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Christendom Matt Koehl Philosophy of history

Faith of the Future, 4

by Matt Koehl


IV. Twilight of the West

As we have seen, the ultimate source of the decline of the West lies in the failure of the polar ideology, or mythos, which has formed its foundation. Once the dogmas of the dominant faith were effectively called into question and challenged—an unavoidable development, given the preposterous assertions of Christian doctrine on the one hand and the truth-seeking nature of Aryan man on the other—it was only a matter of time before the entire cultural order which rested upon it was itself called into doubt.
With the loss of belief in its guiding ideology—that is, with the dying out of Christianity—the West has lost faith in itself, and its death becomes inevitable. For the Christian worldview has stood at the very heart and soul of the West, permeating its art and culture. It was no accident, for instance, that in times past the term “Christendom” was synonymous with the West.
Cultures live and die with their gods. That the god of the West should have died was foreordained from the very beginning, and it is in this sense that Nietzsche’s celebrated pronouncement must be understood. For how could a Middle Eastern import permanently satisfy the real spiritual needs of Aryan man? Yahweh/Jehovah could murder Zeus and Jupiter, Odin and Thor. But how could he maintain forever the fiction that he was the real father of their children?
If we disregard all ephemeral revivalism, it can be clearly seen that the culture of the West has now reached the point of practical disbelief and atheism, a fact which is reflected in every field of modern cultural endeavor. Atonality and the eruption of alien rhythms in music, formlessness and insanity in painting and the plastic arts, cheapness and vulgarity in literature and on the stage, vapidity and grotesque ugliness of line in architecture—all of this bears disturbing witness to a spiritual, emptiness and sterility, to disorientation and a lack of direction, to an absence of values and standards and an ethos to inform artistic expression.
It is modern technology, however, which—by assuming a utilitarian function in a soulless, materialistic produce/consume society, rather than serving a higher cultural purpose—offers the conclusive statement that Western culture has nothing more to say. The West, as a culture, has exhausted all of its historical possibilities; it has no new direction in which it can go. This, of course, does not mean that Aryan man himself no longer possesses a creative capability. But this genius and talents must now find expression in a Western context. Western civilization itself cannot experience a rebirth. It has exploited and expended its potential and destroyed its one hope for a resurgence, and now it can only wallow in decadence and die. The Old Order is doomed.
Not only is the final collapse of the West inevitable, but for a New Order to emerge such a collapse is historically imperative. For only out of a new formation can there be the possibility of racial salvation for Aryan man. Indeed, this civilization must die, so that upon its ruins a new and greater culture may now rise. That is the meaning and message of contemporary events. That is the iron will of history.

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When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my (agnostic) father said to me ‘God made you’. I said ‘but, how? I was created by you and mummy.’ (I did not consciously know about fornication at this age, but my unconscious did, I suppose). He understood that even a 5 year old could not let this nonsense support itself, so told me some old bollocks that God created my bones only.
A 5 year old instinctively understands why the dogma of a giant Dumbledore creating people doesn’t hold up. Yet a bunch of ‘awakened’ grown men unironically preach it to the skies…
Are you serious.

If the White race survives this period we are living through may be seen as the final stage of Western Christian civilization. Christianity in it’s last desperate attempt to snuff out Aryan Man forever.
James Mason recently wrote that just as Western Christian civilization had its roots in the (mythical) crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the future civilization of the West had its roots laid with the death of Adolf Hitler. Just as today’s West reckons time from the birth of Christ the future West (which hopefully will one day encompass the entire globe) will reckon time from the birth of Hitler.

Yeah I think so but he has an unorthodox take on Christianity where he acknowledges its role in the history of our race has played itself out and the Swastika has replaced the Cross. Actually, to be honest I haven’t read Mason’s Christian writings so I don’t have an entirely clear idea of what his position on Christianity is.

Indeed, he is unorthodox: Mason popularizes on his website not only VERY ambiguous personages (for example, Lovecraft, Nechaev and even damned lunatic Manson are ok for me), but also such outright freaks and degenerates as LaVey, the Process Church and the Order of Nine Angles. I wonder that a respectable man can take seriously this schizo-esoteric garbage. I haven’t read his purely Christian writings too.

Have you read “You Gentiles” by Maurice Samuels?
fascinating look into the jewish mind–he demonstrates the differences in our values and modes of thinking very well.
It gave me hope, actually.
“But America seemed to offer the hope of change: whatever evils America had inherited at least this one she had avoided. America was therefore the new world in this vital respect–that the state was purely ideal, and nationality was identical only with acceptance of that ideal. But it seems now that the entire point of view was a mistaken one, that America was incapable of rising above her origins, and the semblance of an ideal-nationalism was only a stage in the proper development of the universal gentile spirit. The ideal which for a time constituted American nationality disapears now, and in its place emerge again, with atavistic certainty, the race.
It is true that even while the ideal flourished, triumphant over race, the seeds of our enmity lay securely imbedded in our natures. But the passing generosity kept the seeds in slumber. It is not the first time that gentile nations, forgetting themselves for a brief period, have offered us friendship and even affection. But the strange and unnatural exaltation passed, and bitter sobriety succeeded. Today, with race triumphant over ideal, anti semitism uncovers its fangs…”
This was written in 1924 when the winds were blowing in our direction. The jews managed to nip our transformation in the bud…but only for a time I think. We are waking up again.

the mean joos can’t comprehend functional “fairness” — do unto others… what would the world be like if the gentiles harped “anti-gentile” to the joo?

“installing NS software on a Xtian operating system”. Very insightful metaphor. Precisely the predicament of CI too – jew aware but still cling to Xtianity. They fear the void after the departure of Yahweh forgetting that Aryans flourished before Xtianity.

There is a Robocop 2 scene that I have often evoked in my soliloquies when I think of white nationalists.
The Robo of the film was implanted with silly programs full of political correctness; programs that prevent him from fulfilling his duty. When Robo realizes that he has malware in his mind, he goes to the electrical terminal of the police station and grabs the two naked poles in order to ‘format disk C’ (C of Christian ethics, so to speak). His female police friend unlocks him from the electrocution with a wooden board, but Robo’s bravery worked: after that, the PC programs that had been implanted were erased from his mind.
White nationalists are incapable of such a feat…

white adult xtians are incapable of such a feat as thoughtfully considering the truthfulness of vidal’s julian. (to avoid getting bogged down, start at page 210.) (only 18 year olds believe that [galilean] shit.)

“white adult xtians are incapable of such a feat…” Maybe most, but not all. I used to be quite the evangelical christian. At one time, I even had ambitions to become a pastor. But, unlike other “christians” I actually read and studied that not so holy book, even going so far as to learn a bit of greek the new testament was written in. Net result was the realization of far too many contradictions and error resulting in a hard drive crash. I installed a new OS and now I’m much better. 🙂

I am always curious how regular Xtians manage to assimilate something so obvious as the different genealogies between Matthew and Luke that appear in the very first verses of their gospels. It’s so obvious that at least one evangelist (or the two) are engaging in literary fiction…

i can only speak for myself: the power of childhood hypnosis. we youngsters were so programmed — with the help of the rod, i might add — with the concept holy men of god spoke as they were moved by the holy spirit that we simply could not question that the holy writ was in fact authored by plain old humankind, driven by similar selfish/ error prone motives. so we chalked up the obvious counterfactuals to the mystical nature of god. the mysteries of God’s hiddenness. who can know?

> ‘i can only speak for myself: the power of childhood hypnosis.’
So true. No one to date has acknowledged the thrust of my autobiographical work, where I explain the crucifixion I experienced long ago when trying to erase my parents’ religious introjects.
Those educated by secular parents ignore the level of difficulty we, old-time Christian folks, had in abandoning Christianity.

“The Old Order is doomed. … Not only is the final collapse of the West inevitable, but for a New Order to emerge such a collapse is historically imperative. For only out of a new formation can there be the possibility of racial salvation for Aryan man.”
I find this terrifying and welcomed at the same time. Not matter how long the collapse takes, i.e. long and drawn out, catastrophic, or some combination, I believe it will be horrific and terrible. But, if this is what it takes to achieve the “salvation for Aryan man,” I’m all for it. It’s what’s best for the White Race.
I’ll probably live long enough to see and experience (perhaps fatally) at least some of the collapse (already underway?), but not the re-ascendancy of Aryan man. Now, that makes me wonder what I can do to help – encourage the collapse and/or somehow aid the re-emergence?

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