I see a rabbit (see the pic above). You see Hamilton as a crypto as if Hamilton, whoever he actually was, had amazing hypnotic powers over the Anglo-Saxons.
I see things the other way around. Think of the second image posted above. What’s the real issue: That a kike wants to brainwash whites with evangelical nonsense or, as Frost put it, ‘what kind of people are they who are so willing to be “dominated,” and why are they so willing’?
You will continue to see a duck and I will continue to see a rabbit.

what kind of people are the aryans? perhaps a neuronal weakness for brainwashing. in the alpha brain activity level, the cognitive structures are mostly “off”. and the reflective brain empty of thoughts and focus on issues. and why the joo – owned tee bee “entertain me at the end of a long hard day” industry works. whitie collapses on his coach, drink in hand, clicks the remote and says to jooie, “program me.” “my heavenly father loves me.” “oh, jesus, save me.” while the grubby joo rubs his mitts together in glee.
nature needs more iterating,
– fix the fuking reproductive dissonances between the genders
– fix the weakness of the audience to being hypnotized by the big silver screen
– and who knows how many other issues

People used to say, “You’re always seeing the glass as half empty, why not see it has half full?” My reply is, “I do not see a glass.”
What I see is a world gone completely insane, developing ever more advanced weapons to kill an ever greater number of people. I find those weapons have been made by people manipulated by an insane race of psychopaths that dominate the global money and economics that fund the creation of these weapons. These psychopaths tell me to my face they hate me, my sex, my race and my nation and make no secret of their vow to destroy it all.
I find overwhelming evidence that these insane psychopaths were the force behind the last two major global wars that killed a great many of my kin. I find the finger of their insanity pushing all the buttons behind the development of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. In fact, that is about all America produces anymore, weapons to kill. I have read their holy books and find they have been like this since the beginning and have not changed since that time.
I find they like to inflict murder, misery and suffering on the most innocent as commanded by their god. Everywhere I look, I see profound evidence that they are doing exactly that.
I find we are on their train and as much as I would like to, they leave no stop to get off. They have created a nightmare world of their choosing, their liking. Their world, the world they have created through the subversive manipulation of our minds, money, labor — our very soul, is anathema to me.
I want to know what the world might look like absent their subversive, degenerate manipulation of our cultures. I’m sick of the filth, perversion and hate they generate that overwhelms our people and especially the children. After they are gone, then and only then, will I begin looking at other problems, because until they are gone there is no time to consider other problems as (((they))) are THE problem.
Jews are by far the most pressing problem the world faces today and if they are not dealt with soon, it will mean the end of the world we inherited from our forefathers. What will remain will be unimaginably horrible, a world no sane person will want to inhabit and that is exactly how Jews have designed it.
A cursory glance at contemporary Russian history provides ample evidence for the kind of world the Jews have planned. A world of death, torture, gnawing fear and terror. A world were despotic leaders have little girls bring them flowers before murdering them in cold blood and burying them in the garden.
This world is already on our doorstep and can only be missed by those looking for ducks, rabbits and glasses.

You might find William Luther Pierce’s speech about the American middle class interesting. It can be found on YT. He thinks that the middle class willingly allowed most of the evils to happen, but were too greedy and cowardly to say anything. They saw this all coming a million miles away.
You can find plenty on this site about the JQ. It is not spoken of anymore as it only attracts the dead-end Alt-Right types. The ones who spout “get rid of Jews and everything falls into place.” Of course, this is a silly and myopic way of looking at things. Anyone can be an anti-Semite. I have heard thousands of Christian anti-Semites who think Jesus was our race’s literal saviour. Then you have the freaks at Renegade Radio who are anti-Semites but are extreme conspiracy nuts, and third wave feminists whom I think endorse polyamory (not too sure about that part). Then you have Varg Vikernes who is correct about “living a simple life” and is not a monocausalist on the JQ but is an uninformed moron on almost every other subject. Then James Mason who has tragically entered a midlife crisis about 27 years too late. It’s quite sad actually.
What I am trying to get at here is that any idiot can talk about Jewish influence. The world they want is foreseeable by everyone commenting here. Everyone here understands that we have to return the favour to this race concerning our genocide. They have to die, hands down. But in order to do this we have to establish the things which have stemmed from this race’s influence. One of these is Christian dogma (turn the other cheek, There is no Greek nor Jew, thou shalt not kill), and a subsection of this influence is Liberalism, feminism and other kinds of degeneracy. But Aryan history shows that we are capable of being the biggest degenerates without Jewish influence. Think of Roman sex orgies during a time without Jewish influence or prostitution, even Greco-Roman pederasty (though this is a nuanced subject), and the Spaniards who fucked themselves out of existence in New Spain.
In fact, go back further. What about the fact that Europeans are partly Neanderthals. Race-mixing occurred before Jews even existed. If you believe in the New Racial Classification, then we see that the Red and White Nordid mixed with the non-white Armenid (I have no idea how this perversion even occurred).
The JQ boils down to: Jews are the White Race’s enemy, and they must be stopped. They must have no influence in our Governments.
This is clear. Sure, you may see it that Whitey has been brainwashed, or may say that it is Whitey’s own fault. There are more important things at hand now than to spout about a tribe which, at the end of the day, is only fulfilling one of many of nature’s plans.

I would add that anyone who has read the two histories of the white race authored by racialists, Pierce and Kemp, knows that whites have been screwing it even before Semitic takeover after Constantine.
Both Pierce and Kemp agree that it’s using non-Aryan labour the root of white decline, something that even the Spartans did.
Historically it cannot be refuted that first came the swamps (white sin) and then the thriving of the mosquitoes (a subversive tribe).
Why WNsts don’t see the swamp is almost a mystery to me, especially since Pierce has been regarded with high esteem and Who We Are was his only non-fiction book. But not even MacDonald’s webzine has articles about it.
I said it was a mystery but I’m starting to believe that it’s because Pierce transvalued values back to pre-Christian mores in that book that what he says there has become taboo. After all, virtually all WNsts subscribe Xtian ethics.

“If you believe in the New Racial Classification, then we see that the Red and White Nordid mixed with the non-white Armenid (I have no idea how this perversion even occurred).”
Even more interesting, those non-white Armenids were FEMALE, corresponding to mtDNA. Kim Kardashian is an Armenian Armenid.
Women with wide hips are VERY able to have big-headed babies…

EVROPA SOBERANA shows that a greater majority of Europeans not only have some Armenid admixture, but that their line is female.
What I can infer from this is that the lusty Nordid males of most of the tribes either took Armenid women as sex slaves or the Armenid women (who, according to the E.S, were matriarchs, with effeminate and weedy male counterparts) found the strong Nordid men to be more to their liking and decided to go with them as concubines.
What I would like to know is why the Nordid males found these brown women an acceptable resource when they had beautiful White women already. I suppose it would make sense if the White and Red Nordid tribes were running out of women, and something similar was happening to them as happened to the Scandinavians who invaded the British Isles.
I would like to see female versions of the three human types, RN, WN and Armenid.
What are you trying to say about Kim Kardashian? Is she a pure Armenid female?

@highrpm “what kind of people are the aryans? perhaps a neuronal weakness for brainwashing.”
What’s about the idea that Western Europeans were changed due to manorialism? And could such an evolution prove out to be ultimately unfit for survival? César has pointed out that Mediaeval Whites stopped venerating wolves…
On the other hand, Romans/Goths got infected by Christianity long before manorialism.

as the history of infection of xtianity purports, the belief system took root in the slave classes, first the jew slaves and then, thanks to paul’s head injury, the gentile slave classes. the 99% underclasses had little hope for paths to better lives outside of magical thinking offered by religions. that xtianity offered an affordable means to appeasing its gods — only believe — the poor classes, outside of the priestly pressures to tithe, could get their gods’ protection and material blessings free. what dummy wouldn’t buy such an offer? that the joo was involved with the development and sale of such “goods” is not surprising.
at any rate, the garden of eden myth explaining the fallen state of man has done little to eliminate the violent behaviors of stealing/ killing/ destroying among rivaling hominids.
manorialism is as evil as christianity. how many societies have outlawed unearned income? i embrace employee-owned enterprises, as opposed to western capitalism’s investor-owned. and similary, tennant -owned co-op housing as opposed to bank-owned properties. and these constructs are not w/o their troubles.
evolution might possibly help with tweaking the gene[s] responsible for what keith johnstone popularized as the status transaction in his book Impro.

Alt-Hype is one of these Enlightenment advocates who believed and continue to believe to this day that the Industrial Revolution was an advanced and natural state of Human evolution. In actual fact it was the opposite. The Industrial Revolution was the core of corruption and decadence, a step backward from the Barbarians. What Alt-Hype is advocating for is pure Mammon worship. The same with everyone else in the Alt-Right.

Very astute observations and well stated arguments. We are on the same track, our only dispute is what to put first, the goyim cart or the Jewish horse.
I wrote a book to expose the reality behind Jesus the man. My book disassembles the mythological divinity created by the Jew Saul/Paul, later subsumed and redacted by Jews into so-called Judaeo-Christianity. Today the story is all about how Jesus was against the Romans awhile the Temple/kohanim issue has faded into total obscurity.
This transformation is truly miraculous because the Gospels clearly point to the fact the intense focus of Jesus’ attack was on the Temple’s corrupt, debauched sacrificial system.
Christians find they cannot refute what I say about Jesus, they can only fall back on well worn tired platitudes that cannot, and do not, address the history my book provides. Their only recourse is to flee my presence. For this reason I suspect I have been exempted from the Jehovah Witness and Mormon visitation lists, for despite the fact I always warmly welcomed them into my home, they no longer visit.
I will agree nothing can or will be done about the Jews until the gullible, white goyim awaken to their presence and influence, especially the influence Jews exert over their primary religion.
Cesar, you awaken to what I have been addressing for years, the incredible undercurrent of Judaeo-Christianity that runs through white culture, an undercurrent that has far more profound effect on white culture than one might first suspect.
The drop in your contributions due to what you suspect comes from your anti-Christian stance, provides proof of this largely hidden influence. It is hidden due to Christian false morality of “turning the other cheek” towards an enemy. Yet did Jesus present the other cheek to the priests in Matthew 23? Does this sound like he forgives their corruption? Did he turn the other cheek when he took a whip to the kollybistēs?
Therein lies a very real problem. When one takes an anti-Christian stance, they only feel heat from the Christians, but you should see what happens when one does not take an anti-Christian stance. I do not take such a stance, instead I directly address and refute Jesus’ deification while espousing nothing but the utmost, genuine respect for the man Christians call “Jesus.” This is something no one else does and it completely baffles Christians, as they have never heard anyone say such things about their “savior.”
Take apart this myth and replace it with a cogent, real-world story of a very real man that posed very real opposition against the reigning religion of first century Judea and the entire Judaeo-Christian myth comes apart at its tightly-knit seams.

cesar you would like tom metzger, he is getting older, but he blames capitalism and abrahamic religion for the downfall of whites, Also he sees jews as not a race but gene hijackers. they attach themselves to already degenerate aryan behavior. You should talk to the guy
that rant you had in the comments is brilliant

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