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St Paul

Schweitzer on Paul

‘Where possible Paul avoids quoting the teachings of Jesus, in fact even mentioning it. If we had to rely on Paul, we should not know that Jesus taught in parables, had delivered the sermon on the mount, and had taught his disciples the “Our Father”.’

—Albert Schweitzer

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Exactly right, and from an indisputable ‘Humanist’ champion who realized sadly later in life his service to the Negro’s was a waste of time!
But to the broader point of ‘Paul’. He is the creature in the Dead Sea Scrolls, the poignant thesis of the Essene’s, of which Jesus was probably associated, as the Evil Presence, the nemesis of the Righteous Teacher, who may well have been James, Jesus’s brother.
This is particularly relevant to National Socialism because the austere practices of the Essene’s was based on genetic identity first, before character. They left the temple after it had been polluted by the Sephardim/Pharisee/Sadducee sects – all composed of the Canaanite peoples the Hebrew’s, Jehovah’s children, were supposed to destroy.
And Paul was a Sephardic! His portrayal created the false doctrines of ‘Christianity’ as a universal ‘Savior’ conception, when Jesus came only to rescue his people from the hands of the Sephardim representing Rome.
‘Christianity’ is the doctrine of White assimilation because of its devolution into a universal Savior conception, but that is only ‘New Testament’ nonsense. The original truth was of a Divine Being who created a particular people because all the other ‘humans’ had failed. This particular people was the White Race, sadly stigmatized at their origin by the co-conception of their inherent enemy, the Devil’s child, Cain, who went on to father the Sephardim.

I have never stated anything in my posts that is not credible nor factual.
The fact of the matter is that human origin is unresolved; be it ‘Out of Africa’ evolution, E.T intervention, multiple independent evolution of Hominid species that coalesced into Homo Sapiens or genetic manipulation of a Homo Sapiens sub-species as explained by Christian O’Brien in “Genius of the Few”. I believe the latter is correct and is further amplified by the Biblical conception of Christian Identity, the proposition that Adam, as described, was White, and our Father.
I have read Mein Kampf, Rosenberg, and Chamberlain. I see nothing in the original thesis of National Socialism that contradicts the belief that Jehovah made the White Man. Indeed, a practical politician like Hitler would have shouted it from the roof-tops if he had only thought of it! The biological evidence is there in Rhesus Negative blood! And I say again that this formulation is the way that ‘Churchianity’ can be turned to the immense, indeed profound, advance of our movement.
And again, ‘Christianity’ is the product of the Jew Paul. It has nothing to do with the Old Testament revelation of God’s special people.

Let’s paraphrase the Wikipedia article on CI:

Christian Identity was developed and promoted by two authors who regarded Europeans as the ‘chosen people’ and Jews as the cursed offspring of Cain.


CI adherents believe that Adam and his offspring were exclusively white.

Idiotic bollocks: Neither Adam nor Cain existed (in spite of the fact that I use my father’s copy of Doré’s assassination of Abel by Cain as a kind of logo for this site).

The Christian Identity movement emerged in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s as an offshoot sect of British Israelism.

I suffered a lot when I fell in another post-Christian cult originated in the US. I am totally vaccinated now against such American viruses of the mind and you’re wasting your time here.

Christian Identity asserts that the white people of Europe or Caucasians in general are God’s servant people, according to the promises that were given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Only those psychically immature men who cannot erase the mental virus inculcated by our parents can metamorphose the original virus (Christian nonsense) into a mutated virus (CI nonsense).
The real problem is that you don’t have enough insight to see that every time you advertise your little religion here, it’s like a naive Scientologist trying to preach the Hubbard nonsense to a group of secular humanists. It makes you be seen bad in our eyes.
I would recommend quit commenting here and make a career in abstract physics. When you invent a machine to see the past (e.g., by showing actual images of Noah’s descendants as pure blue-eyed, blond Indo-European Aryans) come back and, with such visual evidence, refute us.

“Only those physically immature men who cannot erase the mental virus” – C.T., you are claiming that the practical facts I have presented represent a delusion when they are in FACT just facts.
The ‘Bible’, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, Koran, the Aztec Codex, the Sumerian tablets, et al, are all valuable forms of information in a context we cannot readily discern, but that does not make them immaterial. They do coincide with some facts of history and archeology.
I am not concerned about disagreement. But you are apparently excessively concerned about it. If you want a fan-base as opposed to thoughtful interpolation, you can ban me. Until then, I’ll enjoy reading your blog, and rest in the conceit that my commentary adds insight not available to the ideologues here otherwise.
But I think your blog really is wonderful. So much info of a valuable nature. Thank-you!

Tell us the evidence Moses ever existed and there was a mass migration from Egypt towards the Levant. And that serpents can speak.

The Moses story as a grandiose patriarch is mental masturbation from Jewry. More probable, as a Greek sage said (cf. the series ‘Apocalypse of whites’): ‘The Jews left Heliopolis with a colony of lepers under the command of a renegade Osiris priest named Osarseph, whom he identifies with Moses’.
Expelled by whites because they were lepers, not the chosen people.

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