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Christendom Eschatology

Burn them all!

January 10, 2018

Hello Mr. Tort,
I definitely appreciate your work. One point is that your stance on Christianity is so well founded and for us Whites it is more than necessary to point out these views on a daily basis.
Raised profoundly as a Catholic, today I am convinced that it is not enough to leave the religion of our parents. Liberation will need us to burn down worldwide all Christian churches to the ground. Such is my inspiration and mentality in the struggle for our survival.

8 replies on “Burn them all!”

I only like Andrei Rublev: his masterpiece. But we are talking of post-Christian transvaluation: returning the favour of what Judeo-Christians did with the Greco-Roman temples and sculptures (next week I’ll start posting the last chapter of “Apocalypse for whites”).

Indeed: Andrei wanted to spare the village peoples from the visuals of Hell paintings and… the authorities ordered to pull out the eyes of all of his apprentices! (a very shocking scene in the film).

Then there are the pagans (probably Rodnovers) who are attacked by the authorities, probably being sent away to be executed. Remember the pagan woman who swims away in the lake, naked while Andrei and the monks look away in shame. There is also the man at the beginning who is mobbed by the Catholics for his hot air balloon experiment. Then the man who has a portion of his tongue cut off.
I believe that there is an implication that it was the fault of the monks that the Tatars committed the atrocities that they did at Vladimir. It was the monks who were hiding in the Church, too afraid to fight. Even Rublev vows to never talk for the rest of his life because he saved a young girl’s life and innocence.
As for you comment at 1:43, remember: It is not just because of the temples and art. It is what they did to the people. For one, they allowed your maternal ancestors to be raped by Semites, thus dirtying the bloodline. Then they allowed the Visigoths to repeat the process, then the Spanish conquerors. The Crusaders were too busy helping Jews reclaim a patch of sand somewhere. This just one of millions of examples.

Which is why I must continue with Kriminalgeschichte after I finish Apocalypse.
By the way they probably were Orthodox, not Catholics. And Andrei’s vows happened right after the Russian girl spat on his face and preferred a powerful non-white rider (metaphor of what is happening today: traitorous women spit on our faces as we are no longer powerful).

Never thought about the metaphor that way. In fact that has made me look at her character differently. She is supposed to be dimwitted as she is an archetype, representing white women, particularly the young ones. The symbolism continues: he sees her years later in the typical Slavic ‘veil’ while a toddler walks at her heels. She then stops and smiles at Andrei. A beautiful metaphor for what will happen after The Day of The Rope.

I don’t claim that Tarkovsky’s intention was that metaphor, only that Andrei made silence vows after she treated him that way.

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