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St Paul

Durant on Paul

‘Paul created a theology of which none but the vaguest warrants can be found in the words of Christ… Fundamentalism is the triumph of Paul over Christ’.

—Will Durant

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My always timid correspondent from Europe, who doesn’t want to comment here directly, has sent me this email regarding one of the previous quotable quotes on Paul:

Yeah, Saint Paul mentions very little concerning the alleged life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Saint Paul’s Christ is a revelatory figure. The happy tent merchant, Saul of Tarsus, was travelling to Damascus, when, according to the story at least – two contradictory accounts of this alleged prodigy in the New Testament – was revealed unto by the Jewish Solar Angel, Jesus.
Just as Moroni appears to Joseph Smith, and Gabriel to Mohammed, the Solar Angel, Jesus Christ appears to Saint Paul. This is one of the theories that Doctor Richard Carrier has concerning the origin of Christianity: it began as an angelic-revelation cult, like Islam and Mormonism, and only later where the Gospels written as back-story.
“Be it we ourselves or an angel that reveals unto you a Gospel contrary to that which you have received, let him be anathema.”
“The cup of devils.”
Richard Carrier argues that angels revealing themselves to men, indeed, instituting rival communion services, was a real problem during the infancy of Christianity. That is how Christianity got started – the hallucinations of madmen like Saint Paul – and that is how it was almost destroyed.
The Epistles of Saint Paul were written before the Gospels. Saint Paul sometimes makes the odd reference to the Christ of the Gospels, but the likes of Carrier would argue that these were later interpolations.
Saint Paul is actually hilarious if you read him with a proper disdain. Even as a child, listening to the epistles of Saint Paul in the Novus Ordo, I thought him very strange.

And in another mail:

This, in my view, is the most nefarious thing that Saint Paul ever wrote. I advise to read the commentaries, as it expands upon the nuances of the Greek. Each Christian, whether he be a man, woman, black, Jew or Aryan, is the same man in Christ Jesus. We are all a number in the Jew system. We lose our individuality, our sex, our ethnicity… etc.
I am not an atheist, however I agree with Aron Ra that should one open the door to irrationality, however slightly, then, eventually total madness will ensue.
When we took this verse from Saint Paul seriously, then that was opening the door slightly. The total madness is men like Josh “Jess” being taken seriously by the Brutish government. In saner times he would have been sent to the madhouse.
It brings a smile to my face, though, to see feminists and trannies accusing each other of being “Nazis” and brawling in the street!

I read the Daily Mail article linked, but one only has to read the title…
Remind me again why I think most of humanity should be exterminated.
This leads me to say that the ‘Aryans’ of today are of a lower psychoclass than, say, the pre-Homeric Greeks who practised infanticide(though, I do see you disagreeing with me).

I don’t disagree. As I have said before, this is the worst generation of whites ever since prehistory!
This is why I’d love that my ‘prophecy’ is fulfilled in this century, a convergence of three catastrophes: currency crash, energy devolution (peak oil) and finally the use of nukes after the resulting chaos among the competing nations fighting for the increasingly scarce energy.
Sardonically, in my soliloquies I call the fulfilment of my prophecy ‘el Apocalipsis de San Juan’ (the apocalypse of the John of Patmos, the last book of the Bible) referring to the extermination of the Neanderthals. In his Diaries Pierce has some beautiful words about the fate of white trash:

metro-lastLightThe fact is that the ordinary people are not really much less culpable than the not-so-ordinary people, than the pillars of the System […] I cannot think of any segment of White society, from the Maryland red-necks and their families whose radioactive bodies we bulldozed into a huge pit a few days ago to the university professors we strung up in Los Angeles last July, which can truly claim that it did not deserve what happened to it.

IMHO he who does not love this immortal novel is an exterminable Neanderthal himself…

I have taken solace in Exterminationism this way: by killing off large populations of degenerated Whites(the rednecks and Juggalos, to name merely a few), we will be saving them. If we follow Pierce’s literary mouthpiece,The Turner Diaries, to its logical conclusion, we will have effectively freed our racial kin from their invisible, yet eternal fetters; and an infinitely abominable and contemptible existence.
We do it because we love them,not necessarily as they are now, but what they could amount to if this world had not fucked them over. In this way we would be breaking their shackles and getting revenge for them.
Cesar, you once said the following words many years ago. I think it is worth repeating, as it is the reason why I am no longer afraid of the Exterminationism that Pierce seemingly strived for in his masterpiece:
‘…only the unreachable archetype of the eternal feminine will lead the white race to the Absolute.
I don’t know why, but I confess that every time I read this last line I find myself almost on the verge of tears…’

Oh yes!: I remember perfectly when I wrote those words.
You really have to read the last pages of my final book (which is in Spanish) because I elaborate about it there. It has to do with my infatuation of the ‘nymphs on the rocks’ such as the above one.
Beautiful Aryans are a mixture between animal… and angel: and if only we manage to surpass the animal side (now rampant throughout the West) the world of the overman will resemble Parrish’s paintings.
Exterminationism is the way forward. The ultimate objective are the Four Words…

All this commentary of learned men about Paul signifies how he ruined the actual meaning and philosophy of ‘Christ’. Most significant is the understanding that Paul’s commentary was written before the Gospels, adjusting them to fit his message. That message was a ‘universal salvationism’ not supported by James, Jesus’s brother, as demonstrated by the dispute in Acts. The well-known Eisenberg explains this so: “Who knew Jesus better, his brother or Paul?” Yet Fundamentalists always ignore this. AND so are you fellows.
The essential point is the obvious racism in the Old Testament vs the ‘humanism’ in the New Testament. The clear contradiction demonstrates the lack of connection between them.
And if Racism was at the core of the Old Testament, one has to ask who is it Jehovah wanted to extirpate and would never allow the Hebrews to intermarry with?
Is it plausible it would be beautiful blondes?
Of course, one can argue for Darwinian evolution, the Bible as nonsense, and the ‘Jews’ as arrogant propagandists with their assumption of being God’s chosen.
But why should we let them have that ‘High Ground’ as “God’s Chosen”, especially when it allows them to cultivate support from Christian ministries?
The better policy by far is to accept Christianity as the reigning ‘conception’ of the West – and attack the ‘Jews’ as Cain’s children as Christian Identity espouses. Go to the heart of the ‘cancer’ and destroy it! We, the White Race, are Jehovah’s kin – not them!

For the Nth time, why are you preaching ‘Christian Identity’ in this site (regulars see this American interpretation of the OT as ridiculous)? Don’t you realise that your continuing preaching is bad manners after we have told you many times that we don’t share your religious beliefs and will never share them?
Your inexplicable insistence of preaching here is making your behaviour be seen as impertinent to say the least.
Please stop.

Do you remember Sparta and its Law, X?
That chapter in particular spoke in detail about Spartan women..
So beautiful and so perfect. Unfortunately, there were no sculptures of Spartan women, so we cannot know what they looked like. Now they are merely myths in our heads.
But if our race did reach the unreachable archetype once before, it can happen again.
Just to be off topic: where did you say we could find you if your blog gets shut down?

In my wiki user page (here).
Yes: I know that Twitter banned yesterday Jared Taylor, Hunter Wallace and many others, none of whom really preach hate (as I do preach it). This means what we always knew: ‘hate speech’ = ‘heresy’ during Christendom.

Now they are merely myths in our heads.

Not necessarily. If a 4th Reich is formed we would have the resources to dig in the Spartan fields in search of female craniums. Forensic science can reconstruct a face on a skull alone.

@JackHalliday “This leads me to say that the ‘Aryans’ of today are of a lower psychoclass than, say, the pre-Homeric Greeks who practised infanticide”
But why? And how can this be if the children of this century endure far less neglect, beating and involuntary masturbation, and instead enjoy more care, compassion and understanding?
This is still an enigma to me. After all, many will say that beating children is good for them, for example, Mongoloids make their kids learn piano in this way. I don’t get it.

There’s an apparent paradox in what Lloyd deMause calls ‘helping mode’ of childrearing and the suicidal ethos in today’s West.
I don’t have much time to explain it, but the first step would be to read my Day of Wrath and the PDF where I summarise the views on women by Turd Flinging Monkey (it applies to spoiled children too).

I was referring to the Daily Mail article linked, where parents in the UK are demanding free, over the counter sex change hormones for their kids.
The older generations would never allow that, even the ones who beat their kids!
What Cesar says below is interesting, as I myself had the misfortune to be raised by a mother who, to say the least, was far too overprotective (moddy coddle).
Physical abuse and neglect may mess a child up and turn an entire society schizophrenic, but the over indulgence of a child messes up its hormones and pacifies them. It is probably the worst thing to do to a boy while he is growing up.

I ask this because I wonder what “overprotective” means to you. It might not be a “helping mode”” at all, just masked neglect. For example, can you ask your mother “Why should existence be desired?”? I think, honesty is the main feature of the highest form of childrearing, no?
I wonder how in the idyllic national socialist ethnostate a mother could answer such a question. Or is the son a faggot for asking it and should be sent to deathcamps? A negligible minority asks it anyway, and most of those who do find solace in religion.
The question is also in how much you can demand from a child before it turns into a sacrifice [of a soul]? How can you make a child want to live without torturing him? Maybe, hatred to the parents is what makes people not ask these questions?
It’s not really off topic. A national socialist party basically has to answer it in some way to the current people. Why should Aryans survive as a whole? (I read about Pierce’s religion two years ago, it’s not enough.)

Aryans should survive because it’s the only way to achieve The Four Words, as I say in my second and last book that will be available in Spanish next March (which first chapters were published under the now obsolete title, Exterminio).
As to childrearing, presently the West suffers from what we call the ‘Empire of the yin’. We need an equilibrium between yin and Yang, and the way forward is to swing back to brutality for a while, as I said in my latest response to Jack.

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